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I apologize if you do not like oysters because I’ve been featuring them on City Mitten quite a lot lately. And what am I supposed to do? I work full-time for a seafood restaurant and I happen to be thinking about oysters for most of my day. Not to mention, it’s pretty much the only thing that sounds good all the time. If you’ve never tried them, I’m not going to make any promises, because not everyone likes them, but I think they are refreshing and delicious and if you’d like to try them, I’d love to be the one to take you there.

This is my sister’s friend Kelsey trying her first oyster. I don’t think she was *entirely* sold but I was a moron and only ordered enough for everyone to try two. What was I thinking!? They all taste different!

It was also Sambe’s birthday so she got an extra large pudding (did I mention yet that we were at the Mermaid Inn East Village?).

Love it. We had a super early dinner because 1) we didn’t have a reservation so I knew that was our best bet and 2) we were seeing Next to Normal afterward!

If you haven’t seen Next to Normal yet, I really really suggest that you do. I’ve seen it twice now and I just think it’s fantastic. So get some tix!

In other news, you got lots of my sister Samb this week and you might get more of her next week too because I’m headed to Detroit again this weekend for her real birthday party! I’m so excited to see my family. Who knows what we’ll be up to. :)

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I did not mean to have a Restaurant Week dinner last night. Not at all. But I met up with Ben, because he’s still in town since DC is practically at a stand still with the weather. A friend of mine told me about the Greek restaurant Periyali on 20th street and it sounded pretty good to me!

Imagine my surprise when we sat down and they hand us Restaurant Week menus along with the regular menu. And yes, Restaurant Week has basically turned into Restaurant Month. They’ve extended it to Feb. 28th. It’s a blessing and a curse, though.

You don’t have to order off the RW menu when you go to the participating restaurants, but it’s a pretty good deal and Periyali’s RW menu offered what I was looking for, so I went for it. That octopus above was Ben’s appetizer, which I tried (duh). Pretty good. I had the Horiatiki Salad which was basically just an authentic Greek salad – no lettuce; just feta, tomatoes and cukes. It may be boring but I already explained it’s one of my favorite things ever.

And for my main I had lamb chops:

Lamb is my thing right now. Just love it. Ben had Mousaka, which is always delicious.

One thing about Greek restaurants though, is that they don’t really get desserts. It was a plate of a cookie and two different kind of cakes – lemon and walnut I believe. Or was it carrot? Either way, nothing to write home about. I remember there being bakeries in Greece with lots of treats when I went, but I don’t remember ever having a good dessert at a restaurant. Probably because the other food is so good you don’t really need it.

Periyali is beautiful, and it’s another one of those places where they take care of you. I think it’s worth going to for RW, it’s a nice atmosphere that’s not overly stuffy:

Our table was midway through the restaurant and past the bar. I didn’t want to take a picture of the other side because the way the other people were facing, I would have looked like a creeper. And the restaurant is more white than yellow. I still have to figure out my white balance settings.

After we had our dessert, we just sat and chilled for a long time. That’s another thing about Greek restaurants that I love: they do not rush you. It’s just a great dining experience.

When we finally left, we went and saw “Dear John” and I’m just going to say that I do not recommend it. I didn’t feel anything for any of the characters and I didn’t really care what happened at all. I just liked to look at Channing Tatum. I’ve heard people say they cried their eyes out and really I have no idea what they had to cry about. I did, however, cry last week when I saw Next to Normal on Broadway. I recommend this play times a thousand, it’s definitely on my top five (along with Reasons to be Pretty and who knows what else). I guess I’m just spoiled with entertainment because at Next to Normal I was definitely crying some real tears.

And guess what: today is a SNOW DAY! Kind of unbelievable, really. This doesn’t happen. But it’s happening now and they announced it yesterday afternoon which was weird. So I am going to play in the snow and take pictures of the trees. That is if I get the energy to put on my snow boots and brave the cold. :)

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Yankee vision

I’m not the hugest baseball fan, and if I was, I’d be Team Tigers all the way. But, it looks like one of my “home” teams just won the World Series! Congrats, Yankees and their fans!

Earlier this week, I walked through Times Square briefly after a volleyball game in Hell’s Kitchen and realized the game was being showed on the giant TV on Broadway. How fun to be chillin outside in Times Square and still be able to watch the game? Go Yanks.

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Last night was the premiere for Hilla Medalia’s After the Storm, which I was lucky to attend. It’s about a group of young people in New Orleans working together on a musical (Once on this Island – about a hurricane, no less) two years after Hurricane Katrina with the help of Broadway professionals James Lecesne and Gerry McIntyre.

I’m not a huge fan of media coverage during catastrophes like that one, so seeing a real person, who is like 16, tell the story about how they were stuck in the second floor of an apartment for three days, or have them give you a walk-through tour of what is left of their old house as well as the places they are living in now was totally heart-breaking. They talked about family members and friends they no longer see and no longer even know where they are. With a story like that, how can I ever have something to complain about? These people lost everything and they aren’t getting it back any time soon.

In the end, though, the story was really heart-warming and triumphant. You watched them put this musical together in six weeks, all through the ups and downs and frustrations, drama on stage and off, and what we got in the end was truly beautiful.

After putting on the musical in New Orleans, the kids were invited to perform the play on Broadway in New York, on the original stage it was first performed. My friend Joe played bass during those performances (which were also in the documentary) and that’s why I was at the premiere in the first place. Some of the kids were there, too, and they talked a little bit after the film about their lives now since the making of the documentary and musical and it was truly inspiring.

After the Storm is at the MoMa through the end of the week and I have no doubt it will be picked up by something else after that.

See this.

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Okay, enough abandoning my blog already. It’s a beautiful Saturday and tonight I am seeing Phoenix and Passion Pit in Central Park and I am beyond excited. I must admit that I don’t know too much about these two bands but from what I do know, I love. Like this song:  Phoenix – 1901

This morning I went to some Back2Broadway open house tours at The Majestic (Phantom) and The Minskoff (Lion King). It was slightly disappointing. The Phantom tour was the better of the two, with a production manager there to give you some insider information and stories. Did you know there are 150 trap doors? 150! Where do they all go?

Unfortunately there was no behind-the-scenes tour, which is what I was hoping for. We just went in groups and sat in the front of the theater while they spoke to us and we could ask questions. But now I’m dying to see Phantom again soon. That is really a great production.

Now the Lion King tour was ridiculous. The guy giving the tour was only affiliated with the actual building and could give us no information on the Lion King itself. And the Minskoff Theatre is just ugly. Ug-ly. He was in total denial that they’d have to remodel some if it if the Lion King ever left. The murals on the wall inside the theater have a definite African feel to them and I doubt many other productions are gonna go for that. On top of the lack of actual Lion King information/stories, there was the RUDEST woman. She was upset because the tour didn’t start on time (which there wasn’t even an established time – they just did running tours from 10-noon) and she had to be in front of every line. She even got up in the middle of the guy’s spiel once we were in the theater to complain to another guy how they hadn’t started “on time” and why she was leaving. Good riddance, lady. Seriously, I wanted to punch her in the face. Before we even got started she was pacing back and forth and bothering tour goers who went before us as they left, telling them how she had been waiting for so long (two minutes, by the way and why would these people care?) She just seemed like the kind of person with a large sense of entitlement. These theaters don’t have to open themselves up to us and it was FREE for goodness sake!

So that was that. I heard in previous years they actually let you go behind the stage – like for Wicked. Now that would be cool.

On another note: I can’t decide how “personal” to get here on this little blog of mine. I mean, I post about the things I do and the people I see… but should I expand on that? Maybe talk about how I was seeing this guy (or something) and now I’m not? I mean I might not go into toooo much detail, but it seems weird to have this platform where I talk about my life yet avoid some things completely. Or maybe I’ll start another blog: Amanda Hates Dating. And then when it gets fun again I can rename it to: Yay, It’s Fun Again. And then maybe one day: Thank God I Don’t Have To Do This Anymore.

And by Thank God I Don’t Have To Do This Anymore I really mean Thank God I’m Celibate because at that point my best option may be to marry my best guy friend D. He can pretend I’m Asian and I can pretend he believes in God.


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