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I have a Christmas tree in my apartment! It’s the first time I’ve had one so this is all very exciting. I actually got it the weekend *before* this past one because I wanted it for my ugly sweater Christmas party. Finally today I added the ornaments – although I am still in a need of a topper, and then I will post a picture of the tree in all of its glory.

Getting one was very exciting. I picked one out in Brooklyn Heights across from Colonie and a very nice guy named Sam helped me and answered all my silly and not so silly questions. Like I said, it’s my first time having a tree so I wanted to be prepared!

I was lucky enough to have Missy help me and here we are with the tree we picked out. It’s from Nova Scotia!

So we carried this babe to my apartment and up five billion flights of stairs and it is now very happily in my living room.

Releasing the Christmas tree was very fun and very exciting. And so was putting together the stand. If you are wondering, this baby cost $45 and the stand was $15. I actually didn’t think that was too bad. I’m pretty happy with it.

The only thing – since I got it over a week ago now, I fear it is already dying. I may just be oversensitive because my family never got trees that early (um, one year I came home the day before Christmas Eve and there was NO TREE so I went out with my sister’s boyfriend at the time and bargained with some guy and picked one out for $20) but everyday when I see pine needles on the floor (which I know is normal!) I’m like, “Oh no! Are you dying?” ALSO it stopped drinking water! Except that may not be true. The water *seemed* to be at a higher level yesterday than it was the day before so I’ve been meaning to ask my roommate if she’s been watering the tree the whole time… because THAT would explain things. If she hasn’t been, then I really don’t know.

Baby, baby, I love you, I love you. Stay alive til Christmas, please?

Oh and if you wonder what an Ugly Sweater party looks like, here’s a ladies-only shot from some point of the evening that weekend:

My friend Susan’s hat was the win of the evening. You can maybe sort of see it but it was there is a sequin Christmas tree on her baseball hat. Tis the season, my friends.

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Hello, bloody Mary in Brooklyn with Missy!

Can I just say that I LOVED my apartment last year because I had a HUGE room that looked over Prospect Park, but I am loving my new apartment a little bit more because I have the option to walk to five billion different places for brunch? I mean, that’s not the only reason, but it’s huge. And my bedroom is still overlooking trees. Brooklyn! Love you. Ha.

So, Colonie on Atlantic Ave. I’ve been once before for dinner and it was very good, and I decided it was time to try for brunch. The menus are a little short, but there’s still enough options for me.

These are the pancakes. Not my favorite presentation, it looks like a quesadilla. But I did dig the raspberry preserve!

This is the leek and gruyere scramble which was a solid choice. Also I feel like I’ve had some very dry potatoes lately and these ones were perfecto.

Also perfecto:

Biscuits! A little butter and raspberry preserve, you’re good to go. Biscuits are just good, people.

So I do really like Colonie. It’s a cool space, too. And we went around 1 or so on Saturday and didn’t even have to wait. And I had a Bellini. The way brunch should be!

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Michelle left me yesterday. But not before we went for some Grimaldi’s Pizza in Brooklyn!

We took the train to Dumbo and walked to Brooklyn Heights. The area between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges is one of my favorite areas in Brooklyn; so many good things. And yeah, that was my second time there in one week, what of it? :)

Grimaldi’s: Pizza for tourists and locals alike. There’s always a line on the weekends but the wait is always worth it. We waited about 40 minutes which wasn’t too bad. It’s kind of fun to stand in line and hear what people are talking about, sometimes you can learn a lot. Oh, you’re from where? What restaurant did you try last week? What documentary were you working on? I’ll have to check that out.

(Sidenote: Who says “on line?” What is that? You wait IN line, not ON line. Where are these people FROM?)

Once inside, we tried to figure out if the guy and girl next to us were on a first date. Awkward questions with awkward responses? That’s always a fun game. Probably even more fun when you’re eating Grimaldi’s pizza.



Hmm. Didn’t I just make a post about pizza the other day? It wasn’t Grimaldi’s though, and hey, it’s New York: there are a thousand pizza places, a hundred of them are excellent and I’ve probably only been to three. So yeah, this is not my last pizza post.

The cheese on their pizzas is just delicious and you can see them make the pizza right in front of you and throw it into the coal oven. We ordered sausage and pepperoni, a great combination. Also the one I get every time. Do I need to get more creative?


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Walked the Manhattan Bridge on Wednesday night and found a random thug who let me take pictures of him. Ha. He’s such a ham, he posed for a million pictures, most of which he put on his mean face to let us know how much of a hardass he is. But I got a little smile in this one.

And this is where he wished he lived:


Rooftop covered in graffiti with lower Manhattan skyline in the back. Pretty cool. And here’s the view from the bridge a further down:


We walked across the bridge to DUMBO and I showed him a secret I discovered down there one day – ok, so it’s not much of a secret but I had no idea of its existence and was thrilled to stumble upon when I did. I have to go back and photograph it soon, but for now it’s staying a secret.

Another thing I was happy to discover that night (and by discover I mean it was shown to me) was the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. That area is just beautiful in its own rite with the different brownstones and apartment buildings but the promenade was nice as well. There were older gentleman gathered around a bench singing what sounded like some old Irish tunes just for fun. Not husking, just singing to sing. So Brooklyn. There’s some construction going on underneath the promenade for what’s going to be what looks like a pretty big park – including a pool. Right now it just looks like a mess to me, a mess I needed to take a picture of.


Yep, just another good night in Brooklyn, New York. I’m never going to get sick of this.

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