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Oh, I have been to Buttermilk Channel. But I had not been there from brunch.


I always have to impress my momma when she comes and sometimes it’s hard to do. If I pick one bad restaurant out of fifty meals with her, I hear about the bad restaurant two years later still. True. BUT this last go around was perfecto. I had been dying to get to Buttermilk but I never got up in time for there to not be a four-hour wait (not really four hours, but you know) and my momma and Em Bem don’t sleep late so we got to Buttermilk and walked straight in for a table. At the communal table, which is always fun. We ordered bacon after seeing how nice it looked for the person next to us. And we got sticky buns, which you see above.

Eggs benedict for Emmy Boo. She loved them.

French toast for my momma…

And a short stack of panacakes for me. I LOVE PANCAKES.

Also – they couldn’t serve alcohol til noon on Sunday so we couldn’t have mimosas (I told you we went early) – is that actually a thing in New York? Have I really been here four years and never gone to brunch early enough to notice this before? Crazy! I like my sleep, people.



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This is necessary. Sundaes at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain on Henry Street in Brooklyn, the most prettiest street in all of Brooklyn. Walking down it inspires me to be better at life. Ice cream on the other hand does not. But it is still nice, too.

Above is a mocha madness sundae, or something. Coffee ice cream, chocolate sauce, perhaps a brownie on the bottom? Definitely out of control. Behind it is an “any day” chocolate sundae.

But this, my dears, is the winner. The Sundae of Broken Dreams. Yes, indeed. If you have a dream and it breaks, go to Brooklyn Farmacy and get this. Also if your dream is still intact. Vanilla ice cream, warm caramel sauce, broken pretzels and whipped cream. So simple yet so divine. Di-vine. This is what you order here! Make no mistake.

Also, Brooklyn Farmacy is the cutest. Makes me love Brooklyn.

A very nice woman seated next to us saw us taking photos and offered to take one of the three of us. Myself, my homegirl Jordan, and her friend Kelly in town for the week. The three of us are going to our first ever Brooklyn Cyclones game on Friday and I am PUMPED. But back to Brooklyn Farmacy’s cuteness. Do you see this?

So cute. Next time I want to snag a barstool so I can watch all the action. Also, Brooklyn Farmacy sells a lot of adorable things. Mostly foodstuffs, but on my way out my eyes unfortunately landed on this:

Look. at. the. anteater. Sigh… All I know is I am going to be in trouble the day I have kids. I’m going to buy them lots of creatures that are secretly actually just for me. I don’t know what my problem is. I mean I have like five stuffed animals on my bed right now as it is. AND I AM TWENTY SIX YEARS OLD. No matter. I love ’em. So this anteater. If he’s still there the next time I’m at the Brooklyn Farmacy, he might be going home with me. Maybe.

And that, my dears, is the Brooklyn Farmacy.

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There’s NYC restaurant week and then there’s Dine in Brooklyn – a Brooklyn-specific restaurant week. And it’s hopping. Everybody knows Brooklyn is where the best new restaurants are at. So my friend Stacy planned a dinner for us and my roommate/friend Lucy at Bino Brooklyn, which was – surprise – also near my neighborhood! Being in walking distance to tons of fabulous restaurants is a very new thing to me as coming from living on the “other side” of Prospect Park before. (But Prospect Park, I do miss you so.)

Above we have the meatballs with Marinara & Caciocavallo. DELISH. The best appetizer since the other crazy ladies with me got salads. Let’s be real.

Our main courses I got blurry pictures of (go me!). Except for Stacy’s salmon – which as you can guess, looked like salmon. Lucy and I traded our entrees – she had hen w/ zucchini and pine nut spaetzle (spaetzle is apparently in, I’m not gonna complain) and I had bucatini with prosciutto or at least that’s what it says on their website but for some reason I am remembering it to be more like bacon. Anyway, that was the clear winner in the entrees.

And then we have dessert!

Key lime cheesecake, which unfortunately did not want to cooperate for this photo and promptly fell apart. That was delicious. And then:

I know what you’re thinking, but this is not chocolate cake. It’s chocolate bread pudding with vanilla gelato. (I do like bread pudding on occasion.) It was huge and it was very spongey and very chocolatey and quite good, naturally. I am also a fan of the chocolate sauce. Lucy and I definitely could have split one, but we didn’t. I couldn’t finish the whole thing actually, but I can’t say I only made a dent either. So that was good. I enjoyed Bino Brooklyn and will likely go back for a non-dine in Brooklyn experience. The staff was friendly and I especially appreciated the owners/managers sincere thank you for dining with us on our way out. It really makes me want to return. Oh, and for the food too.

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