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If I had the time and energy, I would start a new blog consisting of pictures of my feet in different places. I think it could be awesome and amazing and perhaps possibly mysterious if I posted the photos without descriptions. It wouldn’t always be feet in front of a landscape, it might be feet stepping on things and feet with different shoes and for some reason I actually think this would be cool. And now that it’s on the internet, if you like your feet, I suggest you make a go for it. Who knows, there may even be a book deal in your future as they seem to be giving those away these days like they’re candy.

And now that I got that off my chest, I can talk about the weekend. This weekend was a many adventure. I got to see a lot of people I know who live in Michigan, people I didn’t know until I made friends with people in New York from Michigan too. And Michigan people are some good people. I also got to see one Michigan girl, Abby, whom I’ve known since we were babes. That is her feet in the above left with my feet above right as we both catch some rays at Brooklyn Bridge Park on Saturday. I love Brooklyn Bridge Park and I can walk there from my new apartment and I plan on taking well advantage of that this summer. By the way if you look reallllll hard and squint your eyes just right, you can almost see the Statue of Liberty. I don’t understand how cameras work because when I sit there I can see the Statue clear as day and then when I take a picture the only thing clear as day is my feet. But it’s there, I promise.

City feet picture number two:

Miss Tan Feet on the left, Kelly Purkey, and I hung out in Central Park Sunday for some more rays (although, cloudy) and some good old-fashioned girl talk. And maybe a nap. I’m not sure what I’m lacking in my life, really. Maybe just another pair of feet.

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This is Tim Revell. I believe you’ve met him before. Usually we don’t get to meet up often- he’s always in Manhattan, I’m always in Brooklyn, he’s uptown, I’m downtown and vice versa but this past weekend we happened to be within three blocks of each other three separate times. What in the world. So I saw a lot of Tim Revell.

And this is somehow the only picture of me and Robert, my lovely houseguest for the weekend, that was taken on my camera. Tim claims he has great photography skills and I actually really like this shot, bluriness and all.

Another thing I really like is the current art exhibit at Madison Square Garden. It’s “Scattered Light” by Jim Campbell and it will be up through February and if you have the chance to check it out, it’s pretty cool. It’s huge strings of lights that flicker beautifully against the night and they also make it look like you’re viewing people’s shadows walking behind it. It’s just cool.

And finally, more adventures with Tim Revell. This is Tim Revell playing in Central Park, carrying his brand new hat from J.J. Hat Center, which leads to conversations about automobiles versus mass transit and how that affects shopping in the city. Oh, shopping in the city. I want to go shopping. Anyone want to pay my AmEx?

And those are your beautiful pictures for the day in this beautiful city. More weekend, please?

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Central Park is pretty in the fall, which reminds me I really need to take my camera into Prospect Park to see all of those pretty leaves too, since Prospect Park is across the street from me!

I just had a great weekend. Birthday party for my friend MB who I haven’t seen in ages, followed by meeting up with a favorite at Minetta Tavern for a drink. Followed by adventures with Kelly Purkey on the UWS. Followed by movie night in Long Island City. Followed by Lobsterpalooza at The Mermaid Inn on Sunday. See how much fun I have when Kelly stays in town?

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Image: Mario Tama/Getty

I’m in love. This is a chandelier from Tavern on the Green, that either went on auction yesterday or is going to be auctioned off today, as the Tavern has closed. Geeze, I cannot imagine being at this auction and the type of people who will be there. It would be quite an experience, I’m sure.

I actually never dined at the Tavern. It always sounded so cliche, something tourists do or city people on their anniversaries, but after seeing this picture I kind of wish that I had checked it out. I did try to go there for Halloween though and we all know that was a debacle but I guess I did try!

But the point is, this is the chandelier, people. I already told everyone on Twitter, but I’m going to tell everyone on City Mitten, too. If you’re at the auction today, and you buy it for me, you will have my undying affection until the end of time.

That is all for today. Oh, and if you haven’t seen Julie & Julia yet, you should. Meryl Streep is fantastic.

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Ice skating in New York City: one of the most popular winter activities for tourists and locals alike. Oh, I wish I could love you. But it’s actually my biggest (perhaps my only?) complaint about living in NYC: the lack of ice rinks. And don’t even suggest Chelsea Piers. Sure, there’s about five outdoor rinks that pop up every winter, but for someone who used to be a bit of a figure skater, it just doesn’t work. Last year I made the mistake of trying to skate at the big rink in Central Park and I got yelled at for spinning in the center ice (private lessons only!). Another time at Rockefeller Center I almost landed my skate on a kid’s face. Oops. These rinks are just wayyy too crowded! And let’s not even talk about the cost of admission to get into one of these bad boys. Oh, and don’t forget your rental skates!

The Pond at Bryant Park, however, is a diamond in the rough. First, admission is free, so if you don’t need to rent skates, you’re good to go (I think renting them is about $12, though). Second, the rink opens at 8 a.m. EIGHT A.M. How many people want to get up that early to skate at 8 a.m.? Not many.

So, yesterday morning, as I had the day off of work, I made my way over at Bryant Park and was one of the first people on the ice. It got a little more crowded closer to 9, but it was nothing like the insanity it is on the afternoons, nights, and weekends. I was actually able to try a few things without worrying some little kid was going to die. And that felt great.

I’m thinking skating in the morning at Bryant Park could potentially become a regular thing for me, at least on days I don’t plan on going into the office until 10. Just keep it hush hush, please, cause I don’t want any more people showing up.

Oh, except, who wants to come with me next time and take my picture? :)

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Phoenix Thomas(Photo by friend/music journo Laura Leebove)

Life is just too good. I must admit that I spent a half hour googling my little heart out trying to find out WHO THE HELL was on drums for Phoenix Saturday night in Central Park because he just may be my new man. Indeed.

I have never been more impressed by a drummer. Ever. Something about him, he just rocked it. I can’t get over how good he was and how much passion he poured into the drums. Insane.

(Editor’s note: I made a mistake in stating Ronald Bruner was the drummer for Phoenix. In fact, he was not. But continue reading anyway.)

Apparently his name is Ronald Bruner (Jr?) and I found some little videos of him on YouTube and am even more impressed. He kind of reminded me of this guy I used to date in a weird sort of way, maybe it was just his body type or something (muscle-y) but I couldn’t really figure it out. He also smiled a lot, which helped. Oh, he was just so nice. I was glued to him for almost their whole set. It didn’t help I had Tall Man Number One on my left and Tall Man Number Two on my right so half the time the drummer was the only thing I could see clearly anyway.

If you saw him on drums, you’d understand. But since you can’t, here’s some pictures I found of him on the internet (You can say it: staaaalkerrrrr):


ronny ronny

cutie in the middle

Yep, I’m a freak.


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A lot of things happened last night which have put me in kind of a strange place today. I can tell you about the good things that happened though.

Central Park; one of the greatest things about New York. Another great thing about this city is the free events. Last night I went a concert to celebrate the parks, with a Ken Burns documentary and musical performances from Carole King, Eric Benet, Augustana, Counting Crows, Gavin DeGraw and Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas and Peter Yarrow. I must say that I think I missed Augustana completely. Were they playing with the Counting Crows? I was confused. The focus was primarily the documentary and most of the artists only sang or played one song. The Counting Crows, however, sang a few; one of which was Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby, which I love. During that song, I jumped off the blanket and went down towards the stage to grab a pic and put some dance in my steps.



It was pretty cool. I love outdoors activities where there’s something going on below and the sky is just sitting there above. I love that. My jet-setting cousin Stephanie met up with me which was nice. She brought some beer and brown bags, which was funny because Mayor Bloomberg was there to deliver a few words. Not too sure how he’d feel about that.

I love Central Park and I love New York.

And now I will disappear…

Not really, I’m just a little sad today. Tomorrow should be better.

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Nights like tonight exist to show me that I could never live anywhere else.

SummerStage is a brilliant creation: free performances in Central Park all summer long. Last summer I saw Santigold (by myself, btw cause my friends were so late they couldn’t get in) and it was an experience I’ll never forget. This year my friend Lucy invited me to go with her and a few people to see Bela Fleck, a famous banjo player. I’m not a huge bluegrass fan but I’m glad I went because I was completely blown away.


Now, one of the other great things about SummerStage is the people watching. Allow me to illustrate:


This gentleman here, on the right, it what I would refer to as my “ideal type.” Look at those broad shoulders and built upper body. He is dressed casual but not preppy. And in one hand (that you cannot see) he holds a beer and in the other he holds not one, no, but TWO books! Hello, boyfriend!

Unfortunately I never got too good of a look at his face but he looked so nice from afar I just had to snap a shot.



Please witness the only man actually in focus in this photograph. He was happy, carefree and spent most of the time dancing back in forth, twirling and putting his arms above his head. Ryan pointed out he was surprised there weren’t more like him. This show was pretty light on the crazies, if that’s what you want to call him. I actually thought he was kind of cool, I appreciate it when people don’t really give a feck.


Here’s Luce and Ryan pointing out the Summer Stage program. Ryan looks young. He is. But I like him.

And finally, the documentary:


There’s something about watching a movie (or documentary, whatever) outside and sharing that experience with so many people that makes it that much more moving. It was called “Throw Your Heart Down” which is also the title of his new album. He went to Africa, where the banjo originated, to play with the local musicians, learn from them and see where this American version of the bango could fit in. The people were great and hearing the stories as well as their music sent chills down my spine at some points. It was amazing.

Central Park, thank you for this lovely evening.

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