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Okay. I’m still trying that thing where I post photos from my phone, and then eventually I’ll get to the gorgeous ones from my *real* camera. But my Android photos have been pretty good!

So I’m in LA now, on the second leg of this work trip. And now, let’s talk about hotels.

Stayed at the W in SF and I thought the rooms were really nice, as you could see from the photo  in my last post of my dearest Jackie sitting on our window seat doing some work at whatever hour that was. Loved that seat. Also loved the colorful/crazy design in the elevator:

Oh look, there’s me and Jackie. We’re on our way to a very late dinner.  This elevator made me feel fun and fancy.

Now I’m in LA and it’s a bit of a change of pace. One thing I do like: chandeliers. I’m pretty sure we’ve covered that before. And I like this white chandelier at The Bazaar by Jose Andres in the hotel SLS:

I’m really digging that chandelier with the white tabletop and the light chairs. Really digging. And then the rooms…

A little less my style, but I’ll take it. Oh and also hello, Timmy. One really great thing about this trip to LA is I got to hang out with my really good friend Tim, who recently (or not so recently, I guess) left the East Coast for the West. It’s nice to see him on his new turf and get a little tour from him and hang out and all that good stuff. He waited for me at the hotel today when we were getting ready to go out and I appreciated that a lot.

Other things I appreciate:

Mexican Coke! I’ve been able to get it once or twice in New York but Mexican Coke is all over California (for obvious reasons) and it is the bomb dot com. It’s made with real sugar instead of whatever else it’s made of when it’s not Mexican (high fructose corn syrup, I believe). So it tastes great. I had one earlier today at Umami Burger, where I did a little celeb spotting with Tim. Real photos of that meal are to come.

And now it’s time for one more thing: Guess whose birthday it is! Mine. Since I’m posting this at 2 in the morning, it is most definitely my birthday. And when I wake up I am going to Disneyland to meet Minnie and that is not even a joke. Good night!

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Oh my gosh. I have never been so exhausted. Can I take today off, please? No? Okay.

Last night was the best night EVER. I went to Tasting Table’s Lobster Claw-Off with The Mermaid Oyster Bar and I am SO glad that I went. Not only was I able to get some great shots of the event, hang out with awesome Mermaid people, and meet some new people; I also just got to hang out in this crazy penthouse in the West Village. It was kind of unbelievable. And I snuck onto the roof. By myself. Without my phone. Could have been the end of me if the door accidentally shut. But it was not, which is why you are lucky enough to get this self-portrait. It was the coolest experience, for the Mermaid and for me. I am one happy (and exhausted) camper!

Um, this is the view from one of the bathrooms. BATHROOMS. THERE IS A CHANDELIER IN THE BATHROOM. I can’t even talk, I must move on.

Sigh. I love this. All of this. Everything. Ever.

Tomorrow the Claw-Off will get a proper write up, and it’ll be on the Mermaid blog, too!

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Remember when I had a new favorite bar called Lillie’s? Last week was pretty cold and all I wanted was some chicken pot pie. So me and my lunch date Lisa went to Lillie’s last week. She had some fish n chips, which actually sounds kind of good right now, and I got my chicken pot pie. I just love how pretty Lillie’s is.

It was really weird to be there when it was on the empty side because at night it is totally packed. I want to go back here again. And again. I just love how long the bar is and as I said, it’s so pretty!

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Image: Mario Tama/Getty

I’m in love. This is a chandelier from Tavern on the Green, that either went on auction yesterday or is going to be auctioned off today, as the Tavern has closed. Geeze, I cannot imagine being at this auction and the type of people who will be there. It would be quite an experience, I’m sure.

I actually never dined at the Tavern. It always sounded so cliche, something tourists do or city people on their anniversaries, but after seeing this picture I kind of wish that I had checked it out. I did try to go there for Halloween though and we all know that was a debacle but I guess I did try!

But the point is, this is the chandelier, people. I already told everyone on Twitter, but I’m going to tell everyone on City Mitten, too. If you’re at the auction today, and you buy it for me, you will have my undying affection until the end of time.

That is all for today. Oh, and if you haven’t seen Julie & Julia yet, you should. Meryl Streep is fantastic.

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Saturday was rainy, sleety, and gross and I spent the whole day helping my friend P move from one apartment to another in Long Island City. It was freezing and a little bit dreadful but we had an entire team and after 8 hours (seriously) we were done. Yep, it took us EIGHT hours to move him across the street. We’re sweet.

When we were done, we unpacked his entire apartment and organized everything and then went out for a late dinner at the restaurant Shi that’s right in his building. At this point it was snowing a little!

I knew there was a sushi restaurant in his building, but I had no idea it was as nice as Shi. Shi is a restaurant/lounge with a huge bar area, chandeliers (as always a selling point for me) and a DJ above the lounge area. It was a pretty classy place. And there was me in the same jeans, tee and sweatshirt I had been doing God knows what in all day. Lookin’ good!

For whatever reason, my friends and I decided to spend the entire meal speaking in Southern accents. Actually, I don’t think we ever decided, I think it just happen. And we made it all the way to dessert before giving up. It was hilarious (to us anyway) and the people next to us must have thought we were crazy. because we were cracking ourselves up. I don’t even know what started it, I said something with a twang upstairs and the next thing I knew we were eating sushi, pretending it was our first time in the big city. Oh, we are nuts.

Anyway. Did I tell you how nice the view was? You could see straight to Manhattan through the windows. This next picture I took from my circa 1998 non-smart phone:

Gorgeous. And that’s the Chrysler Building. I posted the picture on twitter and someone thought it was my apartment. Not quite!

So, we got lots of apps (steamed shrimp dumplings for one) and then ordered some sushi rolls.

Sushi is so good. And I’m a major pro with my chop sticks, just so you know.

After all that, P suggested we got dessert so I opted we share the molten chocolate cake (duh). It was very warm and very moist and very delicious. Pretty, too:

I forgot to mention that the service here was impeccable, too. It was a very enjoyable dining experience and we stayed around for quite a while after our meal drinking hot tea (well, P and B were drinking tea, it’s not really my thing) and talking about life. A perfect night, I think.

When we finally got our bill it came in a cute little tin.

It’s all in the details. :)

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Did you know one of my goals in life is to have a chandelier? It is. Perhaps one from ABC Home, the fabulous (and expensive) store. Today a woman asked me what I wanted out of life and I should have said “a chandelier.” They’re pretty.

Another thing I love is birthdays. Birthdays are so much fun. I get excited thinking about mine and it’s not until February. Yes, I am already thinking about February. What can I say? I’m a planner. It kills me that I don’t yet know exactly what I’m doing on New Years (besides the fact that I’m spending it in New York for the first time ever).

Anyway, this weekend was my friend MB’s birthday. Part of Saturday night was spent at 3 Steps, a bar on Second Ave I used to walk by all the time when I lived in Stuyvesant Town (yes, I lived there… look at all the things you are learning about me). MB doesn’t mind if I take pictures of her. So I do. :)



birthday shots

birthday baby

I think the last one is hilarious because it looks like she’s putting on a good pout. Now,  just tell me what the Birthday Girl has to pout about. :)

Happy Birthday, MB!

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