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Life has been good. Monday I went to a Ranger’s game, Tuesday I had Zogsports, last night I had a crazy fun work dinner and here I am the other day at Mile End, a “deli” in Brooklyn if you can be a deli and serve poutine on the side. Or maybe that’s the way it is in Canada, where the owners get bagels shipped in from. It’s supposed to be the real deal. And the poutine… that’s the real deal, too I can say.

Lucy helped me eat my poutine, which was nice. She’s basically the best roommate ever. She also got a sandwich to go. At night, you only have one choice of sandwich.

And here’s a shot of the interior:

It’s kind of real small, but it’s kind of real good. And it’s also a part of Zagat’s 140 chefs, restaurants, and bloggers to follow on Twitter. Now you know.

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Say hello to some gnocchi. I love gnocchi.

Left Bank is on Perry Street in the West Village and it’s a new restaurant from old Mermaid friends Laurence Edelman and Micheline Gaulin. I loved working with them both back in the day and I am loving visiting them in their new restaurant now. I was there opening week and told Laurence how much I enjoyed everything and he said, “You know we’re just getting started.” EXCITING!

This is my homegirl Mara, whom you’ve met lots of times. I knew she’d be the one to take to Left Bank because she, like me, loves trying new restaurants and also she works at LeDu Wines just around the corner from Left Bank. It was perfect! That very large glass in front of you is an “International Stud” named after the gay bar that used to be in the space and also featured in this video of my friend Colby making it while wearing a Knot By Tiffa bowtie. Yes I am shelling for my friends’ companies right now (Knot by Tiffa included) but they are all pretty legit.

For our meal we also had a beefsteak tomato salad and the pork rillettes. Don’t think I’ve ever had pork rillettes before but they were fun to eat and delicious. And of course the beautiful salad was, too. Tomato salads are so perfect for summer.

We also had a pan-roasted pork chop with sauerkraut and mustard. Look at that sauerkraut! My mom would have died. A happy death, of course.

For dessert we had some really delicious cheese, and I never get cheese for dessert. I always think dessert = chocolate but I’m trying to branch out. And cheese is fancy. More cheese, please!

So that’s it! Head on over to Left Bank and tell ’em I sent you. I know I’ll be there again soon. :)

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The very first picture I posted from the trip to Charlottesville is from when we were driving through Wine Country. Virginia is basically a Wine State. Earlier, when we were on the highway, Lucy made the comment that most highways display signs for the nearest McDonald’s but highways in Virginia display signs for the nearest winery. It’s awesome.

Frist stop: Blenheim Vineyards:

Since she lived in Charlottesville, Lucy’s been to a lot of vineyards, and she was surprised to drive up to this one and see a giant barn. I had never been to a vineyard so I didn’t know any better. But if you look behind the barn at the building that is sort of underground, that is where the wine tasting happens.

This is what wine tasting looks like. Inside these banisters were glass windows and you could see the barrels of wine below. Neat-o. And then the wine tasting began:

Wine tasting at Blenheim was $5 a person for 8 different kinds to try. My favorites ended up being a 2009 Viognier ($19/bottle) and a 2008 Cabernet Franc ($18/bottle). Please ignore my fingerprint on this glass:

As you can see, outside of the winery was dun dun dun… a giant vineyard! A really nice backdrop. And now for a fun fact: The Blenheim Vineyards are owned by the Dave Matthews family. Intervesting. And he designed this label, which apparently he designs a new one every year:

I’m pretty sure I liked that one too. I just like all reds in general, typically, and have yet to develop a more discerning palate. In the mean time, on to the next!

Kluge Winery & Vineyard. The best part was the outdoor garden:

So pretty. So Kluge is a bit more fancy, and the wine tasting was a bit more expensive. They had two different sets you could get, one more expensive than the other. We got one of each to split among us. I think one was $10 and the other was $14? We also got some chicken salad and some cheese. Manchego cheese is my new favorite, which gets me thinking – how do they make cheese? How are there so many different kinds?! I’m clueless. And going to another wine and cheese party on Sunday after church. Moving on.

This is how the wines came. So that was different. You’re supposed to go from right to left and follow along on the list. Apparently they do have traditional wine tasting as well, and I think I like that experience better, when someone pours it in your glass and explains it to you each time. But I did like the setting and being outside.

Here, I could not tell you what my favorite was because honestly, after awhile they all started to blend together to me. I know Susan had a favorite white and that I like wine tasting. The end. Long post today, folks!

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Do you know what this is? It’s poutine. Do you know what poutine is? It’s french fries with gravy and cheese curds. It’s Canadian. Apparently Celine Dion loves it.

Anyway, last week my friend Kyle and I kind of had a disaster of a night. And by disaster I mean we tried to go to this new place called The Meatball Shop, which is really not a shop. I imagined ordering at a counter and sitting on some stools facing out the windows. Oh, no. The Meatball Shop is a restaurant. With an hour and a half wait for two people on a Tuesday night. It’s true. So we did not go there.

We got a six pack and headed a block away to T poutine, a place I had seen a thousand times on my Lower East Side adventures.

Anyway. It’s kind of strange. I’m down with the gravy but not sure if I’m down with the curds. My friend Kelly tells me I should give it another shot at Pommes Frites. And don’t worry, Meatball Shop, we’ll be back.

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I’m not going to lie, this is my new favorite picture. My life in one frame, haha. The Brooklyn Bridge and ice cream. Yes, please.

Yesterday I finally, finally was able to check out the New Amsterdam Market, a monthly market in the South Street Seaport where the Fulton Fish Market used to be. It’s butchers and bakers, farms and wineries, cheese and chocolate – all kinds of things – all local or locally sourced. And it’s amazing. Aaaamazing. And there’s lots of samples for you to try.

You’ll never guess what kind of flavor that ice cream is. It’s sweet potato pecan. I was a little apprehensive at first, but once I tried it, I was sold, sold, sold. It was from The Bent Spoon, an ice cream shop from Princeton, New Jersey. It had honey-candied chocolate pecans in it. Hello. I might have to buy myself a pint of whatever flavors they bring to the next market.

Before I tried the ice cream, I got myself a small lobster roll from Luke’s Lobster, which I have been hearing soo many wonderful things about. At their booth, they had a little chalkboard that told you exactly where today’s catch was from (in Maine, by the way). Luke’s had the longest line, well-deserved. I only got the “snack” portion of the lobster roll, but it probably wouldn’t have killed me to get a whole one, $14 or not.

This lobster roll is hands-down the best thing I’ve had in a month (okay, maybe besides Gotham Bar & Grill). They have a place on E. 7th street that I am going to visit immediately.

And here’s some other things you’d find at the New Amsterdam Market:





The next Market is Dec. 20th and you can bet your booty I’m gonna be there.

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