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Hi, Kelly. Where are you in my life? Oh yeah, probably on a plane some where, flying to other lands for no good reason except just to go.

Well, this photo is from Sundaes and Cones, which I went to for the second time in my life and this was Kelly’s first. I’m not going to lie, it was not half as exciting as the time we went to Milk and Cookies.

This is my tiny scoop of Strawberry Cheesecake, which was pretty good. It’s actually completely absurd of me to get a flavor besides vanilla with chocolate chips. This Strawberry Cheesecake needed some chocolate, so Kelly let me steal a bite or two of hers. Doesn’t the world know that everything is made better with chocolate chips? Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate Chip probably would have been perfect for me.

Just so you know, Sundaes and Cones has fancy flavors like wasabi, ginger, and corn. Kelly and I both tried the Black Sesame and Kelly and I both made faces. We’ll stick with the classics, please.

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Have you been to Grom? No? Well, what are you waiting for?

Gelato, baby. And gelato is delicious. Kayti and I each got the same thing, which you see above: half stracciatella and half crema di grom (with battifollo biscuits and Colombian chocolate chips). My, my.

Even Tim Revell was in love.

Had no idea I was such a big fan of gelato, but glad to know since there are so many gelato shops in the city. Miss Kelly Purkey swears by L’arte del Gelato and I’ve got a feeling I’ll be trying it this weekend since my momma’s coming to town.

Yeah, I can’t say much more about Grom. My friend Lucy is lactose intolerant and she says it’s the one gelato she cannot refuse. So there ya go.

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Hello! And Happy Monday! Some weekends are just so fantastic that you can’t stop thinking about how fantastic everything is.

Like these cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar and Bakery!

I usually don’t care a lot about cookies. At all. Unless they’re straight out of the oven, I’m just not interested. Until now.

I always think about my friend Michelle and how she likes cookies and wants me to go to more cookie places so I was going to go to Paradis for their AMAZING chocolate chip cookies (that I care about even if not straight out of the oven) and get those for the brunch party a bunch of my friends had on Sunday, but Paradis is closed on Sundays so it was off to plan B. I’ve heard people talk about Momofuku cookies and I’ve seen them given as a birthday present (on Friday, actually), but I’ve never been motivated to try them out. I mean why would I go to Momofuku Milk Bar and not get their awesome soft serve with some funky topping? Or an entire chocolate chip cake? But soft serve doesn’t transport well and I wasn’t shelling out for an entire cake, so cookies were the way to go. Let’s talk about them now. I got three kinds: Compost – which has pretzels, chocolate chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch and potato chips; Chocolate-Chocolate cookies, which really need no explanation (besides the fact they’re almost like brownies); and Blueberry Cream cookies with dried blueberries and milk crumbs.

My world has changed. Never will I think of cookies the same way. Compost cookies are fantabulous, Blueberry Cream are SO fantabulous, and Chocolate-Chocolate is KILLER. They were all soft and gooey and everyone at the party had four heart attacks each when they tried them. So now you know.

Besides these awesome cookies at the brunch, let’s hear it for these awesome people:

And that wasn’t even everyone. Other people came and went throughout the day but this is everyone who was there when we decided we needed a cheesey family photo. It was a “New to NYC Brunch” because a lot of people have moved here recently or have internships here for the summer. I’ve been here for three years so was put on a panel with a Q & A format. Just kidding.

There was sooo much food at the brunch: cheese poppers, guacamole, watermelon, apple pie, quiche, biscotti, etc. Of course we had mimosas and there was also a waffle station!

This is how Missy makes a waffle. We also went on the roof:

I love brunch and I always think of it in terms of “let’s go to brunch” versus “let’s make brunch” so it’s cool to have people in my life who make me change it up, even if my contribution to “making” brunch was bringing Momofuku cookies. I doubt anyone would complain. ;)

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I realize it’s not exactly summer yet, but looking at these pictures makes me feel like it is!

Rooftops are fun. I don’t have one, but Missy does. So does my friend Lucy. Rooftops are the bomb. So after our adventures to DuMont the other day, we went to Missy’s pad back in Bushwick and chilled on top of the sky. There we are looking at a book about social media. For realz. And this is us taking a break:

And here is the big rooftop with the big sky with the big Manhattan in the background:

Later that day in Manhattan I saw this:

And got this:

Looks like summer to me!

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Not all lobster rolls are made of lobster. This one, for example, is basically a giant cream puff. Cream and strawberry filling sandwiched between two biscuits. And ain’t it purdy?

Mike’s Pastry is a madhouse. I mean look at all the people outside. It’s a complete mobscene inside, too, with all kinds of lines in all kinds of directions. Luckily there was a woman somewhat directing traffic, but there was still the problem of not being able to see anything. There are cases and cases of baked goods and there are so many people you can’t see all the options. You can’t even see half. I tried to do some poking around but there were just too many bodies in the way and you can only push so many people. :)

Mike’s is most famous for their cannolis. Unfortunately, cannolis is one of probably four things that I actually don’t care for. Next time I may try one of their crazy flavors (since they have so many!) but I was not in the mood so I asked what they were second best known for. Ha. And that’s how I got the “lobster roll” above! I ended up carrying it around in my bag for the rest of the day and when we got back to the apartment it was good as new. It was kind of hard to eat, though! But I got the job done. Ended up eating some of it that night and a little bit of it in the morning. The boys thought I was weird to have it for breakfast, but come on now. I’d have ice cream for breakfast.

Anyway, what D and I did order and eat on the spot was something a little more my flavor:

I mean, I don’t know if you can ever go wrong with cheesecake. And chocolate chips happen to be one of my top ten favorite things in the world so it was basically perfect. D rarely eats dessert and he ate almost the whole thing. Mmm. Yeah, that was good.

Another thing I really liked about Mike’s was the packaging:

Isn’t the box so cute?

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I’m trying really hard not to make this a blog about ice cream, I can’t help that I like it so much!


This weekend, to my mother’s dismay (she would have rather gone to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory) we stopped at Jacques Torres’ ice cream shop in Dumbo. It opened sometime in the past year and I was finally able to try it a month or two ago. I thought it was quite swell, their chocolate chip cookie ice cream has both chocolate chip cookies AND chocolate chunks in it. Yes, please.


By the way, their Wicked chocolate ice cream is called that because it’s got a spice to it. We tried it but I think I’m a purist when it comes to chocolate. Or I just don’t really like spicy things. I think Chocolate Chip Cookie is the way to go.


And afterward, we took a little walk towards the Brooklyn Bridge. Wasn’t a bad night.


Ignore the blur, please. But look, I caught a plane in the sky!

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