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Yeah… I’m not sure what I was thinking because One Girl Cookies is the CUTEST on the inside and I didn’t take a picture of that. Also – we didn’t get any cookies. BECAUSE they had a four or five cookie minimum or something. Yeah, say wha? So Missy couldn’t get a whoopie pie and one cookie. I get what they’re trying to do, but it seemed absurd. Now I have to buy five cookies sometime I guess and I don’t even know if I’ll like them!

I probably will though since the whoopie pie and the cupcake I got was pretty good. A close up, for your viewing pleasure:

I think the frosting is fun. And it was tasty, too! This is another gem in my new neighborhood, wooooo weeeeeee.

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Last weekend The New Amsterdam Market had a mini (and we mean mini) Valentine’s Day Market. We hit it up for some snacks. Above is Shandaken Bake and some squirrel cookies that made me think of my little sister.

Here is some apple monkey bread that I bought and had for breakfast the following morning.

But the *real* star of the show. The Bent Spoon. As always. We came for the market for The Bent Spoon, really. It’s just the most fabulous and inventive flavors of ice cream. I wish they would open a store in the city. See our excitement:

Here are some of my peeps, trying flavors and deciding what to get. You can get mini cones, which is awesome. I think they were $2?

Yeah, you’ve seen this before. But it’s the BEST. Bitter chocolate on top (amazing) and chocolate-covered strawberry on the bottom. I need to start planning my New Amsterdam Market adventures so that I can take a pint home with me afterward.

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Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas…

So this year’s Christmas was a little off the norm. Usually I’m at home in Detroit with my family but this year there were some different traveling plans and moving plans in my family so I decided to stay in New York. It’s funny because at first I thought it would be a super chill Christmas watching movies the whole time, but turns out quite a few people I knew stayed in town! My friend Missy stayed with me a couple nights (I’m housesitting for some friends) and we tried to keep some of our family’s traditions even though we weren’t with them. For Missy all she needed was some chocolate milk and I needed to start Christmas morning by making cinnamon rolls. Mmm! Also you can see some pretty Christmas cookies from Ladybird (same as Two Little Red Hens) and some cut up fruit. It was pretty perfect.

Missy also made a traditional Spanish tortilla. She’s not Spanish but she’s studied abroad there with MSU and really loves the culture. I really loved the tortilla.

Mmmm. On Christmas Eve we went to my friend Jeff’s apartment for some hors d’oeuvres, eggnog cocktails, and Scattergories.

Who loves Christmas?

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It’s true. I made cookies one time. But this is actually an old picture. I think I’ve made cookies once since I’ve lived in this apartment, which has been over a year. I just never really think about cookies. Except Momofuku. I think about those.

These cookies really have nothing to do with my weekend, I just like the chocolate chips.

I just had one of the best weekends in a long time. Spent a lot of time with friends I haven’t been able to spend enough time with lately. Went to a real-live Costo in Queens and didn’t want to kill myself (also only spent $50), rearranged furniture in Long Island City, welcomed two of my favorite people into their new apartment in Williamsburg, had meatball pizza at Motorino in the ‘Burg, danced my heart out to Punches at Brooklyn Bowl, woke up extremely sore the next morning, had homemade blueberry pancakes with my friends for breakfast, went to church, had froyo at 16 Handles, and then watched the Emmys with my friend Stephanie on her hot pink TV. And I have zero pictures to show for this.

Eeek! But don’t worry because I practically have the rest of the week planned out, as far as City Mitten adventures. No post tomorrow, but Wednesday you’ll get something good. :)

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Hello! And Happy Monday! Some weekends are just so fantastic that you can’t stop thinking about how fantastic everything is.

Like these cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar and Bakery!

I usually don’t care a lot about cookies. At all. Unless they’re straight out of the oven, I’m just not interested. Until now.

I always think about my friend Michelle and how she likes cookies and wants me to go to more cookie places so I was going to go to Paradis for their AMAZING chocolate chip cookies (that I care about even if not straight out of the oven) and get those for the brunch party a bunch of my friends had on Sunday, but Paradis is closed on Sundays so it was off to plan B. I’ve heard people talk about Momofuku cookies and I’ve seen them given as a birthday present (on Friday, actually), but I’ve never been motivated to try them out. I mean why would I go to Momofuku Milk Bar and not get their awesome soft serve with some funky topping? Or an entire chocolate chip cake? But soft serve doesn’t transport well and I wasn’t shelling out for an entire cake, so cookies were the way to go. Let’s talk about them now. I got three kinds: Compost – which has pretzels, chocolate chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch and potato chips; Chocolate-Chocolate cookies, which really need no explanation (besides the fact they’re almost like brownies); and Blueberry Cream cookies with dried blueberries and milk crumbs.

My world has changed. Never will I think of cookies the same way. Compost cookies are fantabulous, Blueberry Cream are SO fantabulous, and Chocolate-Chocolate is KILLER. They were all soft and gooey and everyone at the party had four heart attacks each when they tried them. So now you know.

Besides these awesome cookies at the brunch, let’s hear it for these awesome people:

And that wasn’t even everyone. Other people came and went throughout the day but this is everyone who was there when we decided we needed a cheesey family photo. It was a “New to NYC Brunch” because a lot of people have moved here recently or have internships here for the summer. I’ve been here for three years so was put on a panel with a Q & A format. Just kidding.

There was sooo much food at the brunch: cheese poppers, guacamole, watermelon, apple pie, quiche, biscotti, etc. Of course we had mimosas and there was also a waffle station!

This is how Missy makes a waffle. We also went on the roof:

I love brunch and I always think of it in terms of “let’s go to brunch” versus “let’s make brunch” so it’s cool to have people in my life who make me change it up, even if my contribution to “making” brunch was bringing Momofuku cookies. I doubt anyone would complain. ;)

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I have a lot of stuff to post from Detroit, so let’s get it started, shall we? I had a great time back in my hometown with my friends and family, and as you can see from the above photo, we had some really yummy treats!

On Friday night we had a dessert party at my mom’s house. I had brought goodies from New York: cupcakes from Butter Lane and a cheesecake from Junior’s. The best part was I didn’t even tell anyone what I was bringing so when I got off the plane with my Junior’s bag, my mom was like, “Ye-ah!” It’s her fave.

My best friend Michelle made this awesome cookie cake (above) from this recipe I had seen online and passed along to her saying, “Please, please, please!” I was thrilled that she actually made it and it was my favorite thing I tried. She made the whipped cream from scratch and it was delicious! My cousin M brought in a giant mocha cake, truffles, and Candy Cane Joe Joe’s (oreos) from Trader Joe’s.

Here’s some of the spread and here is Michelli trying to sneak some frosting from the mocha cake:


Look at the concentration here:

And here’s little B and her big cake:

After everyone had enough sugar to last us the entire week, we gathered around the kitchen table for story time with R:

Good times, good times. And geesh, after looking at all these pictures, who wants to go take a run in Prospect Park? Or, you know, just take a nap. :)

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I think I’m going to have to make two posts from this Halloween weekend. It was just too good.

Julianne the Painter

Friday night. Halloween party at a friend’s apartment downtown. Since it was only the night before Halloween, I got quite a bit of attention as I made my way on the train downtown in my get up. I thought there would be more people dressed up already, but people must have been saving their costumes for the actual Halloween night. So I just looked crazy in a huge white (faux) fur jacket, out-of-control black and white hair, red gloves and red lipstick. When I stepped into a car at Atlantic Ave, an entire group of girls screamed. I’m not even kidding.

It was kind of fun, ;)

So, the party: It was on Pearl Street, in a huge place shared by 7 guys from Apostles Church. They had put cobwebs all over the apartment, put out all kinds of Halloween treats and had a DJ who was more than happy to take my requests. When one of the girls wanted MIA, “Paper Planes” but didn’t want to ask, I went ahead and got it played for her. Who’s not going to listen to Cruella De Vil, anyway?

You should also know that the most popular song of the night, the one where ALL the guys made it to the dance floor was actually Miley Cyrus, “Party in the USA.” I had no idea.

Here’s some of the treats that were on the table:


ghost cookies!

There was also pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and a giant bowl of Halloween candy. All I needed was one of those cupcakes though. Delicious.

dance floor

This is the dance floor in the beginning of the night. You can see some mimes, a flamingo and a penguin. There was a girl who did the best Juno I’ve ever seen – I actually thought she was pregnant for a good five minute. One of my friends dressed as the Octomom and totally creeped me out with red lip stick all over/around her lips and a wig and all these pictures of babies in a shawl in front of her stomach. The Octomom is scary!!

what up

My friend Lucy was Jelly Beans which was hilarious because no one knew what she was and then I saw a guy on Saturday night doing the exact same thing and called out, “You’re Jelly Beans!” as we walked by him. I think he was pretty pumped I knew what he was.

I danced A TON and got very tired and my friend Julianne (who was a painter and had paint ALL over her) and I left together and took a picture with the bull. Cause why not?


More pictures and stories will be up tomorrow from my adventures on Saturday night, when I pretended I was still 21 and stayed out until 6 a.m.! Crazy! So stay tuned for part 2. :)

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