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Well this is a bit embarrassing. Apparently I need a copy editor because that guy I said played drums for Phoenix and was my new boyfriend? I had the wrong guy.

Music pro Laura Leebove texted me today and was like, “Um… you were wrong about the drummer.” Apparently the drummer who played with Phoenix is Thomas Hedlund and also apparently there are NO good pictures of him on the internet. For shame. Ronald Bruner was so pretty. Thomas Hedlund is pretty too, especially when he’s banging some drums, but I have less ways of proving that to you. I’m also disappointed because I already scribbled the name “Ronald Bruner” all over twenty seven Five-star Notebooks. Woops.

I thought for sure it was Ronald Bruner cause he had the stache going just like Thomas did. Here’s a picture of Thomas (second from right) in the Perishers. He plays with a gajillion bands, I guess. I told you he was good.


At least now I can see more of why he reminded me of a guy I dated. Sort of.

Well, Thomas Hedlund is my favorite drummer now. Sorry, Ronald Bruner… you can be number two.

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