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I don’t care how many times I’ve posted pictures of this damn salad, it is still the best salad in the entire city. All Chopped Up. At Cowgirl Seahorse. Or Cowgirl Hall of Fame. I just love those two spots, and I like to share them with other people too. They’ve got a fabulous brunch menu, but for some reason I can never get myself to stray from this salad!

Yeah… these pictures are cute. :)

Everybody loves brunch at Cowgirl Seahorse. Who’s coming next time? Also – I can’t wait to sit outside for spring time!

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Cheers! It’s time for a margarita from good ol’ Cowgirl, mmm, mmm… Yes, I am still trying to acquire the taste of tequila and I think I’m doing okay! I ordered the peach margarita and isn’t she pretty? She’s sweet too. Eugene got a lime margarita, which is not as exciting. What is exciting are the little glass animals on the ends of our straws! I think I forgot to take mine home! I remember a restaurant in Detroit that used to give these little animals on top of their ice cream scoop desserts and my family loved it. Family Buggy perhaps?

It is hot as Hades in NY right now and I am very grateful for my window air conditioning unit. I am not grateful for my wireless internet, which only seems to work in the non-air conditioned, hot and sweaty kitchen. Back to things I am grateful for: dining and drinking al fresco. Now’s the time. :)

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Well this is my last post with the Germans. :( So sad! On their last day here we went to Battery Park and took the Staten Island Ferry to go by the Statue of Liberty before heading to the South Street Seaport. So where did I take them for lunch? Cowgirl Seahorse, of course!

Since I love love Cowgirl, I’ve been curious about their sister restaurant, Seahorse at the South Street Seaport but I never knew where it was (not to mention my only reason to go to the Seaport used to be the New Amsterdam Market, which hasn’t started back up again). So imagine my surpriseĀ  a couple weeks ago when someone texts me saying he thinks he’s found his new bar and it’s Seahorse! Time for me to check it out. This time with the Germans would be my second time there. The first, I had a bite of the chicken fried chicken and was utterly confused as to why I’ve never bothered to try that before.


Here’s some of the boys looking at their beers:

Matti went for the Red Stripe and Didi tried to figure out what Dos Equis stood for (ha!). Rremember how Matti is always the winner when it comes to eating? He did not disappoint as both of these dishes were for him:

Blueberry pancakes.

Grilled fish Reuben. Yep! White fish, melted cheese, sauerkraut on 1000 acre dressing (not sure if that’s different than 1000 island but I’ll go with it.) This was a treat because Matti let me try it. Actually he shared his pancakes with everyone too. I, of course, got my favorite salad but his Reuben was gooood!

So if you’re ever in the Seaport, Seahorse is where you need to go. Seriously.

And the next day the Germans had to say goodbye, so goodbye Germans! Hope to see you soon!


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What is thaaaaat?! It’s the best black-eyed-pea salsa this side of the Mississippi! I told you I have a favorite restaurant in the West Village and this is what it is: Cowgirl. Cowgirl! I love it! I can think of 18 bajillion people I have taken here and all 18 bajillion people love it. It’s Tex-Mex and it’s kitschy and this salad is the best thing in the whole wide world:

It’s All Chopped Up and it’s got chicken and avocado and apples and pecans and lemon poppy seed dressing and there is nothing better. Nothing, I tell you. I crave it probably once a week.

So there you have it. Cowgirl: my favorite casual restaurant in all of NYC. I’m thinking of all the friends I’ve taken there over the years and it’s pretty much everyone who’s ever been in town, so if you’re not on that list, you should be sad. And get on it immediately.

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