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Here are some non-food-related pictures from my time in Austin, Texas. Specifically when my girl Stacy took me on a tour. There were cows everywhere. Not real ones, fake ones with different themes. I feel like we had these in Birmingham, MI one time but in Austin they stepped up just a notch.

Like this one, which was a chia pet:


Stacy also took me to the Driskoll Hotel which was pretty cool. It’s very old-style, there may be no better way to describe it then when Stacy says it reminds her of The Titanic. Well maybe except for this:

A cow chair! For my apartment! YES! Ok, maybe not. But a cow chair!

Also inside the Driskoll hotel bar… can we say Texas?

There is COW HIDE on the back of the chairs. Yes, there is.

Then we took a walk outside:

One of the mottos of Austin I guess is “Keep Austin weird.” Not sure if that’s 100% the word I’d use to describe it, but yes I think they should.

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