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There’s always something more to discover at Chelsea Market. This time, it was crepes and oysters. Interesting combination, no? We just happened to walk by Bar Suzette as they were making nutella crepes and it only took about two minutes of us standing their with our mouths open to realize we wanted one too.

Gorgeous. And delicious. And an FYI – they put the wrapped paper around the crepe for a reason. Kayti thought she’d be slick and take it off, but then when she took a bite, nutella fell onto her legs and my dress. Oops!

And now the oysters:

I’ve walked by, gone inside, eaten chowder from The Lobster Place many o’ times, but this was the first time that I saw them shucking oysters to eat on the spot right outside the store. At only a buck fifty a pop! I just tried a Wellfleet and a Skookum Inlet:

Now Kayti may be holding them, but she definitely didn’t eat them. The three girls just stood in awe/disgust as I slung ’em back. It’s so funny to me because it wasn’t until I moved to NYC that I even thought of trying an oyster so I can sort of understand the initial reluctance people have, but now oysters are half of my life and I have zero sympathy for anyone who won’t at least try one. I was very impressed with my little sister for trying them when she came to the city a few weeks ago. That’s my girl.

Well, that’s a wrap of the pictures with Kayti and company. Now my momma’s here and we’ve got a few things on the docket (popbar for one!) so stay tuned and enjoy your weekend!

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