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Hello, hello.

We like eating cupcakes but we also like to *make* them. I bought a Groupon (one of maybe three I’ve bought my entire life, FYI) for a cupcake class at Butterlane almost a year ago. Finally got to use them when my mom and sister came to town. Cupcake 101 aka Frosting.

The class made three different frostings: vanilla, chocolate and cream cheese and then the head baker, Sunshine, taught us what you can mix into these basic frostings to give them more flavor. It was a short class, next time I would have opted for one a little more longer and more in depth, where you’re measuring the ingredients yourself but it was still fun! And yummy, of course.

Frosting the cupcakes was the fun part although I could NOT get their signature swirl down for the life of me.

I love this picture.

Cupcake anyone?

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So… food trucks are one thing, but food trailers are another. And that’s what Austin’s got. They are cool and my next time in Austin I will eat at every single one.

Another thing you need to know: I was once a designer at The State News, the award-winning (had to throw that in there, we were SERIOUS) student paper and for Valentine’s Day each designer created their own Valentine people could print out of the paper. And mine was a cupcake and above it said, “Hey, cupcake.” I made all my friends guess which one I made and all my friends guessed which one was me.

ANYWAY my Dad surprised me in knowing all cool things Texas and said we were going for a “treat” after our lunch. SOLD. So we went to Hey, Cucake and I got a classic cupcake – vanilla with chocolate frosting. My, my.

I should probably be embarrassed by the amount of cupcakes I have tried over my life but I will tell you that this one was one of the best. Perfect cake, nice and moist, and perfect frosting. Hey, cupcake, I kind of love you.

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There is cute and then there is cute. If you’re a cupcake, you should probably be cute. Or be surrounded by zebras. Seriously. The one wall of zebras made me really want a pattern wall of some sort of animal in my bedroom. That would be awesome. That is also my reason to have children – so I can decorate their bedrooms for them except really for me. Although I could totally do this zebra thing in any other room as well.

I have a lot to catch up here on City Mitten because I just spent the past five days or so in TEXAS of all places but first I have a couple of updates to finish from when Em Bem and my mommy were in town. Which is where we get this picture:

You see, Em Bem loves cupcakes, perhaps even more than me if that’s possible. And she was dying to go to Sprinkles once she heard they were opening one on the UES. They apparently were the first cupcake-only bakery and started in Beverly Hills and are now in a bunch of major cities.

And look, you can get some for your dog! How sweet.

So we got two chocolatey ones. One with chocolate sprinkles because my mom loves those and the other one because it was cute as a button. And I also love their wooden cutterly with “Sprinkles” spelled out onto them… such good branding!

Wheee, Sprinkles is good.


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I love Peels. I won’t deny it. I wrote a love letter to their brunch the other day. And on a weekend late afternoon, sometimes you don’t have to wait for a table at all! We had been walking around all day and our feet were killing us so my mom, Emily and I stopped at Peels for a little smores cupcake I saw in their bake case recently and some iced coffee and iced mochas.

Isn’t she pretty? We had to try. The whole top is a marshmallow basically.

And of course they also have really good iced coffee:

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So. If I didn’t mention that we were rear-ended when Kayti and I drove to Chicago a few weekends ago – we were. And if I didn’t mention my sister Emily very graciously let us take her car instead – she did. Her one condition: bring back Molly’s cupcakes.

So before we left for our drive back to Michigan – Molly’s is where we stopped. Kayti got some for her mom too. Molly’s has lots of different kinds of cupcakes and I almost didn’t know what to do. I decided to buy six random flavors: The Ron Bennington (chocolate cake, peanut butter filling, chocolate ganache, crushed butterscotch topping), Boston Cream (classic vanilla cake, delicate pastry cream filling, chocolate ganache), Cookie Monster (vanilla chocolate chip cake, raw cookie dough center, buttercream, mini chocolate chip cookie), birthday cake (duh) and something really chocolatey. I got them for my mom, my sis, and my Michelli to do a taste test for me and their winner was birthday cake.

But back to the store – it was cute. Look at this small child sitting on a swing:

I feel like it’s illegal (or just potentially creepy) to take pictures of other people’s kids which is why unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the kid’s adorable face that – I’m sure you can imagine – was covered in frosting.

This is a strawberry shortcake cupcake that Nora bought, which they only have in the summer:

And this is the definition of friendship:

Gotta love Molly’s Cupcakes.

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Yeah… I’m not sure what I was thinking because One Girl Cookies is the CUTEST on the inside and I didn’t take a picture of that. Also – we didn’t get any cookies. BECAUSE they had a four or five cookie minimum or something. Yeah, say wha? So Missy couldn’t get a whoopie pie and one cookie. I get what they’re trying to do, but it seemed absurd. Now I have to buy five cookies sometime I guess and I don’t even know if I’ll like them!

I probably will though since the whoopie pie and the cupcake I got was pretty good. A close up, for your viewing pleasure:

I think the frosting is fun. And it was tasty, too! This is another gem in my new neighborhood, wooooo weeeeeee.

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Last night me and some girliecakes (plus Chad) went to the Brooklyn Beard Fest and Stache Bash at The Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The best part about it were these pillows you could buy. The second best part was the people with beards, of course, cause I like that, and the third best part would be chocolate peanut butter pretzel cupcakes from Robicelli’s. They had these cupcakes at Bell House last time for the BK Bloggers meet up (btw – somebody schedule round two, plz).

Here’s me and my ladies and our peanut butter chocolate pretzel cupcakes or whatever. There was also an Elvis flavor with bacon and I forget the other option, we all went for the pb choc pretzel. People are all a-twitter about Robicelli’s, for real. And it is good. But what does a lady gotta do to get her cupcake room temperature?

Oh, and by the wayyyyy… the top picture is of Missy making two cupcakes kiss. Cause what else would we be doing?

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If you’re ever in the mood for something sweet but you don’t want to go cray-cray, may I suggest Baked by Melissa? They are miniature cupcakes that decrease in price as you order more (which is great for them but not so great for you since it’s so easy to convince yourself to get another one… or four). They have all kinds of crazy flavors: mint, peanut butter and jelly, s’mores, red velvet, cookie dough, cookies and cream, peanut butter cup, tie-dye, and chocolate chip pancake (my favorite!).

Yeah… they’re pretty good. I could eat 5,000 chocolate chip pancake cupcakes. In fact, I feel like searching for a chocolate chip pancake cupcake recipe. Hmmm…

Anyway, it’s a good spot. And the girls who work there are really nice, even when you tell them that the last time you were in their music was so grating you wanted to get out as fast as you can (turns out it was an employee’s cover of Lady Gaga).

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First, let me get this out of the way to avoid any confusion: Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes are not cupcakes that taste like pumpkin, because that would be lame. No no, they are both pumpkin pies AND cupcakes. Meaning you bake tiny little pumpkin pies and then you bake the tiny little pumpkin pie inside of cupcakes. And that’s what you see here.

I wish I had learned more to cook when I grew up. Sure I can bake shiz, as witnessed by this post (although miss Laura Leebove was the Bake Queen and I was simply the Bake Assistant). But I mean my skills are limited and any time I have eaten a home-cooked meal with a man, it was because he had cooked it for me. Except that one time in college when we had an all-girls family dinner and one of my friends invited her boyfriend without telling us. And I believe my contribution came from a box (Hey, Stouffers lasagne is good!). ANYWAY, I feel like I am lacking a major Life Skill and I resolve to fix it – once I get over my stand off-ish attitude towards my kitchen (I really wish I didn’t share a kitchen). ANYWAY AGAIN. PUMPKIN PIE CUPCAKES.

To the left – miniature pumpkin pies, which were delicious. I may never make a pumpkin pie and only resort to making mini ones. Because they are good. Graham cracker crust, say what now. On the right – cupcake batter, and you see what’s starting to happen in the middle when we put the two together. After dropping the mini pumpkin pie into some cupcake batter, we poured a little cupcake batter on top.

After that, we made some cream cheese frosting and spread it on top. We made both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and we actually used vegan recipes for both and they were amazing! I took some to work with me the next day and my office mates were pretty impressed with that fact, especially because I told them after their first bite. They had no idea.

So, these pumpkin pie cupcakes were a fun treat. A pain in the butt because we made five thousand, but the pumpkin pie inside the cupcake is definitely a cool surprise. I would make these again. And if you’re looking for recipes, they all on foodgawker so check it. Happy Halloween!

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Hewo, bebe. This is a little cupcake. It actually loves quite large in this photo, but it was actually a $1.50 two-bite cupcake from a little cart called “Little Cupcake Lover” that was right outside Urban Outfitters in Soho. Another thing I was expecting to be less than stellar but was actually delicious.

Here’s my sisby being shy:

A funny thing that happened while we were taking this picture, a man with a slice of pizza walking down the street looked at us, looked at the cupcake, and threw his piece of pizza in the trash, opting for a mini cupcake instead. Hilarious.

Oh, we also had one more cupcake this past weekend. This was from the Cupcake Stop in the Limelight Marketplace. Root beer flavored and we had to get it because look at the cute straw!

Another thing I expected to be gross and wasn’t. I mean a root beer cupcake? How can that be good? Well it is possible and I will tell you that whatever frosting they decided to pair with that root beer flavor went perfectly. So we split this little bad boy and happiness was had by all.

In other news – and this is BIG news – I’m headed to Germany today! A nice little back to where I came from because I first started this bloggy blog to document the adventures I had in Europe with my mom. And now I’m going back to Europe, and back to Germany – but this time with friends! I’m not sure how frequently I will be able to post but I’ll see what I can do! And I’ve got one more post going up on Monday of shots with my sisby just to hold you over until then. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you when I see you! Auf Wiedersehen!

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