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Ok, I’ve had enough with these fancy restaurants and their horrible lighting. I get they’re trying to set a mood or something, but don’t they know I have a blog to update? Or maybe I need a new camera… Is Christmas coming up soon?

I went to DBGB Kitchen & Bar last night for dinner, the new Lower East Side venture from Daniel Boulud. I went with my friend Joe because he’s been talking about this place for weeks. He went to Daniel’s friends and family opening dinner a month or so back and got to order whatever he wanted so he said they ordered everything. He lives the high life like that. Or he knows people who know people. Why don’t I know people who know people?

Above is the (petit) plateau de fruits de mer. A brilliant appetizer: shrimp, crab, oysters, clams, mussels and tuna tartare (my favorite!). It came with four sauces on the side; two different cocktail sauces, one sauce with an avocado base and a vinaigrette, which was the best. If you go to DBGB you MUST get this to start.

DBGB is a lot bigger than I was expecting, but I’m not sure what I was expecting to begin with. We got there around 8:30 and there weren’t any openings in the dinning room until 10:15 so we took a table in the front room near the bar, which is seat yourself.

Here is a view of the dining room:


And a view of the bar:


All the pots and pans on display have been donated from various chefs and, in the bar at least, there are different quotes from chefs on the mirror walls, such as: “Age only matters if you’re a cheese.” I also remember one along the lines of, “Butter! Give me butter and more butter!” Indeed, butter can be a good thing; butter is in cake. My best friend recently told me she that when she was little she would eat sticks of butter as is. That’s disgusting.

After our fruit de mer, we tried their burgers. Mine, the “Yankee” fell a little flat. It was good, but not the best. The fries, on the other hand, were quite delicious. And I love when they come in cute containers like this one.


Looking at that picture now, I don’t even remember eating that pickle! I sure hope I did and Joe didn’t steal it from me when I wasn’t looking. That wouldn’t be very nice.

For dessert, we split (Thank God) a coffee mocha sundae; with chocolate sorbet, brownies, tiny cookies, whipped cream and nuts. Yum!

Afterward we went to the Bowery Hotel, which I had also never been to. I felt like I was drinking a glass of wine in my grandmother’s spacious living room, that is, if my grandmother was a proper, old-fashioned, lots-of-jewelry wearing kind. It was dark and cozy with lots of bookcases, fire places and little antlers on the walls. Very eclectic and old-timey. I’m guessing a lot of “people who know people” stay there after they get dinner with Daniel Boulud. It’s what I would do, too.

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