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Wow, I am behind.

The Detroit Lions. Lost last night and lost unfortunately when I was home for the Thanksgiving Day Game. I’ve gone to the Thanksgiving Day Game pretty much every year in my life, except for one when I was spending Thanksgiving in Hong Kong, visiting my friend S up there on the left. And E there on the right, he’s a big Lions fan too. We’ve got pride. (Get it – Lions *pride*?)

This past Lions game was one of the better ones, mostly because we got to tailgate before the game started, which we never do. I feel like I know a lot of people and a lot of people who know people but for some reason I RARELY know people who actually have a legitimate tailgate. Not this year! S had the hookup for us and part of it included deep fried turkey. Yes! I have heard of this phenomenon for years (as well as the injuries sustained to people doing it) but I had not actually tried. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly but I can tell you it surpassed all expectations.

See below:

There it is! I wasn’t expecting the fryer to be so small, that’s for sure. But the group went through three fried turkeys, understandably. Also, the turkey looks a little burnt – but the meat I had was not at ALL.

In fact:

Possibly the best turkey I have ever had. All I know next Thanksgiving will be a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT if I do not have this again. I’m tempted to buy a deep fryer for my apartment cause I have my mom and older sis coming to NYC for Christmas but I feel like that would be nothing but trouble. So, not happening. But fried turkey, I will be having again. It was soooo juicy and so good.

And here’s some more of our Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day Crew. We always have a crowd of about 15 family members (including E who is honorary on Thanksgiving Day for maybe three years now?) Good times, good times. Now Lions, if you could only start playing just a little better for me.

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I believe my family has been doing this for four years already, one year is documented on City Mitten already and this year’s is being documented now. The night before Thanksgiving all the floats for the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade are lined up on Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit ready to go. They block off the streets to cars but smart people like ourselves are free to park around the corner late at night and go for a stroll and say hi to all the floats from last year as well as the new floats added as well.

Above is my sister Emily and I. It got really cold for some reason this year and we were not wearing gloves so I think we are lucky to still be in possession of all of our fingers. All for the sake of the floats. And the photos, of course.

This is a new thing. The caterpillar is there every year but usually he is reading a hardcover book. This year – not so. A laptop! Times are changing! He still hasn’t gotten Lasik eye surgery yet though…

And here’s another new float! This one promoting recycling. As you can see, Emily is a big help. Nice work, Emily – let’s keep our environment clean!

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I got back to New York yesterday and have plenty of things to post about from my trip to Michigan. Stay tuned!

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In Detroit, “Coney Island” means something a little different than it does in New York and I just read all about it on Wikipeidia. Detroit chili is where it’s at, and that’s essentially what a Coney dog is – a hot dog with all-meat chili. And mustard. And onions, but I usually get mine without. Oh man.

In downtown Detroit, there are two famous Coney Islands – Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island, and it used to be just one coney owned by two brothers until there was a tiff and they split.

I’ve always gone to Lafayette with my dad and we went directly there after he picked me up from the airport last week when I came home for Thanksgiving.

Coney Islands are super divey and super cheap. At Lafayette, my Dad and I got two Coney dogs (my dad’s a loose burger which means it has even more meat), chili fries and a soda all for $9. Dinner for nine dollars!

And then a funny thing happened. I left my scarf behind – my most favorite scarf that I bought in Hong Kong about five years ago (um, wow time flies). So we had to go back. Luckily we were headed to downtown Detroit the following day for the Lions Thanksgiving Day game, and we were with my uncle and he decided since we’d never actually had American Coney Island, we’d get that to go as a Thanksgiving appetizer.

That’s my Uncle Doug and look at the smile on his face.

Happy Thanksgiving to me!

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Oh my goodness. What I would do.

I love Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit. It’s practically the only place I get pizza when I’m in town. Maybe I should live a little and try new places but why fix something that ain’t broke? Buddy’s is the shiz!

So we go there all the time. Above is the antipasta salad with cheese on the side. My sisters and I always fight over what salad to order because I always want Greek but they are both really damn delicious so it does not matter. Yes! Language! That’s happening!

Here is the pizza!

It’s square and it’s deep-dish and the sauce is on top. Oh my goodness! And I love the sauce. I need more.



I am a passionate person, I think. I get excited about many things. As you can see, I am passionate and excited about Buddy’s pizza. I think I’ve met one person my whole life who doesn’t like it and I’m going to have a heart attack trying to remember who that was because it really cannot be possible.

Here’s my sister giving me a strange look before she goes on Buddy’s Pizza attack. She’s also coming to the city today! Yippee!

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Happy birthday, Mom!

Okay, so it’s not my mom’s birthday yet, but it will be in a few weeks and I will be out of town so we decided to have a little surprise birthday party in the D for her this past weekend. Not sure if the *surprise* part ended up working as well as we’d hoped but she still had a blast and so did we. And of course, the best part was the cake. Patisserie Parmentier, which I’ve mentioned before. My mom’s favorite. So I gave John (the cake maker) a call a few weeks ago and asked him to whip up a little chocolate something something with a Phoenix on it. And as you can see, boy did he come through.

Here’s my momma and I think the look on her face explains it all. She is one happy camper. Of course we can see why:

And if case you were wondering what it looked like on the inside (after Michelle took a few bites, of course):

Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, covered in fondant. Oh man.

Happy birthday (in a little bit), Momma! Hope you come visit me in NYC soon!

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I went home last weekend for about four seconds. Had a flight going out Friday night and sat on the plane for three hours before it was canceled. The earliest flight I could get on the next day departed at 2:40 p.m. So I ended up spending only a good 36 hours in Michigan. But I think it was worth it. It has been my little sister’s 21st birthday basically all month now and I think this was the cumulation: a dinosaur bounce. And my momma even jumped in it:

Then we deflated it and my cousin Danielle tried to ride it and failed:

And we jumped on the trampoline and laughed so hard we almost died. Me, my two sisters, and my mom. Hilarious.

And last but not least, Alexandra’s Alice in Wonderland cake:

If I knew how to spell the bakery it’s from enough to even find it on Google, there would be a link. Maybe somebody will post the name in the comments. :)

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Oysters and ice cream. An interesting combination, no? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. In Detroit last weekend, I went to a new restaurant called South Bar in downtown Birmingham and we ordered some Blue Point oysters. I’m becoming a huge oyster fan but I thought it was strange when they were served on salt, not ice. Not a fan.

South Bar is a strange place, anyway. My friend Abby told me it was like a restaurant in Miami and she was not kidding. It had the plush couches on an outdoor deck and seemed very… Miami. Or Meatpacking District. Is this the way downtown Birmingham is heading?

This is the Birmingham I prefer:

Dairy Mat! I’ve been walking (or driving) up to this place from my home since I moved there when I was two. And it’s still exactly the same. And you can get a face on your ice cream cone:

Or a flurry:

Now excuse me while I hunt down the nearest Mister Softee truck.

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What else do you do in Hamtramck after you have a Polish meal? Go to a Polish bakery! New Palace Bakery, in fact. Look at all the treats:

Lots of donuts, paczkis, cakes, cookies, angel wings, whatever. Soooo many treats. I really should have gotten a paczki cause I’ve never had one! Instead I bought some cake for us to try later. New Palace Bakery’s biggest fan – baby Kara:

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Oh, Detroit. Sometimes I feel like I know so little about you! I went to Hamtramck this weekend for some real Polish food. I’m 50% Polish and it was my first time there. Polish Village Cafe is in the basement of a house. In Detroit. AWESOME!

It was all Lynn’s idea and Lynn just got 50 City Mitten points (this is a new thing here, haha).

Polish food is pretty heavy. It’s meaty and potatoey and goulashy and all that so these pictures do not appropriate how delicious it actually is. I had leftovers that my friend Nora helped me eat and she would tell you it’s delicious, too.

Here’s the dill soup, like dill pickle. Really good.

And the City Chicken with mashed potatoes, beans, and kraut – their most popular dish.

I had the Hungarian Pancake with pork and vegetable goulash. It looked like a bunch of slop but it was SO GOOD. I would get it again. And here’s Michelli, sitting at the bar, because I made her for a photo op.

Polish Village Cafe is so old-timey and so sweet. It’s real Polish food served by real Polish people in a basement. And it’s cheap!

Next up on City Mitten: a real Polish bakery! :)

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Hello. That’s me. And my house in Michigan. My little sister is totally crazy and fun and wears weird things so I bought this awesome hat for her in New York and now she’s refusing to wear it. Everybody was shocked. Even her best friend thought it was weird, cause the hat is obviously awesome. I wore it into Target and everyone stared at me and it was great. I love this hat. I also love these boots which are, guess what, Hunter boots! I got them for Christmas and was so excited! I can’t wait for a rainy day in New York because I plan to wear them all the time.

By the way, the hat is so cool, even my friend Eugene wore it when we were picking out movies at Blockbuster:

So there’s that.

In other news, it’s the last day of 2009 and I am back in New York City. Thank goodness. My girl Abby is here and we have some major plans so everyone have a Happy New Year and be safe! See you in 2010! :)

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