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Sometimes you just gotta get out of town, Charlie Brown. Have I mentioned that some parts of New Jersey are gorgeous? This past weekend we had to drive through it to get to Pennings Orchard & Farm Market and seriously, some parts of New Jersey are NICE. The lakes and the hills and the trees! Goodness. Same for upstate New York, too. Wouldn’t mind having a house there someday (upstate New York, I mean… not sure if I could ever say I live in Jersey, no matter WHERE it is).

Anywho. Riding in a car is fun. Even in a teeny tiny backseat:

And the reason for the drive, of course: Apple picking! I have so many apples in my fridge right now.

Ruby was the champ of apple picking, I think. And maybe Marty, too, because he is tall.

Ahh, how pretty is everything? Trees! Grass! I’ll say it again. This city girl also likes her space.

And cider donuts:

“Hi, we’ll take 40.” Just kidding. I did eat two, though, naturally.

So delicious. Best ever. I love life.

Also, this place had a beer garden and they were grilling sausages and there was a petting farm and kind of like a sports bar inside the “farm market” I guess with the Giants game on the TV. And also there were TONS of apples. They gave you a map with all the different kinds and we tried a whole lot of them. It was $25 for all the apples you could fill in your bag and we didn’t even fill ours to the top because we weren’t sure what we were going to do with fifty billion apples. Make apple pie I guess, but yeah… that’s not happening. At least not this week. :)

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I realize two things as I begin this post. 1) I have a post two days back called Prime Meats. These places are not the same. 2) Quality Meats is a steak restaurant and I am leading with a picture of ice cream. That’s how it should be.

Let me introduce you to the world of Quality Meats. It’s in midtown, 58th street to be exact, and the moment I stepped out of the subway I felt like I was in bizarro world. When was the last time I was in midtown? Not a clue.

But now let me take you back to Quality Meats. Quality Meats with Jen McGuire, who was in town JUST to have dinner with me! (I kid, I kid… she came to town to go to Eataly with KP AND THEN go to dinner with me.)

These are the crispy potatoes. I don’t know why I don’t ever ask the servers questions about the menu and assume I always know what it’s talking about because if I knew the crispy potatoes were going to be this crispy, I wouldn’t have ordered them. If you’re a fan of potato chips, then you would like them. My like of potato chips occurs only when I am surrounded with family, a giant bowl of french onion dip, and playing cards. So anyway.

This was the view from my seat. Chloe got some giant steak with the most giant bone and she took half of it home with her. The server asked if she wanted the bone. Like, really? People take that? Also is the gnocchi and cheese (yum) and sweet corn creme brulee (seriously). You should probably try it if you like either corn or creme brulee and would like to imagine them both together.

I went for the ribs:

The good thing was that I ate three or four and had the rest the following night for dinner. The bad news is I tried a bite of KP‘s filet and daaaaaaang that was good.

We all know the most important picture from this post, however, was the first one. I have seen this certain picture of Quality Meats coffee and ice cream donuts like once a week over the past year. I forget what site it’s on – whether it’s OpenTable or some other restauranty website I frequent – but I have seen a picture of that ice cream and donut one too many times and it has been deeply ingrained into my brain. The ice cream is coffee flavored, natch, with donut pieces on it and then the mini donut there on top. I liked it lots. Next time adding chocolate syrup.

Man, I am so sick of wearing cardigans! They’re like my favorite thing in the world but I would like to wear dresses without them now and I would like that to be soon, please (Spring – are you listening?)

And now we come to the portion of my post where I tell you other random happenings in my life because I started doing that and now I can’t stop. The most important thing to note is that I booked my first ticket to Texas to visit my padre and see the Detroit Lions play the Dallas Cowboys. I know the NFL is only half-functioning right now, but I’m hoping they get their act together soon enough. If not, I will still be going to Texas but I will not be watching football. I think I’ll still survive.


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I may as well start from the beginning. Now that I’m back from Munich and Prague I have 8 billion photos and 8 billion things to share, so we’re just going to see how this goes. I have no idea how long we’ll be in City Mitten: Munich mode, but that’s what is happening.

This picture above was Nora and my first meal in Munich. Yep. After we bought our dindlrs for 8 million dollars a piece (you betcha I’m going to Oktoberfest again so I can wear that baby some more), Alex took us to the most random place to get food. It was in the parking lot of a grocery store. I felt like I was getting a hot dog from Home Depot, which is not a bad thing although I’m not sure if I’ve actually ever done it myself. Anyway, Alex suggested we get half a chicken with pommes (which they say pom-mes). Either I was starving (which I was) or it was truly delicious (which I think it also was).

Here’s the stand and the boys. Alex was appropriately wearing his I <3 NY sweatshirt. I appreciated that.

And this picture may either look gross or delicious:

Mayo anyone? For real. But the chicken was delicious. And HUGE. It was half of a chicken, more than enough for me and Nory and it was piping hot and a little cold outside so very good.

And so you get an accurate idea of how these boys eat in general, Alex went to the “bakery” later that night to pick up some dinner before going to Oktoberfest and this is what he brought back for us:

Yep. Donuts, really strange sandwiches with some sort of meat center that reminded us of spam and pretzels. We also had pretzels for breakfast the next morning. I don’t understand how these boys can eat like this (they also love fast food) and not die. It was days before Nora and I saw our first piece of fruit at the market and you can betcha we stocked up.

Those pretzels are delicious though. I could probably go for one right now.

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Munich, Munich

The other day we were at Oktoberfest (duh) and Alex says to me, “I would have never believed I would be seeing you at Oktoberfest.” And that pretty much sums it up. I cannot beleive it either. I met him in Miami of all places, something like four years ago and since then him and his friends have been to my hometown – New York, and now we have been to his.

The point is life is crazy and you just have to go with it because you never know where you will end up. I definitely never thought I’d be going to Oktoberfest either, until a few months ago when I booked my flight. So here I am and who knows where I will be next.

Oh, would you like to see some food? I have mentioned how they only eat meat and bread… but did I also mention donuts? We found ourselves on a street fair of sorts and this is what the boys got:

They don’t call them donuts of course and if I could figure out better how to multitask on this computer I would tell you their German name. But they were served warm and served delicious.

They were hungry, I guess. ;)

Well it is time to head to Prague and leave the Germans behind. Who knows where we will be seeing them next. I must admit the only thing I know about Prague is that it is beautiful, but really what more information do I need? I won’t be having much (or any) access to the internet so this will likely be my last post until you see us again in the States! I have got some good stuff to show you!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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Missy and I made it back to DuMont! And she was actually able to stay this time! Fabulouso. I think DuMont is becoming one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. I mean I LOVE their outdoor patio. So much fun. If I lived in Williamsburg, I would be there every weekend. And then some.

Here is the famous DuMont burger. People swear by it. It’s good, but I’m still partial to the Shake Shack and Paul’s. Mmm. I did enjoy that it came with a plethora of pickles. Hamburger dills already on the burger and regular dill slices on the side. Good to know DuMont respects the pickle. As you should.  I would probably recommend DuMont’s mac and cheese over their burger as I think it may be the best in NYC (or at least top three) but it’s not available on their brunch menu, which is when Missy and I went. They do give you these for brunch:

Mini donuts! They were warm, too! Cuteness.

Also I would highly recommend Missy’s sandwich:

There were artichokes and feta and that’s all you need to know.

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This is Michelle. She flew into NYC for the weekend to visit and I made her play model for me. As you can see, she got a little bored. We went to my friend’s Gossip Girl-themed birthday party on the LES Saturday night and she wore a dress from the Anna Sui for Target collection, which was inspired by the show. Yeah, girl.

One of our first stops for the weekend was the Doughnut Plant.



Um, yeah. If you’ve never been here, you don’t know what you’re missing. I mean, it’s not just doughnuts, it’s a way of life.

I made her get the blackout doughnut and a creme brulee doughnut which is exactly what I got too. At first she wasn’t convinced, but after her first bite, there were no complaints. She couldn’t believe how good they were either. Of course there are more options (tres leches for one) but the blackout and creme brulees are too good for me to pass up for anything else.


The blackout is a cake doughnut but to me, it’s really just cake. It’s so chocolatey: chocolate crumbs on the top and gooey chocolate in the middle. It’s hard to describe but basically, you should get one now. A word to the wise: The Doughnut Plant is closed Mondays. I learned that one the hard way.

And the creme brulee:


Another not-your-average doughnut. It may be small on size but it is huge on taste. My mom’s favorite dessert is creme brulee so she absolutely loves these doughnuts.

After the Doughnut Plant, we somehow found ourselves in the middle of the San Gennaro Festival.


We played tourists and took pictures just like everyone else.


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