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One of my favorite things to take photos of is beverages. They can look so pretty and delicate. And honestly, any sort coffee splurge can turn any kind of day around for me. Most days I’d take an iced mocha over a beer or cocktail nine times out of ten. And there’s another little splurge that makes me smile, pictured in two of the photos below. Let’s see if you can guess what it is. May I present my ¬†Four Beverage Photos of the Week!

1. Blue Bottle Coffee Co

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. If I ever leave the office to go get a coffee beverage of sorts, it’s probably not the best day. I REALLY needed a pick-me-up. This particular day and this particular coffee drink was the worst kind of dashed hopes disappointing day. But as you can imagine, I (gasp!) got through it and am still alive. And a little coffee drink helped. Actually, to make matters worse, Blue Bottle is for real coffee¬†aficionados, of which I am not. They didn’t have any chocolate of sorts and this beverage, while sweet, did not do the trick for me. But it sure was pretty!

2. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

I love me some Stumptown. And I love me some Ace Hotel lobby, in which Stumptown is located. I get my dad different kinds of coffee beans every Christmas and he really liked the Stumptown varieties, so the last time he was in town, I made sure we checked out the Ace Hotel. Enjoyed our beverages in the lobby, where there is always some quality people-watching, and then surprised him with tickets to that night’s Rangers game. That was a pretty damn good day.

3. Think Coffee

One of my favorite iced mochas at the moment is at Think Coffee. It’s a cool space and there’s a few located in the city, one pretty close by my office. This particular day with this particular iced mocha wasn’t a bad day, but I had a meeting off-site and wanted to make the most of it.

4. Brunch cocktails at Colonie

Stop the press, here’s a drink with alcohol! When my mom was in town, we had a boozy brunch and got tooooooootally wasted. Just kidding. But we did get brunchy cocktails. Mine was a Perfect Pimms and I basically really like any sort of Pimms drink ever. And with a cucumber in it!? How could I go wrong?

And there you have it, folks. Four Beverage Photos of the Week!

P.S. These were not taken the same week. At all. But we can pretend.

P.P.S. My other little splurge was nail polish. :)

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The Bosco

I enjoy going out in Detroit. Drinks are cheap and the vibe is fun. For example: The Bosco in Ferndale. It’s a good time.

They have a back porch and fun drinks. What else do you need, really?

My older sister had a drink called Tang, which as you can guess is orange flavored. I had a drink with red wine and I don’t remember what the rest of the crew got. It was all good though.

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Cheers! It’s time for a margarita from good ol’ Cowgirl, mmm, mmm… Yes, I am still trying to acquire the taste of tequila and I think I’m doing okay! I ordered the peach margarita and isn’t she pretty? She’s sweet too. Eugene got a lime margarita, which is not as exciting. What is exciting are the little glass animals on the ends of our straws! I think I forgot to take mine home! I remember a restaurant in Detroit that used to give these little animals on top of their ice cream scoop desserts and my family loved it. Family Buggy perhaps?

It is hot as Hades in NY right now and I am very grateful for my window air conditioning unit. I am not grateful for my wireless internet, which only seems to work in the non-air conditioned, hot and sweaty kitchen. Back to things I am grateful for: dining and drinking al fresco. Now’s the time. :)

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Sometimes you just need a drink. More specifically, a lychee martini! I was never a big martini girl (except for this fab place in Berkley, Mich. called The Living Room) but lychee martinis are especially wonderful. I mean, I don’t really even know what a lychee is, besides the fact that it’s some sort of fruit and it looks kind of like a strawraspberry when it’s not in my martini. So yes, this is my new fancy drink of choice. I had one when we were at Lure Fishbar a few weeks back, too.

This week I went to dinner with Chris, who I know through Twitter originally (seriously, Twitter rules the world, or at least mine) and then one day I randomly saw him on the street and I was like, “Chris?” and he was like, “Amanda?” Well, long story short, we’re friends now. And we go to dinner. At Spice in Union Square.

Chris had a passion fruit caipirinha which looked pretty, too. For my entree, I had some sort of noodles with pineapple and chicken and I can’t find it on the menu now but it was deeeelicious. Spice is so convenient, I mean 60% of my life revolves around Union Square so this can be a new go-to joint for me. And it’s kinda flashy inside too.

And here’s Chris, looking stellar, teaching me things you can do on the iPhone. :)

Yay. I love dinner. And Twitter. And new friends. :)

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You know what I love, right? Hot chocolate! My friend Andrea knows cause recently she sent me a box filled with all kinds of hot chocolate mixes. Look at this most beautiful thing I made a few nights ago, with some of the hot choc she sent me and my chocolate liqueur I got in Belgium. Those little dark chocolate pieces on the top? I got those in Belgium, too. I had been waiting forever to use them and when I remembered I had whipped cream in my fridge, it was so on.

The whipped cream got really melty before I was able to try it. Mmm…

And yes, that is an “A” for Amanda on that mug. I love this mug. I bought it years ago at Anthropologie when I was with my friend Eugene, who got an “E” one for himself. I think of it every time I use it.

So good!

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1. I need a new camera.

2. Have you ever been to a bar that had its own beer coozies?

3. Check out that footwear.

Saturday was my friend Meagan’s birthday at Whiskey Town in the East Village. It was packed and ridiculous. She had reserved a table (if that’s what you call it… it was more like a box) and we had fun kicking random people out and sitting/standing/dancing on the benches the entire night. I haven’t been to a crazy packed bar like that in a long time. I had just come from my alumni bar on the UWS so I was just in one of my college t-shirts, jeans and multi-colored rainboots. My friend Stephanie laughed and said she loved how I was unapologetically wearing a t-shirt at the bar on a Saturday night. Ha. It was kind of fun to be dressed down, I felt like I just wandered in off the street. Which, I sort of did.

Anyway, they had the Halloween theme going on already, too, with carved pumpkins and spiderwebs and such. We saw a couple girls in Witch hats and I got a little jealous. I love it when people wear crazy shiz. At some time during the night some kid thought it would be fun to open his umbrella inside and dance underneath it with his friends. Yeah… he got yelled at.

But it was fun:

barwhat are you looking atparty people

Something else I learned is that some people like to drink picklebacks: a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. I do love pickles, but I don’t know about this one…

Oh, and Whiskey Town has a photobooth. Next time!

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