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Oh, I have been to Buttermilk Channel. But I had not been there from brunch.


I always have to impress my momma when she comes and sometimes it’s hard to do. If I pick one bad restaurant out of fifty meals with her, I hear about the bad restaurant two years later still. True. BUT this last go around was perfecto. I had been dying to get to Buttermilk but I never got up in time for there to not be a four-hour wait (not really four hours, but you know) and my momma and Em Bem don’t sleep late so we got to Buttermilk and walked straight in for a table. At the communal table, which is always fun. We ordered bacon after seeing how nice it looked for the person next to us. And we got sticky buns, which you see above.

Eggs benedict for Emmy Boo. She loved them.

French toast for my momma…

And a short stack of panacakes for me. I LOVE PANCAKES.

Also – they couldn’t serve alcohol til noon on Sunday so we couldn’t have mimosas (I told you we went early) – is that actually a thing in New York? Have I really been here four years and never gone to brunch early enough to notice this before? Crazy! I like my sleep, people.


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I didn’t know Clover Club had brunch until I walked by it. And went inside. Clover Club is a fabulous old-timey cocktail bar very close to my apartment and I have been there many times. It’s the place I take people when I want to show them how “cool” my neighborhood is. Thought it would never make it into City Mitten because I don’t really carry my Canon around with me at night. But now that I know I can go to Clover Club during the day, it is City Mitten game.

The food was phenomenal. It’s my new favorite brunch place if you’d like to go. Above we have the Englander: Sliced hanger steak and poached egg over a toasted English muffin with Bearnaise sauce. One for a taste or two for a meal, the menu says.

Of course we also wanted some pancakes:

Ricotta pancakes with strawberry curd and vanilla poached rhubarb. What it means to “vanilla poach” anything is beyond me but I don’t need to know the details in order to know that it’s good.

And a Bonus Jonas:

Potato cakes! And the strap to my camera! I am so talented. Why did I not know this is what potato pancakes are? All these years, I have been missing out and imagining pancakes with lumps of potatoes inside them. Don’t blame me, please, blame my education. Ha. These were GOOD. Life is good, God is good, people. Get to know it.

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I have a new favorite restaurant. Isn’t that how I start a lot of these posts? Well, what can I say? Eating in NYC is nothing but impressive and fun all the time. Except not all of the time. 95% of the time. So here I bring you to my new favorite restaurant in Park Slope: Alchemy. I also bring you my sister, Alexandra, for the upteenth time, but that’s what happens when I have a visitor as fabulous as she. Plus I love her hair. So I’ll keep posting pictures of it.

Anyway, Alchemy. I went there for the first time last week with my friend Mara and had their amazing, amazing shells and cheese. Mara had the burger which was also fabulous since, like me, likes to share. We sat outside in this beautiful backyard and I had just charged my camera and somehow forgotten my memory card! Bummer!

So now you are getting indoor pictures instead, because it was hot as Hades. It was also brunch.

Yogurt, granola, and fruit for Val.

Eggs Bennie for me. And of course Alexandra had their brilliant burger. You know, I really like Park Slope. And I really like Alchemy.

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I love eggs benedict. I even like them when they are called “bagels benedict” because they are served on a bagel. I love homefries. I love brunch.

For any of those who know me in real life, or have been reading this here blog for a substantial period of time, you should know that I spend wayy too much time in an area called Long Island City, in Queens, because my two best boys live there. This past weekend was my third weekend in a row going there and sometimes I think if I was smart, I’d just move there, but I’m a Brooklyn girl at heart and home. Not to mention I’d like to keep Grand Central Station out of my daily commute.

Anyway, this is Kaitlin. She’s awesome and she’s lucky enough to live in P’s building. She also took us to brunch on at this new restaurant called Breadbox, which used to be an auto garage and is still smack dab next to a gas station:

P got salmon benedict and also this oatmeal which he says he put syrup on.


Breadbox was fun. The service was off. The food was good. I’d give it another shot except that for how much time I’ve spent in LIC, it’s amazing how little of their restaurants I’ve actually been to. Next!

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Uh oh, we went to the Clinton St. Baking Company again! It is Pancake Month, afterall. Yesterday and today’s pancakes were with crunchy bananas with cinnamon chili chocolate sauce so naturally, that’s what we got.

Also, eggs benedict:

This time we didn’t have to wait for two hours, which was nice. We just walked right in. It’s nice the things you can do when you take a day off of work.

And… today’s my birthday! I’ve got some fun plans for today and I already got some cool things in the mail (panda skillet, what?) so it’s looking pretty good. Have a good weekend! :)

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