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You know when you see a face and it just makes you smile? Well this is my love letter to you, Kelly Purkey, because when I was just going through my pictures and came to this one that is what happened to me. Love this girl.

Saturday we had a date day that started with brunch at Freemans, followed by some scrapbook action, followed by nap time, followed by Shake Shack in Times Square and then Blue Valentine. As you can imagine, we ended on a high note with that movie. A high, depressing note that makes us reevaluate what kind of relationships we want to be in (if any). Outside of each other, I mean. ;)

This is the fall vegetable hash. I love hash for brunch. Some veggies, some potato, and some egg. Mmm mmm mm. And did I know that I was into brussels sprouts? No, but now I do. So that was fab. And it was only $10 making it officially the cheapest brunch I’ve ever had with Kelly Purkey, except for the one time it was free (we got the hookup sometimes, we do).

And here is KP again. You may think she’s thinking, “What the what?” but she actually knows exactly what’s going on here.

Another fun fact: I love Freemans and the only other time I’ve been was for dinner on a then-very-promising first date. Oh, how we (re: me) get excited about things and they crumble so fast. Ah well. Thought that would be an interesting fun fact for you. So Freemans is good for any date, but they’re especially good for dates with Kelly Purkey.

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Oh my goodness. What I would do.

I love Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit. It’s practically the only place I get pizza when I’m in town. Maybe I should live a little and try new places but why fix something that ain’t broke? Buddy’s is the shiz!

So we go there all the time. Above is the antipasta salad with cheese on the side. My sisters and I always fight over what salad to order because I always want Greek but they are both really damn delicious so it does not matter. Yes! Language! That’s happening!

Here is the pizza!

It’s square and it’s deep-dish and the sauce is on top. Oh my goodness! And I love the sauce. I need more.



I am a passionate person, I think. I get excited about many things. As you can see, I am passionate and excited about Buddy’s pizza. I think I’ve met one person my whole life who doesn’t like it and I’m going to have a heart attack trying to remember who that was because it really cannot be possible.

Here’s my sister giving me a strange look before she goes on Buddy’s Pizza attack. She’s also coming to the city today! Yippee!

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My goodness. What is appropriate to talk about on City Mitten? Well first I can tell you that this is Missy and you should know that by now. We met up Friday after work to shoot this fab video for Drinking Brooklyn.

It’s freaking hilarious. Things I learned from this video: 1) Always look at the camera even if you have no idea what you’re saying. 2) I need a hair cut. So yes, apparently I get really nervous if you throw a camera in my face, as witnessed by the fact that I informed the nation that I tend to go for guys who are “kinda scruffy” and I “check them out.” I don’t use the acronym “LOL” but I feel like it would be valid here. So we were at Rosemary’s Greenpoint Tavern and you can read more about our experience here. That bar is just so funny to me, which is why I laugh.

ANYWAY the top picture is Missy with me at DuMont which is going to be one of my top favorite places to eat in NYC. It’s awesome! Outdoor garden, fabulous food, beautiful ambiance! Unfortunately Missy was not my dining companion, she was leaving and when she told the girl who seated us I was meeting a guy, the girl asked me for his name and I was like, “Uh…” cause it took me a few seconds to remember. Awesome!

The best part, which is another reason I love DuMont so much now, is later after the guy arrived and we had dined, I was walking back from the bathroom and the girl tapped me on the arm and said, “So how’s Bob? Everything going okay?” We shared a laugh. And his name was not really Bob, but I figured I’d protect his innocence because “Bob” was kind of a dud. Ha!

The only other picture I will post from DuMont is this one:

Beautiful, beautiful white Sangria, with lots of berries. I loved it. And if you’re curious, “Bob” got the burger because I made him (not even kidding) and I got the mac and cheese because it’s famous (rightly so) and we also got the chocolate cake in the end to split, which typically comes with peppermint ice cream but we substituted with mascarpone (I hate peppermint). It was delicious! Anyway, DuMont deserves a real post after this one, perhaps I will be able to go back with Missy one day, maybe even for brunch this weekend when my homegirl Nora is here. Yeah, I dig it.

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