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I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the Hester St Fair this year. It’s new, and it’s been billed as a place to get lots of snacks. So we went the day after the BK Flea to check it out. Well… it was a lot smaller than I was expecting, but there were definitely some good things. Like the strange fish wafflely thing above. I couldn’t tell you the name of the vendor, or what exactly it was, but we had a beef and cheese one. And by beef, I mean there were hot dog pieces. It was like a pig in a blanket, but actually a little fantastic. And so cute:

My mom said, “You see something new everyday.” So true.

Tomorrow we take a look at one more Amanda and Momma adventure, and it’s pretty sweeeeet!

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Hi! This is where I’ve been the last few days. Myrtle Beach, SC. Spent the weekend with nine of the coolest people and it was the perfect break. I don’t seem to have too many pictures, since we spent hours on the beach and I didn’t want to drop my camera in the sand (like somebody…) This picture of the beach was taken from the balcony of the condo. I replaced traffic noise with beach waves.

Proud Papa in his new SC digs, picking out some tunes.

This picture is why it’s fun to let other people use your camera. Thank you, Jeff, for capturing this lovely moment.

Gawking at the crazy fish at Broadway at the Beach. Broadway at the Beach is this strip of touristy shops and restaurants, not to mention the strangest area of bars like Senor Frogs and Fat Tuesday. Half Spring Break Central and half Bachelorette parties. I saw at least five. Also 100% very interesting folks. These people are the SOUTH. The hair, the clothes, the accent, the tribal tattoos (yes). We had a lot of fun putting on fake Southern accents ourselves. It was a different world. Anyway, the fish that live at Broadway at the Beach are disgusting. If you’ve ever been to Cedar Point (America’s Roller Coast), it’s like the fish by the Iron Dragon. If you haven’t been, just know it’s not pretty. But we carry on:

Because we found dinosaurs!

Myrtle Beach 2010! Ha. I’m lucky that I know people who will travel and we can take trips in groups. It’s so much fun. Also, exhausting. I am one sleepy, sleepy bear today. One more Myrtle Beach post for tomorrow, as we went to a seafood buffet. It may or may not be what you imagine. ;)

Happy Monday!

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I love The Mermaid Inn. Full disclosure: I am doing some work for them. You may see some of these photos elsewhere on the interwebs eventually (not the ones of me and P though, of course). I loved the Mermaid even before working for them (obviously, or I wouldn’t want to work for them), but I still thought you should know.

So that’s me and P on the Upper West Side and here’s P with Nora:

And here’s the Mermaid:

Love that lady! And the good stuff:

Baby Grand Platter! Can I get this every single time I come to the Mermaid, please? It’s the perfect combination of oysters, clams, and lobster knuckles. Let’s have a closer look, shall we? Oysters and clams:

Lobster knuckles:

If you’ve never tried an oyster because you can’t get over the “texture” or something, you need to get over it and try one IMMEDIATELY. They are delicious and so refreshing and now that I work for the Mermaid, they are on the brain 24/7. I’m surprised they haven’t shown up in my dreams yet.

Another thing you should know: lobster knuckles are the easiest thing to eat!

Whoever came up with the idea of serving lobster this way is a genius. Already cracked open for you, you just have to pull them apart a little bit and there’s your lovely lobster. My goodness.

For our entrees, we ordered different things so we could sample eachother’s.

Salmon for Nora with brussels and beets behind it. Derlish.

Whole roasted Idaho brook trout for P. Don’t let the eyes creep you out. P lost one on the table for a little bit, haha.

And lobster sandwich for me. Um, there’s no such thing as too much lobster. And have you ever had Old Bay fries? Cause they are awesome. The more you know…

And finally, The Mermaid gives complimentary chocolate pudding for dessert:

Lovely, lovely. Love The Mermaid. And if you haven’t been in one of the THREE Manhattan locations, you pretty much have no excuse now that you’ve seen the goods. And I work there. :)

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This is Jodi. She lives in Michigan. And she came to the city last weekend to play.

Six of us went out to dinner at Bondi Road. I had been there once before for brunch and it was completely packed, but when we went to dinner it was the complete opposite experience. It was dead and they made the biggest deal about not seating us until we were all there. And when they finally sat us with five people, they asked how far away the sixth person was. It was so strange.

Anyway, it’s an Australian restaurant and it’s pretty legit. Australian owners, Australian staff, and Australian clientele. Well, except for us. Half of us ordered different kinds of fish but it was the those of us who ordered the fish stew that were the winners.

Delish, delish. All kinds of fishy goodness in there. The other ones just got a piece of fish and were starving after they finished and they didn’t feel like ordering anything else and waiting for it. They may or may not have stopped at a Burger King afterwards. Ha.

Anyway, it’s a cool spot. You just may be better off going for brunch.

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The other day we ventured over to KaDeWe, a really huge and really nice department store in Berlin. We checked out their gourmet floor which had all kinds of fish and meats and desserts and everything else to either purchase to take home or have them prepare it for you right there. People were drinking wine and beer and watching as their food was being made fresh in front of them. It was crazy though. We couldn’t read any signs, everyone was moving really fast and we couldn’t make sense of the whole process. We were clueless.

We sat at the fish bar for awhile trying to figure out what was going on before my mom decided to ask the youngest chef guy there, “Do you speak English?” “Yes…” So he was really nice and he gave us an English menu and we were able to order successfully.


There is the nice young man we ordered from and here is the grill where all the action was.


Yum, yum, yum. Also, I got a glass of wine. White German wine and my mom says she’s going to start feeding me wine more often.

Here’s our food. Our meals also came with small salads and bread.


Delicious! And I love love wine with dinner. Except this was lunch, so…

Anyway. I was feeling a bit buzzing after that glass of wine. You know I had my smiley face going on and we wandered our way over to the childrens toy section on one of the floors and I found me a new Steiff friend to take home with me from Germany.


Yep, yep. There’s me and my bear. Ok, not the big bear, the little bear. He’s my new friend. I picked him up and carried him around KaDeWe with me before finally purchasing him and now he is sitting on the bed, waiting for me back at the hotel. He is such a dear. I’m going to name him something German… perhaps after one of the areas in the city? But for now I’ve just been calling him “Bear.”


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