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This is Kayti and she may not be in NYC anymore (she was visiting) but this post is about her anyway because yesterday I got a glorious package from the little miss herself. It included some food she took from my kitchen and left crumbs of in my bed (Kashi cereal) as well as some other general faves of mine (oreos, what?!). I am pumped. And I had breakfast this morning.

The picture was from our underwhelming brunch at Flatbush Farm, which I never even wrote about because it was so underwhelming.

But, as you can see, anything is fun with KMD. :)

Also fun: my dinner plans for this evening. So stick around, y’all.

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Okay, this week has been a little weird (I’m about to disable texting on my phone… except not really) so I think I need to leave you with something sweet for the weekend. :)

When Kayti was here we had a horrific brunch at Flatbush Farm and afterward we just felt unsatisfied and kind of like blah. We started walking through the Slope and viola! There was Wafels and Dinges!

I follow Wafels and Dinges on Twitter so I always know where they are, but they’re rarely by me, so to see them when I wasn’t in a crazy rush and when I was looking for something good was pretty fanf*ckingtastic. Kayti didn’t want one, so I knew she was just doubtful, but she hadn’t experienced the amazingness of the Belgian waffle in Belgium this past summer like I had, so I forgive her.

You don’t even need the dinges (toppings such as fruit, chocolate, etc..). The Liège waffle is perfect on its own. Light and gooey and a little crunchy. Just add a bit of powdered sugar on top and you’re good to go.

And by the way, I didn’t know how to say it because it’s Liège with an accent thingy over the first “e” (which I just figured out how to use on here, by the way) so I tried to be slick and just ordered “the second one” but the dude saw right through me and made me try to say it… which I actually succeeded in, thank God, since I only took how many years of French and remember none of it now…

And guess what, Kayti tried mine and wished she would have gotten one for herself. But it wasn’t a problem ’cause I like to share. :)

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