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This is a lobster salad sandwich. That I ordered and my sister ate. And his is the last of City Mitten: Naples, Florida and I would say I’ve saved the best for last but the best was obviously Michelbob’s. Still, The Riverwalk at Tin City has its own special spot too.

So, we had Clam Chowder twice in one day. I told you that. And The Riverwalk is kind of known for their chowda. It’s dang good. So that was our chowder number two.

Emily is not pleased I am staring at her eating her chowder. She probably thought I was going to steal it! I stole her grouper and chips instead. Mmm, mmm.

Yeah, the Riverwalk is pretty good. It’s right on the water and you can see all the boats, which is fun. It’s also in Tin City which is basically an awesome assortment of shops full of things you’ll never want and never need. Knick knacks and tacky jewelry and t-shirts and tons of ugly things that I would defriend you for if I saw you buy. It’s so ridiculous. But it makes it fun.

Yayyy, Tin City!

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So… this is not a cupcake. And that’s because Gracie’s Cupcakes in Naples, Florida has yes, cupcakes, but also: ice cream! And that’s what we wanted. You actually wouldn’t believe all the trouble we went through to find a decent non-chain place to get ice cream. And the cupcakes looked good too:

Who doesn’t love sprinkles?

Anyway, Gracie’s is our new ice cream and cupcake shop in Flor-i-duh. Emily and I had mocha chip ice cream, or something to that affect. It was very nice. And they had all kinds of cupcakes. They had a binder with pictures of special orders they had done and some were really neat and/or beautiful. Em bought some mini cupcakes to take home on the plane.

Yesterday I didn’t post because I ended up staying out ridiculously late the night before and by the time I made my way through the bizzaro world of MTA service changes and got back to my apartment it was Game Over. That means there’s just one more Naples post left for next week.

Last night I met up with some people to dine at Applewood in Park Slope, two of which are also foodbloggers so it was a VERY interesting experience that I can’t wait to tell you about next week! Have a good weekend and GO MICHIGAN STATE!

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Why is Florida so hilarious? Dolly’s Produce Patch may be a restaurant, but it also may be a senior citizen community center. But so is pretty much the entire state of Florida. Take a look at the inside of Dolly’s:

Oldies. Oldies. Oldies. And random chairs with random plates and random things on the wall. It’s frigging fantastic. Such a world that I am rarely a part of.

Now is the part when I tell you that one day in Florida this past weekend, E and I had clam chowder twice in one day. It just happened. First, of course, was Dolly’s:

Delisherous. And I’m aware of how I just spelled that. We also ordered sandwiches – egg salad and a tuna melt, which we both shared. Here’s the melt:

And here’s Emily eating her egg salad sandwich:

They also sell honey and muffins and pies and other baked goodies:

I bet this pie is delicious. You can also hang out with mannequins!

Or buy strawberries, which you know we did.

Dolly’s is in Bonita Beach and as you can see it’s a pretty interesting spot. And the food is good too! They also serve breakfast, which maybe we can make it to the next time I’m in good ol’ Flordy.

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Do you like ribs? Is there even more than one answer to that question?

I decided to torture myself by writing this post because I came home from Florida with zero groceries in the kitchen and zero time to get any.

Welcome to Michelbob’s. The world’s most amazing ribs. There is never a time when I go to Naples, Florida and I do not go to Michelbob’s. It’s a given.

Grandpa asks, “Is there anything you want to do while you’re here?”

I say, “Michelbob’s.”

And then E and I text photos of the food to our dad to make him jealous. One year in college, my friends Kayti and Nora came with me to Michelbob’s and we even had a Michelbob’s boyfriend (a cutie server). Now that is commitment.

But how can you not like it?

It’s kitschy, they give you soda in GIANT plastic cups, AND it’s full of old people. Old people who were getting a little tooo rowdy for Grandpa and Evelyn(my step-gma?)’s taste this last time, actually. All I have to do is go to Michelbob’s and know that when I am 85, life will be nothing but a par-tay! With ribs!

And they are THE BEST RIBS IN NORTH AMERICA which we know because they ship their ribs and barbeque sauce anywhere in America by next day air! Can you imagine?

Another thing you should know about Naples, Florida. There’s this insane store called The Best of Everything and they are Everywhere and they really are The Best of Everything. Or so all the ladies think because it is PACKED. It’s basically all different kinds of jewelry and bags and whozerwhatsits and there were stuffed animals even and who knows what else… oh yah, TIARAS!

But anyway, Emily and I went ahead and made purchases of matching headbands!

Woo woo! We are so Southwest Florida. :)

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Alright, y’all. Here’s the deal. I am in Florida with my sister and it is FREEZING. This is probably my look for the entire weekend because I foolishly brought skirts and tank tops. It’s supposed to be warmer today and tomorrow but even if it continues to stay cold we will continue to have a good time. I mean at least I got to wear my flip flops!

So wherever you are, have a great weekend! We had the best ribs last night but I’m waiting for next week to show ya. :)

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Chick-Fil-A! I don’t normally write about fast-food restos on City Mitten because usually they aren’t so spesh. BUT I’m from Michigan where we do not have Chick-Fil-As and now I live in New York and we don’t have them here either. Every time I’ve gone on a road trip the past few years I would hope that we would pass a Chick-Fil-A but it never happened. EVER.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when my Grandpa (who is most classy) picks my older sister and I up from the airport in Southwest Florida and suggests we go straight to Chick-Fil-A. Are you serious?!?! So that’s what we did.

The chicken sandwiches are pretty legit. AND they have pickles on them. Not too shabby at all.

I’m also a huge fan of their branding.

This picture of my sister Emily is hilarious. Mainly because of all the smiling faces behind her.

She’s going to join Team Chick-Fil-A because A) She wants to be on that poster and B) There were cars in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot with their logo on it.

So yes, I finally had my first Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich and it was good. And I have heard there is a Chick-Fil-A in one of the NYU dorms, but I have not gone and I think it’s just a counter in a dining hall so it may or may not be the same.

Also, yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and I definitely missed the boat on that one and I’m even a little bit Irish. So I hope y’all were safe and had a good time. Tomorrow will be another adventure in City Mitten: Naples, Florida! :)

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