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I have a new favorite place. It’s called The Lot on Tap and we went there twice this weekend. Above is Norabear mowing on a burrito from Korilla BBQ, one of my favorite (if not top favorite) food trucks in this city. They visit my current work neighborhood every Tuesday and I get Korilla BBQ almost every Tuesday. Even turned my coworker “Dad” onto them, which is exciting. So if you’re not lucky enough to have them cruise over to your office once a week, check out the Lot on Tap schedule and see when they’re there. Kimchi bacon fried rice. That is all.

Lot on Tap is just awesome. It’s under the High Line and you can drink beer. We did. Brooklyn High Line Elevated Wheat, to be exact. Delicious.

And also there was pizza.

Eddie’s Pizza. I ordered a cheese pizza with meatballs. Kelly and Nora made fun of me. They were sorry. It was good! Eddie’s is also often by my current work neighborhood but this was my first time trying it. Good stuff.

Another thing to know: there is now a roller rink in the space across from the beer garden!

Awesome! I think I was maybe five the last time I had on *actual* roller skates, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear them again! Also it’s really fun just standing there watching everyone, too. This one dude was going around and around playing with his flip phone the entire time like WHAT are you doing? Surprised he didn’t run into anyone. There was maybe one person with skillz and everyone else was a beginner or worse, so don’t be scared if you’re not very good. I promise you’ll have a good time. Also, there’s dessert trucks if you want to reward yourself afterward.

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This is my friend Leah who I’ve known since we were little kids in church and we went to school together from fifth grade on and now she’s here in NYC for her first time ever! Our first stop (after a slice of pizza) was The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, for my 800th time, but my first time in Brooklyn. Doug parked in Park Slope which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from me. So that’s what we did. Ate Big Gay Ice Cream while sitting on a random stoop in Park Slope. I love it! And I’m so excited for our adventures for the rest of this weekend!


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I can talk about my professional life in my blog a little bit, right?

Here’s the story: I’ve loved The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck for awhile now (Doug is awesome, for one) and when I started working with The Mermaid Inn, I thought, “Hey! Let’s do something together!” And so we did. :)

BGICT was the complimentary dessert in the East Village in exchange for the fortune fish. This is the “Mermaid” they created – a key lime pie sundae! Delicious!

There was some rain, but rain never hurt anyone. Or anyone’s ice cream. :)

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I realize it’s not exactly summer yet, but looking at these pictures makes me feel like it is!

Rooftops are fun. I don’t have one, but Missy does. So does my friend Lucy. Rooftops are the bomb. So after our adventures to DuMont the other day, we went to Missy’s pad back in Bushwick and chilled on top of the sky. There we are looking at a book about social media. For realz. And this is us taking a break:

And here is the big rooftop with the big sky with the big Manhattan in the background:

Later that day in Manhattan I saw this:

And got this:

Looks like summer to me!

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Okay, this week has been a little weird (I’m about to disable texting on my phone… except not really) so I think I need to leave you with something sweet for the weekend. :)

When Kayti was here we had a horrific brunch at Flatbush Farm and afterward we just felt unsatisfied and kind of like blah. We started walking through the Slope and viola! There was Wafels and Dinges!

I follow Wafels and Dinges on Twitter so I always know where they are, but they’re rarely by me, so to see them when I wasn’t in a crazy rush and when I was looking for something good was pretty fanf*ckingtastic. Kayti didn’t want one, so I knew she was just doubtful, but she hadn’t experienced the amazingness of the Belgian waffle in Belgium this past summer like I had, so I forgive her.

You don’t even need the dinges (toppings such as fruit, chocolate, etc..). The Liège waffle is perfect on its own. Light and gooey and a little crunchy. Just add a bit of powdered sugar on top and you’re good to go.

And by the way, I didn’t know how to say it because it’s Liège with an accent thingy over the first “e” (which I just figured out how to use on here, by the way) so I tried to be slick and just ordered “the second one” but the dude saw right through me and made me try to say it… which I actually succeeded in, thank God, since I only took how many years of French and remember none of it now…

And guess what, Kayti tried mine and wished she would have gotten one for herself. But it wasn’t a problem ’cause I like to share. :)

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Did you know there’s a Restaurant Week Truck? Well, there is and it’s been taking soups all over the city from various Restaurant Week restaurants this week and last. It’s been parked a few blocks from my office the past few days so you know I had to check it out.

I went on Monday and I brought Will with me ’cause he’s one of my faves. Here was the menu for the day:

I haven’t been to any of those three restaurants, but it’s pretty hard for me to pass up a bisque. So I didn’t. Will got the roasted corn from Maya because he loves his veggies.

I was especially impressed with the branding of the Restaurant Week Truck. They had a Coca-Cola station set up next to it giving out free 100-calorie bottles, as they are one of the sponsors of Restaurant Week. And the paper bags were cute:

Inside the bags were the Restaurant Week menus for the three restaurants who made the soups as well as a Restaurant Week booklet. And apparently Will got a JetBlue keychain, but I did not. Haters!

Will liked his corn soup and said that he was ready for another and I liked my shrimp bisque from North Square as well:

Nice work, Restaurant Week Truck, you get an A.

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