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Oh, I have been to Buttermilk Channel. But I had not been there from brunch.


I always have to impress my momma when she comes and sometimes it’s hard to do. If I pick one bad restaurant out of fifty meals with her, I hear about the bad restaurant two years later still. True. BUT this last go around was perfecto. I had been dying to get to Buttermilk but I never got up in time for there to not be a four-hour wait (not really four hours, but you know) and my momma and Em Bem don’t sleep late so we got to Buttermilk and walked straight in for a table. At the communal table, which is always fun. We ordered bacon after seeing how nice it looked for the person next to us. And we got sticky buns, which you see above.

Eggs benedict for Emmy Boo. She loved them.

French toast for my momma…

And a short stack of panacakes for me. I LOVE PANCAKES.

Also – they couldn’t serve alcohol til noon on Sunday so we couldn’t have mimosas (I told you we went early) – is that actually a thing in New York? Have I really been here four years and never gone to brunch early enough to notice this before? Crazy! I like my sleep, people.


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Well, unless you live under a rock in the middle of Timbuktu, you probably are aware there was this thing called “Hurricane Irene” everyone in New York City was preparing for this past weekend. It ended up slowing down to just a tropical storm, but when we thought it was going to destroy the city, Mayor Bloomberg shut down the subway system and instructed people to prepare for the worst. And people did. Stocked up on flashlights, batteries, candles and nonperishable food items, filled bathtubs with water, etc. I went to Trader Joes Saturday morning before they closed early and picked up some things myself – just in case.

The subway being shut down was the worst part of it. Restaurants and stores had to close simply because their staff couldn’t get in or they wouldn’t be able to get home. You couldn’t travel anywhere because you weren’t sure if you could get back. You were grounded to your neighborhood. But luckily, there were a few places still open for brunch –like Bar Tabac in Cobble Hill. I’ve been there before for the hamburger, but this time I got myself some french toast when I met up with my friend Donny. Life was all good.

Afterward, I made sure to stock up on wine and chocolate chip cookies on my way home. I mean, I had to be prepared.

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Who loves brunch? Me, me, me! I’ve actually seen Twitter bios where people say “I don’t like brunch.” Sad for you! I mean… NYC brunch can be cray cray and sometimes you have to wait 3.5 hours but when brunch is good, it is good. And it was good at Bakin’ & Eggs in Chicago! So good.

We have the roasted veggie frittata for Miss KMD. And a little chicken apple sausage is hiding. Here whole plate was so good and I know because I hate half of it. What I ordered was a bit too much like a dessert to have for breakfast (imagine me saying that) and soon you will see.

This is Nora’s Southern Comfort Bowl. Yep. What it’s called. Two eggs (overeasy here) with potatoes, cheddar, biscuit and gravy. Southern Comfort indeed. What you see behind it creepin’ is called a flight of bacon.

So we’ve got a few different kinds of bacon here. Maple pepper, jalapeno, honey, mesquite, and cherry smoked. Actually not entirely sure which ones I tried but I did steer away from the jalapeno. I was expecting the bacon to be that really thick kind like applewood smoked bacon, but I’m actually glad it wasn’t cause the thin kind is what I actually prefer.

And then my dessert for breakfast:

Remember when I wondered aloud to myself (and whoever reads this) about bread pudding turned into french toast? Well now I know because that’s what this is. I’m pretty sure there were chocolate chips in it too. It was delicious, but five bites or so goes a long way. Which is why I ate half of Kayti’s instead. We took the lovely french toast (what it’s actually called) home and I hope Nora ate the crap out of it later.

And if you’re wondering if they know how to make their lattes pretty at Bakin’ & Eggs the answer is YES.

Bakin’ & Eggs is GOOD STUFF, people. Would be my new go-to brunch location if it were not in Chicago. Chicago, I do love you!

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It’s fun to go to a place called “Prime Meats” and not eat any meat. It’s also fun to go there the ONE TIME you think it’s appropriate to be in a t-shirt (I was repping foursquare on 4sq day!) and realize the place is sooooo Stumptown once you get there. That’s what I said to describe the place to my roommate and she knew exactly what I was saying. It was sooo Stumptown. They serve Stumptown coffee, so that’s part of it, but the staff and the people there were dressed the part. And I was in a t-shirt. And actual jeans. I don’t think I’ve worn actual jeans in months.

ANYWAY there I was in my foursquare t-shirt (with the Jetsetter badge on it, if you’re curious) and there we were at Prime Meats. Above is Lee – my friend Stacy’s friend – who is either lucky or unlucky enough to appear on my blog after my first time meeting her. She is drinking Stumptown coffee and having an egg and cheese biscuit sandwich.

This is Stacy. You can see the excitement on her face as she’s about to dig into her egg and cheese sandwich on a biscuit as well. Me on the other hand, well you know how I do:

I can’t even *remember* the last time I went out to brunch, so I had to make this count. Of course I got a biscuit too – and those were fab. This french toast was also fabulous and Stacy tried it and said it was simply the best she’s ever had. My opinion is – this city is just full of fabulous french toast and I’m not sure if I’ve experienced a clear winner but this one was definitely up there.

I need to go back to Prime Meats for dinner, order some meat, and not be wearing a t-shirt.

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Is it ever too hot for mac and cheese? Maybe. But we’re not there yet. Maybe you’re reading this and looking at these pictures, and can’t imagine putting a spoonful of steaming noodles and gooey melted cheese in your mouth. But if you can, this post is for you.

I used to hate mac and cheese growing up. And by hate, I mean I refused to try it. Wow, have things changed! My friend Lucy’s mom and sister were in town last weekend and they took us to Little Giant on the LES for the earliest brunch I have ever participated in (10 a.m.!). I was thrilled when her mom ordered mac and cheese because that meant I could try it. And it had bacon in it, mmm…

My favorite mac and cheese used to be from Kitchenette, but the last time I was there they had changed their noodles from penne to elbow and it made me sad. My latest favorites are Poco, DuMont, or Westville, and my least favorite is always S’mac. Basically, I really like mac and cheese. Good thing it doesn’t clog your arteries at all!

Here’s my lovely Lucy. She always eats healthier than me.

Because we all know one of my other obsessions is French Toast. Geeze. And this one came with freaking ice cream, which I didn’t even realize until our server brought it out and I was like, “What is THAT?!”

As you can see, it’s never too hot for French Toast either. And now I’ll go have a heart attack and die.

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I have a new favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn. And it’s called Fort Greene. I don’t know whyyyy it has taken so long for me to go to Fort Greene, it’s not even far from my apartment! And it’s legit! Dekalb Ave is restaurant after restaurant and store after store and Fort Greene is also the home of the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays! Norabear and I went on Saturday to check out the flea and we decided to pick a random spot to brunch at on the way, which is how we ended up at Cafe Lafayette aka Cutesville.

We sat outside and the whole time I kept telling Nora that I couldn’t believe this is what Fort Greene is. I had no idea! It is awesome. And so was the french toast:

It came in little slivers that were perfect to pick up with your hands and dip in the strawberry sauce. Don’t judge me.

Also, this french toast was under $10. The last time I had french toast that was under $10 is when I made it for myself. Dang.

Nora’s order was a little strange:

A side of mashed potatoes and a salad with goat cheese. Don’t judge her.

I love Fort Greene and I intend to spend a lot more time there now that I know how Awesomeville it is.

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I think breakfast/brunch is the prettiest thing to take pictures of. And maybe ice cream. Just look at this beaut.

Last weekend I had a girlie brunch with some of my favorite girlies at Westville East. One of my favorite things is brunch with the girls. We had to wait a little while and they came out with hot apple cider to warm us up! Probably the cutest touch, and it solidified the fact that we were going to keep waiting to get a table and not go somewhere else.

We were seated, looked at the menus, continued gabbing.

Stephanie put some sugar in her iced coffee.

MB and Melody wanted brussel sprouts and plantains. DElish.

And Megan got eggs and asparagus and mashed potatoes.

I really like Westville East. There’s always a line on weekends, but as I said earlier, if you’re lucky maybe you’ll get some hot apple cider. I must say that Stephanie and I both enjoyed our french toast. It was very doughy. I also was a huge fan of the mashed potatoes. Very good. I hope to have another girlie brunch soon.

In other news: three Germans are in my apartment for the week. Ha!

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Welcome to Grandma’s house! Except this is not Grandma’s, this is Friend of a Farmer and I think the grandma I had who actually used wallpaper would have killed herself before she actually died if her house looked like this. Is that cryptic? I loved my grandma! And the fancy glasses she used when she served us Red Pop. And how she would tell us when we were singing off key in the car on the way home from church. Haha. See you in heaven, Grandma!

Anyway. I feel like it’s been really hard to pin down some of my friends lately. Work is crazed for everyone or they’re out of town or blah blah blah and I think I’ve been kind of flakey myself too, but yesterday I was finally able to catch up with my friend Melissa for a Sunday Brunch.

I’ve noticed Friend of a Farmer before because of the line. It’s kitschy (see above) with that whole back-country kind of feel going on. So it’s not like going to my grandmother’s. It’s like going to a friend’s grandmother’s. In Kentucky. Who sits on a rocking chair and knits things on the porch.

I had the raisin french toast (duh) and Mel got the healthy farmer’s omelette, which I laughed at because it actually had the word “healthy” in the title. This is what brunch should look like: food, mimosas, and a girlie friend. :)

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Hi. Those are sliders. On top is onions. All delicious.

Let’s have a chat. When I hear the restaurant is called “Matchbox,” I immediately think of a few things. First is Smashbox, the makeup brand. Second, would be Matchbox 20. Third would be a boxcar and fourth is an actual matchbox. I’m not sure why I felt that was important, but I did.

Now, tell me we’re going to a pizza place in D.C. called Matchbox and I think first, that the best pizza is already in New York, and second, I should expect white and red checkered tablecloths. Perhaps it was because Matchbox was billed to me as the “pizza place down the street” that I had such low expectations, because let me just say, Matchbox is not your typical pizza shop. Do you order heaping plates of sliders at your pizza shop with gorgonzola cheese? I didn’t think so.

Matchbox is not a pizza place. It is a really good restaurant and one of its dishes happens to be pizza. So here it is:

Tempura sandwich for Missy.

Crab soup for P, which I ate.

Pizza also for P, which he ate.

Meatball pizza for Benny Boy.

I didn’t take a picture of everyone else’s food because we weren’t besties yet.

And I hate to say it (not really) but I was the winner. Since we were there on Sunday morning during brunch hours and there was an actual brunch menu (not to mention that I, as a New Yorker <3 brunch), I ordered something completely off the charts:

Stuffed french toast. With honey cream cheese inside. Maple butter. Fruit Salad. Complete.

I am nice and I share and everyone who tried it almost died. It was amazing.Why is it that you can put cream cheese with anything and it is pretty much delicious? Bagels? Check. Cheesecake? Check. With pickles and bologna (don’t ask)? Check. French Toast? CHECK. It is goooooood.

So Matchbox was fun. And I love going out to eat with large groups of people. Oh and this is what their menus look like:

And here is the entire gang:

So basically, if you’re in D.C. and you need a place to go for some good eats, I would definitely recommend Matchbox. Leave your preconceived notions behind.

In other news, when we were there, we saw a kid wearing a “South Butt” sweatshirt. Apparently this is a thing. (Get it, North Face, South Butt?) I digress. I like Matchbox. The end.

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For the record, French Toast with gooey bananas on top is impossible to photograph. I went to The Smith on Sunday with my friend Melissa and in every picture of my plate looks simply repulsive. The solution is to either eat less French Toast (which probably isn’t the worst idea I’ve ever had) or learn how to take better pictures of it. Neither of those will actually happen.

So here’s a smaller picture and you can let me know how bad it actually looks. It was actually one of the better french toasts I’ve ever had, very gooey on the inside, which was fun. Nothing is worst than dry french toast. And I mean nothing.


Yeah, I was right. That does not look pretty.

The Smith is kind of a trendy place, another restaurant I’ve walked by more times than I can count. It’s kind of fancy looking, whenever I walk by during dinner hours people are pretty well dressed, so I was surprised by the number of T-shirts I saw today when we went in. Come on, people, I know it’s Sunday, but…

Anyway. It’s a neat space. I’d like to go there again for a nice dinner and a glass of wine.

When we left there was a huge line we had managed to avoid by going for brunch early – cause I mean who really gets brunch before 2 o’clock?


For the record, I never wait in line for food. :)

Also, here’s a picture Melissa showing you her sad face for leaving her credit cards (actually her entire other wallet) at a bar last night. But don’t worry, they found it.


Lucky girl!

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