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As you can see, we are definitely back to our regular programming. I had the pleasure last week of going to The Vanderbilt with my friend Mara, who happens to be one of the awesomest people in my life. The Vanderbilt is in Prospect Heights and since I’m moving out of Lefferts Gardens in four seconds, it seemed like time to finally try something in the neighborhood next door. So Vanderbilt we went.

The Vanderbilt had a special St. Patty’s prix-fixe menu, so we ordered one of those and then we ordered some other stuff to go with it. This was the crispy fried egg with blood sausage and potato hash. Do you see that? They fried the ENTIRE EGG. That was awesome. Pretty much any dish with an egg on top of it is awesome.

We even had TWO dishes with eggs in them. Because we *want* to die. To the left, we’ve got some lamb (delicious), and to the right we have slow poached pasture raised egg with spaetzle and bacon. MOM ARE YOU READING THIS? My mom luuuuvs spaetzle and now we must add The Vanderbilt to our list of restaurants to eat at if they keep this dish. It was the Bomb with a capitol B.

Other things that were Bomb: dessert! Poor Mara, she doesn’t even like dessert and I keep making her try things with me.

Since it was around St. Pat’s, Mara’s dessert was soda bread with stout ice cream. Interesting! Mara wasn’t upset I had her get dessert anymore.

I had the pumpkin toffee cake.

Yep. I don’t even care about pumpkin or toffee but the couple next to us had their dessert and were diving right in quite nicely and so I stared at them and the girl told me I pretty much had to get it because it is fabulous. And it was! She was right. Phew. So get this. Our server sold me on it too, he was great. Vanderbilt was GREAT, PEOPLE. Go eat there.

After The Vanderbilt we hopped across the street to Weather Up for a quick drink and that place is cuuuute. See, I just planned the perfect Prospect Heights date for you. You’re welcome.

And now we have reached the point in this post where I digress and tell you how horrible I am at packing up my room for my move on Thursday. Yep, I’m moving on Thursday. Still in Brooklyn and still awesome, don’t you worry but I am getting the hex outta here. I’ve got half empty boxes all over my bedroom floor and clothes and random things of whatever like everywhere. It’s not looking good.

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Somewhere along the way I got the idea in my head that I needed to try the Noho Star. The pear and walnut salad, specifically, when ended up being only okay. The best salad in NYC is still the all chopped up from Cowgirl. Oh, Cowgirl. But I took the girls to Noho Star when they were here so we could check it out, and my little sis ended up getting a BLT sandwich with a fried egg and avocado on it, which kind of shocked me. She’s not into food like I am and I thought for sure the fried egg would turn her off. But it didn’t, so apparently what I should have done was take her to Crifdogs for a real fried egg experience (on a hot dog)!

Anyway. The other girlies got chicken sandwiches or something. More exciting is that afterward we went to karaoke at Japas 38 and after that we went on a boat.

The boat ride was interesting. We danced a bit and then snuck our way up to the front of the boat for the prime spot when we pulled up to the Statue of Liberty, which was cool. And then we got very tired.

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