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It’s about to be a… girl time. (we bout to throw them bows, we bought to swing them thangs…)

So the other weekend was basically nonstop girl time with a gentleman only sprinkled here and there and that was kind of awesome. The picture above is from Alanna’s housewarming party in the West Village, probably the best neighborhood in all of Manhattan. I would love to live there one day when I’m making 8.5 million a year. That’s gonna be GREAT.

Anyway, house parties are fun when your friends are all growing up and actually investing in furniture and making their apartments look like homes. I love it. I also love it when there are tons of treats and some sort of magical punch that is absolutely delicious.

And here I am with some more ladies in my life at The Mermaid Inn, as we often do.

I remember when I first moved to New York in 2007 and  was living in Stuyvesant Town and there was a huge lawn where people would lay out. One time I went to lay out by myself and I was sort of near a group of girls who were just talking about life, boys, etc and I remember being SO jealous. I had just gone from living in East Lansing with my core group of girls from college and the next thing I knew I was navigating this big city by myself, without any girlfriends nearby to call on or meet up with ever. It was really hard actually and I thought, “I wonder when I’ll have that.” Well, it is really nice when you go out to dinner with four other girls at the drop of a hat and you realize, “Hey, I have that!” And you’ve had it for awhile. All this goes to say – don’t ever be afraid to talk to someone or be nice to someone, cause friends are fun.

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Are you sick of looking at Christmas party food yet? Nope? Good. Soooo I mentioned going to a party Christmas Eve at Jeff’s. Well we returned Christmas Day for round two of food, friends, and festivities. This is part of the spread above. The turkey is from Jive Turkey in Brooklyn which is freaking awesome. They sell all kinds of fried turkeys. We had roasted garlic and jerk turkey. YUM! Apparently you can spend seven or eight hours waiting in line during Thanksgiving.

My contribution was this salad. It’s actually a recipe from my Aunt J and I had to make the dressing and coat almonds with sugar to make it soooo very delicious.

Also there was green bean casserole:

This is before it was done being topped with Frosted Flakes. Yep, FROSTED flakes. Ha.

One of my favorite pictures from the evening comes from when all six of us ladies were sitting on the couches while all the guys were working in the kitchen. AWESOME! And we were all wearing different colored/patterned tights.

Aaand here’s the whole crew:

After we had dinner and dessert we played this game called Quelf which was hilarious and makes you do slightly embarrassing things. It was fun. And I thiiiiink that is my last Christmas post so Merry Christmas one more time. :)

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This is Kayti and she may not be in NYC anymore (she was visiting) but this post is about her anyway because yesterday I got a glorious package from the little miss herself. It included some food she took from my kitchen and left crumbs of in my bed (Kashi cereal) as well as some other general faves of mine (oreos, what?!). I am pumped. And I had breakfast this morning.

The picture was from our underwhelming brunch at Flatbush Farm, which I never even wrote about because it was so underwhelming.

But, as you can see, anything is fun with KMD. :)

Also fun: my dinner plans for this evening. So stick around, y’all.

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I could not have asked for a better birthday. This year went without a hitch. Above is the chocolate mousse we all had at The Mermaid Inn, where I chose to have my fabulous birthday dinner. Of course, mine was the only one with a candle. :)

First the day began with a snow day:

Then I came out of the shower to this on my chalkboard heart:

So from now on, whoever comes and visits me gets the privilege (and duty) of drawing on my chalkboard heart. During the day Kayti and I went to my favorite restaurant in the West Village for lunch and if you don’t know what that is by now, you’ll have to stay tuned for another post. Then we walked all around town, ending up in Soho to do some “shopping” (bought nothing). Then was nap time and preparation for the most fabulous dinner.

First: Look at all the drinks above. They gave us complimentary glasses of Prosecco for the table and then we also had two bottles of wine. And Missy had that beer. Ha!

Second: I love my friends. I had six of my favorite people with me and our time together was just hilarious. How I got to know such awesome people is beyond me. Lucky, lucky.

Third: I absolutely LOVE The Mermaid Inn. It was my first time there and it was beautiful and the food was delicious and the service was flawless. If I were to recommend a nice dinner in the city, Mermaid is now at the top of my list.

And they have their logo on the butter:

And here’s a really awesomely bad photo of all the food on the table (Mike, I’m still working on the white balance!):

Let’s see. We had two lobster sandwiches (one was mine!), one cod, two trouts, one salmon, and one shrimp avocado sandwich. Oh, and for appetizers there was some lobster bisque and New England clam chowder, and I have major love for the latter. I love everything. I love the Mermaid Inn. A lot.

There’s always so much pressure to plan a birthday party and everyone was really pleased with Mermaid and said they wanted to come back and that made me really happy. It was especially important for my birthday to be spot on, being the restaurant girl, and it was. Holler.

Missy and I really impressed with the butter.

Group shot!

Me ladies.

Miss lovely Stephanie.

Chocolate mousse cheers.


And an awkward family photo… Happy Birthday to me!

The rest of the night was spent traipsing around the city: The Bourgeois Pig, CV at The Hotel on Rivington and finally, an endless dance party at Pianos with just the girls. Oh boy, did we have too much fun. :)

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Meet Kayti and Amanda circa Dec. 2006 in East Lansing, Michigan. Go Green! We were blondes back then.

Miss Kayti D is coming to New York today for my birthday and I am SO excited. I think in the past six years, there’s only been one birthday I’ve spent without her. Last year, she was here in NYC with me too. So I am pumped. So pumped that last night I looked at a bajillion pictures of us from college, pictures that I cannot BELIEVE we used to post on Facebook for everyone to see.

We have lots of plans for this week/end so stay tuned, y’all. :)

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Welcome to Grandma’s house! Except this is not Grandma’s, this is Friend of a Farmer and I think the grandma I had who actually used wallpaper would have killed herself before she actually died if her house looked like this. Is that cryptic? I loved my grandma! And the fancy glasses she used when she served us Red Pop. And how she would tell us when we were singing off key in the car on the way home from church. Haha. See you in heaven, Grandma!

Anyway. I feel like it’s been really hard to pin down some of my friends lately. Work is crazed for everyone or they’re out of town or blah blah blah and I think I’ve been kind of flakey myself too, but yesterday I was finally able to catch up with my friend Melissa for a Sunday Brunch.

I’ve noticed Friend of a Farmer before because of the line. It’s kitschy (see above) with that whole back-country kind of feel going on. So it’s not like going to my grandmother’s. It’s like going to a friend’s grandmother’s. In Kentucky. Who sits on a rocking chair and knits things on the porch.

I had the raisin french toast (duh) and Mel got the healthy farmer’s omelette, which I laughed at because it actually had the word “healthy” in the title. This is what brunch should look like: food, mimosas, and a girlie friend. :)

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Look who finally went to the Clinton Street Baking Company! This girl! And MB!

This was my third attempt going to this overly popular, little pancake heaven. And third time is the charm. Usually when I go with people, (always on the weekends, cause we’re really smart) whomever I’m with takes one look at the line and jumps ship. I knew with yesterday being President’s Day and a lot of people off of work, we’d have the same kind of wait, but MB was a trooper and we waited together for… dun dun dun… just over two hours! Two hours for pancakes? These girls have got to be crazy. And we are. But so were the five billion other people standing in the cold.

We had lots to catch up on and found a bench across the street in the sun, so it wasn’t bad at all. And guess what, it was worth it. It is Pancake Month afterall.

First things first. MB ordered a coffee when we first sat down so I got myself a little hot chocolate:

It was realllly good. I fear it may be encroaching on the number one top spot in my book of hot chocolate in NY, which is currently The Adore. This had the perfect amount of cocoa and the perfect amount of sweet:

I will come back to the Clinton Street Baking Company just for this.

And now what we came for… the panacakes!

I mentioned it was Pancake Month, so Clinton Street had a different flavor every few days and yesterday’s was raspberry, chocolate chunk. Also, the syrup is fantastic. MB was singing its praises before we got our food and now I know exactly what she was talking about. It’s not as sticky as your run-of-the-mill maple syrup, and I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it’s really smooth. Like butter. So maybe it’s butter.

Because the pancakes are so, so sweet, we got some eggs so that we could split two orders:

Why is breakfast the best meal ever? We also got some sugar-cured bacon which was delish. And here are the pancakes after we gave them some love:


Also, if anyone has any interest in perhaps MB and I starring in a show on the Food Network or something, where we travel and eat foods from all over in search of the BEST, let us know. I mean, I know there’s a ton of shows like that already out there, but they don’t have us! :)

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So many good things happened this weekend. But the first I want to tell you about is my Valentine’s Day. I have no idea what I did for Valentine’s Day last year. Really. And it’s been driving me nuts, so if you did something with me that night, please let me know. Obviously whatever it was, it wasn’t as lovely as what I did this year.

I had four Valentines and me and my four Valentines made sushi, salad, and miso soup. We are champs.




My fingers got so sticky! Missy taught Lindsay and I how to make nigiri and hand rolls: inside AND out. It was really fun. Some of the rolls turned out “ugly” but in a cute sort of way and it was okay because Lindsay and I were beginners. Laura and Missy on the other hand: pros.

Laura made the miso soup:

And here’s some of the final sushi product:

It was so good. We used salmon, avocado, cucumbers, and carrots. And it was delish.

For dessert, Mister Mike had picked up some Japanese desserts for us:

Some weird rice crackers and a bar of soap. Not really, but we like to joke. :) We had some sort of mochi, which I’ve actually never tried. I’m not really a fan of jelly-like desserts. I mean I guess I like jello, but mochi… I don’t know. Mike loves the stuff. We also had almost pocky sticks which I love.

AND in completely keeping with the Japanese/sushi theme: I brought cupcakes! Ha!

From Sugar Sweet Sunshine, my dears. And I mean come on, it was Valentine’s Day. Or as Liz Lemon told us this week: it’s Anna Howard Shaw Day, too.

It was a lovely, lovely evening hanging out with all of them. It’s really fun making dinner with a group of people, I don’t know why I don’t ever do it.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day, too!

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Hi. Those are sliders. On top is onions. All delicious.

Let’s have a chat. When I hear the restaurant is called “Matchbox,” I immediately think of a few things. First is Smashbox, the makeup brand. Second, would be Matchbox 20. Third would be a boxcar and fourth is an actual matchbox. I’m not sure why I felt that was important, but I did.

Now, tell me we’re going to a pizza place in D.C. called Matchbox and I think first, that the best pizza is already in New York, and second, I should expect white and red checkered tablecloths. Perhaps it was because Matchbox was billed to me as the “pizza place down the street” that I had such low expectations, because let me just say, Matchbox is not your typical pizza shop. Do you order heaping plates of sliders at your pizza shop with gorgonzola cheese? I didn’t think so.

Matchbox is not a pizza place. It is a really good restaurant and one of its dishes happens to be pizza. So here it is:

Tempura sandwich for Missy.

Crab soup for P, which I ate.

Pizza also for P, which he ate.

Meatball pizza for Benny Boy.

I didn’t take a picture of everyone else’s food because we weren’t besties yet.

And I hate to say it (not really) but I was the winner. Since we were there on Sunday morning during brunch hours and there was an actual brunch menu (not to mention that I, as a New Yorker <3 brunch), I ordered something completely off the charts:

Stuffed french toast. With honey cream cheese inside. Maple butter. Fruit Salad. Complete.

I am nice and I share and everyone who tried it almost died. It was amazing.Why is it that you can put cream cheese with anything and it is pretty much delicious? Bagels? Check. Cheesecake? Check. With pickles and bologna (don’t ask)? Check. French Toast? CHECK. It is goooooood.

So Matchbox was fun. And I love going out to eat with large groups of people. Oh and this is what their menus look like:

And here is the entire gang:

So basically, if you’re in D.C. and you need a place to go for some good eats, I would definitely recommend Matchbox. Leave your preconceived notions behind.

In other news, when we were there, we saw a kid wearing a “South Butt” sweatshirt. Apparently this is a thing. (Get it, North Face, South Butt?) I digress. I like Matchbox. The end.

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These are my friends, whom I love. Our first meal in D.C. was a fancy one, at a dim sum restaurant called Ping Pong, a London import. This is the first Ping Pong in the States and it just opened.

First of all, dim sum is fun because you order a bajillion things and you’re never really sure what you’re going to get. We ordered pretty much everything and they kept bringing plate after plate after plate. We also split two bottles of wine.

Look at all that food.

This is squid, which was probably my favorite thing that we ordered.

And this is how the sticky rice came wrapped, we were instructed not to eat the leaves part or it would make us sick. I liked the sticky rice a lot too.

I also liked the buns we ordered with meat in them. It sounds weird and I remember having that once before at a dim sum restaurant in New York with my mom years ago. But I thought they were delish.

The bad thing about dim sum is that you feel like you aren’t full, or that you shouldn’t be full because you’ve just eaten a bunch of pieces of things but you still feel like you haven’t eaten anything. It’s strange. We thought we ordered enough but decided to order three more things when we were finished. Our bill got pretty expensive, which is another thing about Pong, cause it’s fancy. Dolla dolla bills, y’all.

It was good, we all liked it and were glad we checked it out, but we wouldn’t necessarily go there again. I will however, go for some cheap dim sum in New York now, cause I haven’t done that since I’ve moved here and dim sum is just a good time.

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