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It’s my momma again! One day when she was here we were walking around the village and we saw a man walking down the street with some gelato with a little cherub logo on the cup and it looked very nice. Ended up walking by the shop itself but we were on our way elsewhere. Luckily we had room for Amorino the next day.

Amorino has lots of gelato flavors and they let you combine as many flavors as you want in any size cone that you want. So that’s nice! And as you can see, they make the gelato look like a flower. It’s pretty cool. My mom had chocolate, stracciatella, and something fruity.

And here they are together. Mine is pistachio in the center, followed by dark chocolate and, of course, stracciatella. How could I not? Also, there was some fabulous people watching here.

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Hi. I’m just here to tell you I’m singing a whole new tune about L’Arte del Gelato after trying their strawberry gelato when Mic was in town. I never order strawberry ice cream or strawberry shakes or anything because I just don’t care about the strawberry flavor beyond actual strawberries. But strawberry L’Arte del Gelato apparently I really like. And so does Michelle by the expression on her face above.

Get yourself to the Chelsea Market.

Also, if you’re wondering what I did on Valentine’s Day, that was not it. I had a date with KP at Patsy’s Pizza (again) – which by the way KP already has a ridiculous picture of me on her blog – and then we went to Chloe‘s to eat Buttercup Bake Shop cupcakes and make fun of The Bachelor. There were nine of us ladies and it was hilarious. Especially hilarious was Chloe’s friend Jenna, and she actually makes a living off of being hilarious so check her out.

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One thing Germany has a lot of is gelato and I would have never guessed. This gelato happened to be down the block from Hofbrahaus, but it could have been anywhere, because it’s everywhere. I get the feeling that there is one gelato company that owns half of Germany because a lot of the branding and flavors were the same too. Of course it was no Caffe e Gelato. But it was still good. Lots of different flavors that the Germans translated for us – one that is based on a popular German candy/chocolate that I tried. It was delicious:

I’m so glad these boys were into sweets. Made life very nice.

And this is where I leave them. They didn’t come with us to Prague so say goodbye to the Germans! They should be coming back to the U.S. sometime in the spring – maybe April – so don’t worry, this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of them. :)

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I promised Emily a gelato tour when she was here, but she was only here for two days so what was I to do?! Take her to L’Arte del Gelato of course, inside Chelsea Market. Kelly, my homegirl, says it’s her favorite and I’ve been dying to compare it to Grom so here you go:

L’Arte del Gelato seems to have simpler flavors than Grom. Or I just couldn’t tell what it was to begin with and I didn’t want to ask. I had stracciatella, which is like chocolate chip, and the other flavor I believe was just chocolate or espresso or something. One thing I like better about Grom is that you can read what is in all of them before you decide which ones you want to try. At L’Arte del Gelato (and most gelato shops), your guess is as good as mine and I really hate asking the employees about a thousand different flavors when there are a thousand people waiting in line. So I just pick one and hope for the best. Which is probably why I went with stracciatella, which is not very exciting.

Now Emily on the other hand – hers was legit:

Emily had pear and something else. But no one cares about the something else because the pear was ABSOLUTELY amazing! And I normally don’t care about fruity flavors when it comes to ice creamy type things. But pear! Oh man! I need to go back and only try the fruit flavors, apparently, and one that I will try will be pear. So now you know.

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Have you been to Grom? No? Well, what are you waiting for?

Gelato, baby. And gelato is delicious. Kayti and I each got the same thing, which you see above: half stracciatella and half crema di grom (with battifollo biscuits and Colombian chocolate chips). My, my.

Even Tim Revell was in love.

Had no idea I was such a big fan of gelato, but glad to know since there are so many gelato shops in the city. Miss Kelly Purkey swears by L’arte del Gelato and I’ve got a feeling I’ll be trying it this weekend since my momma’s coming to town.

Yeah, I can’t say much more about Grom. My friend Lucy is lactose intolerant and she says it’s the one gelato she cannot refuse. So there ya go.

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I have never been to a place like this in the States. It’s basically a gelato restaurant. And it’s delicious. The menu is pages upon pages of beautiful gelato creations made with all kinds of ingredients and toppings. And the presentation is phenomenal.


Every time someone would walk by with a tray of gelato we would say, “Look at that one!” Some of them were GInormous and some of them came with cake or a giant piece of chocolate. You could also order cones and such at the window but we wanted to go for the gold and get some gelato creations.


Ingo gave us the tip on this place in Potsdamer Platz and when we found it our jaws almost dropped. It takes up an entire end of the second floor of a mall. We snatched a table in the center as soon as some kids got up and went over the menu. My mom ended picking something with vanilla and banana gelato and all kinds of fruits. Mine was chocolate-based (duh) with stracciatella gelato and hot chocolate! Part of it was like pudding. Mmm!



This place is so good we went back a second time. Hey, we were in Berlin for five days and we wanted something good for dinner our last night in town. Yes, I said dinner.


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