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Ordering a chocolate martini is boring and so 1990, but ordering a hot chocolate martini at Gramercy Tavern is so City Mitten. So maybe I made up that 1990 part, but I feel like ordering a chocolate martini is an exceptionally boring idea. But a hot chocolate martini… I’ve gotta try that! Especially at a place like Gramercy Tavern, that is classy and cool. You know they’ve got to do it right. And they do. It comes with a little tea cup so once you drink your first glass-full of hot chocolate martini, you have more to pour! Brilliant! I want this again. Especially because if you leave it sitting for a bit (i.e. resist taking a sip for long enough) a bit of a chocolate film forms on top. And I love that! The sign of a good, thick hot chocolate.

Robert had a non-alcoholic ginger swizzle made up of ginger beer, lime, and soda. That was good too. Obviously I preferred mine.

My new favorite thing is to sit at the bar of these fancy places. My friend Joe just happened to text me and was nearby, so he joined us and got a pulled pork sandwich, which looked delicious. When you’re at the bar, it’s just more relaxed and fun, and you can order whatever you want. I like it and would like to eat at the bar at fancy restaurants on a daily basis.

Look at how pretty it is. You can even tell from the outside. Oh, and I sort of fell in love with one of the bartenders from afar, but no big deal. But you’ll have to give me a break because 1) I was two deep in alcoholic beverages and 2) he had a very nice beard. Haha. Happy weekend!

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