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Happy New Year from me and Miss Abby V.! She came back with me from Detroit for New Year’s and our night turned out pretty okay. We spent the whole day yesterday shopping and then made our way to a blackjack party in Brooklyn to ring in the New Year but there was really no blackjack at all. There was one table. It was strange. New Years is always so hit or miss.

We left that party shortly and went to an apartment in the East Village.

At that party we took pictures in the hallway and hung out on the stairs:

Ok, so that’s not all we did, but that’s the only things I have pictures of! It was an interesting evening, to say the least. I had a good time, though. I’m glad that it turned out the way it did, even though it ended up nothing like what we had planned, and I’m even more glad that today I’ll be giving my feet a nice break. Happy 2010, y’all!

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