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cinderelli smokin

Halloween on a Saturday, does it get any better than that? Correct answer: no.

We had some major plans.

I met up with my friend Maribeth, who was a Disney princess (Cinderella) to counteract my Disney villian. It was POURING. We hailed a cab up to her friend of a friend’s apartment in Midtown West. Holllly Shiz.

The elevator opened up into his apartment and it was the nicest thing I’ve ever seen. It was ginormous and there was not one, but TWO terraces. The main one was almost as big as my entire 3-bedroom apartment. Unbelieveable. The owner, Stephen, was really cool and really nice. I hear he has some cool parties in the summer, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to be invited back.

terrace party

I brought some of my peeps with me, of course.

dance forever

And then Maribeth met Justin Bobby.

Justin Bobby

All of this was just a pre-party for Halloween on the Green at Tavern on the Green in Central Park, which didn’t start until 11. We made our way over there around 11:30, only to find that it was likely being shut down.


It was pure insanity. Complete management fail on the part of Tavern on the Green. There were mobs of people everywhere (this photo is probably only a sixth of the people waiting to get in) just standing. The cops were putting up barricades. We could barely escape the Park when we were trying to leave, they had put up so many fences and blocks! At one point the people started yelling, “LET US IN! LET US IN!” and I thought something was really going to go down. It sucked because we had all bought tickets ($60 apiece) and now we weren’t even going to get inside. One of the security guards tried to get us to pay him to take us to his “secret entrance” but we decided not to stick around. I wonder what ended up happening.

So we all went our separate ways and Maribeth and I decided to go down to the village. First stop: The Beauty Bar. I love this bar, it’s so funky, with old-fashioned hair dryers everywhere and an awesome dance floor in the back. You can get a manicure with your drink at certain times during the week.

And look, James Franco showed up!




It was crowd-ed but there were so many cool costumes. And once we snagged stools at the bar, it was all good. We could talk to the people standing around us and stare at the Tattooed Chicken Man working behind the bar:


We had a good time.

cinderelli and cruelli

One of the most creative costumes I saw was a guy who came in with this giant Publisher’s Clearing check. He made part of it a dry erase board so anyone could win the ten million dollars. I also saw a Balloon Boy, some Beastie Boys from the 90’s, and you know any guy who dresses up as Edward Scissorhands automatically gets my attention. Another one who got my attention was a guy in line for pizza at The Crocodile Lounge dressed up as some sort of rockstar (I guess). I’m not sure if it was the crazy hair (wig) or the aviators, but I was like, heyyyyy. And then he caught me checking him out. Oopsies.

Yep, this guy right here:



We went to my favorite diner after going back to the Beauty Bar and closing it down.

I love Halloween.

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cruella and the bull

From Cruella De Vil in New York! :)

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