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It’s funny that when I really like something, I just assume I’ve already blogged about it. And then I look back and nothing is there. So let me introduce you to Jacques Torres hot chocolate. My gosh. It is thick. Meaning, you should probably get a small. And you should probably split it, like I did with Michelli.

Um… can you tell this was before Valentine’s Day? Look at all the pink! And yes, if you were dating me and you bought me something from Jacques Torres for Valentine’s Day, I surely wouldn’t hate you.

Do you see how the hot chocolate has a film on the top if you let it stay still long enough? That is my FAVORITE. That’s how you know it’s good. My co-worker even got me some Jacques hot chocolate mix for Christmas that I keep not using because I keep forgetting to buy milk on the way to the office (I can’t possibly make it with water, that would be LAME).

And there’s me with some chipmunk cheeks, going for some hot chocolate myself.

And yes, I am still in Jamaica. But it’s Monday and I have to warm you up. Next post should be Jamaican, mon.

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Ordering a chocolate martini is boring and so 1990, but ordering a hot chocolate martini at Gramercy Tavern is so City Mitten. So maybe I made up that 1990 part, but I feel like ordering a chocolate martini is an exceptionally boring idea. But a hot chocolate martini… I’ve gotta try that! Especially at a place like Gramercy Tavern, that is classy and cool. You know they’ve got to do it right. And they do. It comes with a little tea cup so once you drink your first glass-full of hot chocolate martini, you have more to pour! Brilliant! I want this again. Especially because if you leave it sitting for a bit (i.e. resist taking a sip for long enough) a bit of a chocolate film forms on top. And I love that! The sign of a good, thick hot chocolate.

Robert had a non-alcoholic ginger swizzle made up of ginger beer, lime, and soda. That was good too. Obviously I preferred mine.

My new favorite thing is to sit at the bar of these fancy places. My friend Joe just happened to text me and was nearby, so he joined us and got a pulled pork sandwich, which looked delicious. When you’re at the bar, it’s just more relaxed and fun, and you can order whatever you want. I like it and would like to eat at the bar at fancy restaurants on a daily basis.

Look at how pretty it is. You can even tell from the outside. Oh, and I sort of fell in love with one of the bartenders from afar, but no big deal. But you’ll have to give me a break because 1) I was two deep in alcoholic beverages and 2) he had a very nice beard. Haha. Happy weekend!

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Well look at me drinking (eating?) some of the world’s most fantastique hot chocolate, found at Cafe Louvre in Prague. I just happened to mention my longing for some hot chocolate in the elevator coming down from the Astronomical Clock and a gentleman interrupted me and told me Cafe Louvre was the place to go. So thank you, gentleman for your wise suggestion because Cafe Louvre did not disappoint.

Not only did we have the cutest waiter known to man – seriously, you should have seen the way we talked to him and stared at him after he left, he was like a button. Too cute. We thought about asking him what he was doing later but then decided we didn’t want to break the allure and find out any details of his actual life. We’d rather just stare at him.

But the hot chocolate was thick like a candy bar, the kind that solidifies at the top and sort of turns into pudding when you’re not stirring it. Awesome!

Look at that beaut. The strange gentleman who told us of this place also told us they had fabulous desserts so we ordered these as well:

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not sure if Prague knows what they are doing with desserts, or if they have a different taste for them (side note – they do definitely know what they are doing with candy bars). Nora had tiramisu, D had apple crisp, and I had chocolate cake. Maybe it was because they were all served cold that we weren’t impressed, but really we weren’t fans of any of them. That chocolate cake did not get eaten. And I love me some chocolate cake. I should have had another hot chocolate instead.

And this is what we walked by on the way home:

Rough life. And ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have two final posts on Prague and then we are back to the good ol’ U S of A and back to the good ol’ NYC.

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Where do you go to lunch when one of your friends from Michigan comes to the city? The Adore of course. It’s one of my favorite little places in the city. It’s a Japanese French bakery of sorts which means it’s French but the chef and everyone who works there is Japanese. They close early (around 4 or so everyday) but if you’re lucky enough to get a banana cupcake (read: the best muffin of your life) or a sandwich before they sell out, it’s really a treat. And it’s my favorite hot chocolate in the city.

It’s a tiny space and you might never know it, but there’s seating space upstairs if you’re staying for lunch. So we did. We each got baguettes (hers grilled eggplant, mine a croque monsieur) and spinach puree soup.

It was very green and very delicious:

It looks a little intimidating, but I assure you it was good.

Besides that, last night Kayti and I had the best night of our lives. We went to a speakeasy of sorts and got the number for another speakeasy of sorts that I thought I probably was never going to be able to go to. So we’ll be going there tonight. I’m having the best birthday ever. :)

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Look who finally went to the Clinton Street Baking Company! This girl! And MB!

This was my third attempt going to this overly popular, little pancake heaven. And third time is the charm. Usually when I go with people, (always on the weekends, cause we’re really smart) whomever I’m with takes one look at the line and jumps ship. I knew with yesterday being President’s Day and a lot of people off of work, we’d have the same kind of wait, but MB was a trooper and we waited together for… dun dun dun… just over two hours! Two hours for pancakes? These girls have got to be crazy. And we are. But so were the five billion other people standing in the cold.

We had lots to catch up on and found a bench across the street in the sun, so it wasn’t bad at all. And guess what, it was worth it. It is Pancake Month afterall.

First things first. MB ordered a coffee when we first sat down so I got myself a little hot chocolate:

It was realllly good. I fear it may be encroaching on the number one top spot in my book of hot chocolate in NY, which is currently The Adore. This had the perfect amount of cocoa and the perfect amount of sweet:

I will come back to the Clinton Street Baking Company just for this.

And now what we came for… the panacakes!

I mentioned it was Pancake Month, so Clinton Street had a different flavor every few days and yesterday’s was raspberry, chocolate chunk. Also, the syrup is fantastic. MB was singing its praises before we got our food and now I know exactly what she was talking about. It’s not as sticky as your run-of-the-mill maple syrup, and I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it’s really smooth. Like butter. So maybe it’s butter.

Because the pancakes are so, so sweet, we got some eggs so that we could split two orders:

Why is breakfast the best meal ever? We also got some sugar-cured bacon which was delish. And here are the pancakes after we gave them some love:


Also, if anyone has any interest in perhaps MB and I starring in a show on the Food Network or something, where we travel and eat foods from all over in search of the BEST, let us know. I mean, I know there’s a ton of shows like that already out there, but they don’t have us! :)

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You know what I love, right? Hot chocolate! My friend Andrea knows cause recently she sent me a box filled with all kinds of hot chocolate mixes. Look at this most beautiful thing I made a few nights ago, with some of the hot choc she sent me and my chocolate liqueur I got in Belgium. Those little dark chocolate pieces on the top? I got those in Belgium, too. I had been waiting forever to use them and when I remembered I had whipped cream in my fridge, it was so on.

The whipped cream got really melty before I was able to try it. Mmm…

And yes, that is an “A” for Amanda on that mug. I love this mug. I bought it years ago at Anthropologie when I was with my friend Eugene, who got an “E” one for himself. I think of it every time I use it.

So good!

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I believe this is the last of the City Mitten: Abby V edition, but the picture goes with a story.

If you’ve read this blog for longer than two weeks, you know that I spend a lot of time in Long Island City, Queens, because two of my best friends live there. Well one time, two years ago, when just one of them was living there, my friend Kayti and I went over to visit. For whatever reason the 7 train was not running so when we wanted to go back to Manhattan we had to wait outside for a shuttle bus. The shuttle bus stop was RIGHT in front of Cafe Henri and it was FREEZING. Without even realizing it, Kayti and I were staring at all these people inside the cafe and looking at their giant bowls of hot chocolate, basically with our jaws dropped. Once we realized they were staring back at us, we had to knock it off, but we have always wanted to be those people on the inside, sipping out of a giant bowl of hot cocoa while everyone else freezes outside.

So what did Abby and I do when we had time to kill in LIC, waiting for my friend P to get back from the airport? Go to Cafe Henri, of course! Sorry, Kayti! :)

I got my giant bowl of hot chocolate.

I’m not gonna lie though, it was kind of bitter and I had to add a few packets of sugar. Eeek! So it wasn’t my favorite. But it was big and I would like to eat an actual meal at Cafe Henri one day because everything they brought out looked delicious and smelled great. And the place is cuuuute. I was quite happy to finally be the person on the inside (two years later!).

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big gay ice cream truck

Welp, today is the final day of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck for the summer. It better be back next year!

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was a new thing this year and Doug Quint (inside, making cones) is probably the coolest ice cream man ever. He made QUITE the treats. In the beginning of the summer I tried a cone with nilla wafers and dulce de leche. It was good except I got it everywhere. I think I dropped it on my shirt like 18 times. Still tasted good, though!

Yesterday I was finally able to try their newest item on the menu: Affogayto Mexicano. It’s vanilla soft serve with their own Mexican hot chocolate over it, whipped cream, cocoa powder, and cayenne pepper.

Now, you should know how I feel about hot chocolate: It is my FAVORITE. I mean I always liked hot chocolate but once I went to Athens and had a hot chocolate that thickened on the top while you sipped, my world was changed forever. So I pretty much like to try all hot chocolates everywhere, which means I couldn’t pass this up. Six dollars for hot chocolate? Sure! But it was more like a hot chocolate float, anyway:

hot chocolate float

It was pretty good. Could have used a leeeeetle more chocolate though, maybe a chocolate drizzle on the top or bottom? That would have done it some good. I really liked when the soft serve started melting into the hot chocolate, it was a nice blend.

Hmmm. I’m really, really tempted to go back today and try out the Salty Pimp: vanilla soft serve with dulce de leche and sea salt, dipped in chocolate. The guy in front of me yesterday ordered that and it looked damn pretty when it came out.

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Yesterday was the Chile Pepper Fiesta at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. There was a Chocolate Chile Cabana, so naturally, I had to check things out. In my hand, here is some Chocolate Chile Ice Cream and a ginger cookie. It was one of the items in the Peppers ‘N’ Chocolate Takedown: an amatuer cooking contest involving chocolate and chile. Up against the ice cream were chocolate pepper poppers (which were interesting), short rib and mole ravioli, another ice cream creation and some unintelligible brown chunky stuff called “Chocolate Pain.” Seriously, I had no idea what it was. Perhaps there was some meat in it? I cast my vote for the last entry; bread pudding, for which I have also posted a disappearing pan of:


I mean, come on. Just look at those chocolate chips on top. The mole ravioli didn’t stand a chance. It also didn’t help that the ladies gave me the HUGEST slice with a big dollop of whipped cream. Bread pudding. Who knew? I thought for the longest time that bread pudding was, well, pudding. Like rice pudding. Yeck. But bread pudding is very good, especially when it’s chocolate.


In this tent area there were also samples from tons and tons of chocolate companies in the New York, such as Fine and Raw, Mari’s New York, and dun dun dun… Kumquat Cupcakery! I was happy to try one of those tiny babies, even though I would have rather tried a plain chocolate cupcake over a spicy chocolate one. But this was the Chile Fest. And unfortunately they cut up samples that were only cake, so I can not tell you if the frosting was fabulous or not. TBD, I guess.

The above photo are samples of some spicy chocolate from Vere Chocolate, which was, as the sign states, HOT. My nose started to get runny it was so spicy (this does, however, also happen from time to time at Chipotle). The woman warned me it was hot and after I took a bite and agreed, she was like, “Well, this is the Chile Fiesta, isn’t it?” Yes, ma’am.


And will you look-ey here. Chocolate stout! Why, I never! I would have loved to sample a glass (plastic cup?) of this curiosity but am currently… how you say… broke. Broke, broke, broke. I must be financially conscious and chocolate stout was, unfortunately, not in the budget.

But what WAS in the budget was this awesome new tattoo I got on my way out!


There were other activities going on at the BBG for the Chile Pepper Fiesta: live music, dancing, cooking lessons, exhibitions, etc., but the Chocolate Chile Cabana was the one I paid the most attention to.

Hot stuff, indeed!

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Heyo! I am live-blogging from Amsterdam here! We’re staying at a crazy little hostel right now (in the Smirnoff room, actually… and there’s a giant red button on the wall and below it a sign that says, “Do not push button” but I am DYING to push it) and they have wireless internet so la la la.

Our flight landed at 6 a.m. AMS time which kinda sucked because I didn’t get any sleep the entire flight. We walked around a bit before getting breakfast at our hotel, for which we made the most delicious sandwiches – all kinds of breads, meats and some cheese. Yep, for breakfast. It was good. They had some small containers of chocolate frosting of sorts, similar to Nutella and my mom is totally gonna steal some to bring home.

We met up with a girl named Silke, who my friend Ryan knows and set us up with. We rented bikes are rode around the center of the city and also North Amsterdam which I feel like is the Brooklyn of Amsterdam. Here I am on my 25-lb cruiser:


To get to North Amsterdam we had to cross water (ferry there and a bridge back) and it seems just a lot more residential. It’s more quiet and spread out and there were farms everywhere with cows and sheep and horses. Ok, so maybe not so much Brooklyn, then. But it was really pretty and the open air was so nice. We definitely would not have seen this part of Amsterdam had it not been for Silke. BUT after 4 hours, can I just say… we are SORE. We’re doing another bike tour tomorrow and we’re probably gonna die.

We probably would have died today but we stopped at an old little cafe/restaurant for some hot chocolate before our last leg of the journey. There were rugs on the tables.


One thing that really kept me going was every time I turned around and looked at my mom cycling behind me I would just burst out laughing. I don’t know why but I thought it was soooo funny. I guess it’s not everyday you’re biking through fields of cows in Holland. My mom was just biking along with this cute little smile on her face, in her own little world.


Oh, and we got some frites already too:


Not too bad. :)

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