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I have been spending a lot of time in Michigan lately. I went back FOUR WEEKENDS in the past couple of a months. Normally I go back in the summer *maybe* once. But it’s been nice. So nice.

And these are disco fries from Main Street Diner and Dogs in Harrisville, Mi. They don’t have a website so I’m not linking to it. It’s a tiny little place right by the lake (Lake Huron) and I was there two weekends ago when they were having a parade. A parade! There was a fire truck and there was Ronald McDonald (seriously) and a girl in a crown sitting in the back of a car. Maybe some boy scouts. Clowns throwing candy. I watched this all from inside the restaurant, eating my disco fries. That were so good. My sister Emily and I weren’t getting them until the people next to us did and then we were like, “Yeah… we’re gonna need those.” And they were amazing. Loved the gravy. My uncle Marc was like, “You need to come up to Toronto, they put gravy on everything.” Well maybe I will!

And there is my Emily Boo.

Since the place is called “Diner and Dogs” OBVIOUSLY we were ordering some hot dogs. They had all kinds of fancy ones. I got a BLT dog that was wrapped in bacon with lettuce and tomato and Emily got a deep fried hot dog with baked beans.

And here’s the outside for you so you can get a complete visual:

Another little fun fact about this place is that the following weekend (aka this past weekend) I was driving by this street and I got pulled over by a cop. Yes. BUT he let me go – did you know if you have an out of state license they have to take it from you and staple it to the ticket because out of state people don’t pay their tickets? Yeah. So I was luuuucky because I would not have been able to get back to New York and I also wouldn’t have been able to go out after my friends’ wedding that I came into town for. So thank you, Mr. Officer. Also – my sister Emily got pulled over in the same car the very next day and she was not so lucky.

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In Detroit, “Coney Island” means something a little different than it does in New York and I just read all about it on Wikipeidia. Detroit chili is where it’s at, and that’s essentially what a Coney dog is – a hot dog with all-meat chili. And mustard. And onions, but I usually get mine without. Oh man.

In downtown Detroit, there are two famous Coney Islands – Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island, and it used to be just one coney owned by two brothers until there was a tiff and they split.

I’ve always gone to Lafayette with my dad and we went directly there after he picked me up from the airport last week when I came home for Thanksgiving.

Coney Islands are super divey and super cheap. At Lafayette, my Dad and I got two Coney dogs (my dad’s a loose burger which means it has even more meat), chili fries and a soda all for $9. Dinner for nine dollars!

And then a funny thing happened. I left my scarf behind – my most favorite scarf that I bought in Hong Kong about five years ago (um, wow time flies). So we had to go back. Luckily we were headed to downtown Detroit the following day for the Lions Thanksgiving Day game, and we were with my uncle and he decided since we’d never actually had American Coney Island, we’d get that to go as a Thanksgiving appetizer.

That’s my Uncle Doug and look at the smile on his face.

Happy Thanksgiving to me!

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I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the Hester St Fair this year. It’s new, and it’s been billed as a place to get lots of snacks. So we went the day after the BK Flea to check it out. Well… it was a lot smaller than I was expecting, but there were definitely some good things. Like the strange fish wafflely thing above. I couldn’t tell you the name of the vendor, or what exactly it was, but we had a beef and cheese one. And by beef, I mean there were hot dog pieces. It was like a pig in a blanket, but actually a little fantastic. And so cute:

My mom said, “You see something new everyday.” So true.

Tomorrow we take a look at one more Amanda and Momma adventure, and it’s pretty sweeeeet!

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Happy Fourth of July! That was yesterday. Let me introduce you to a favorite American past time: baseball. Detroit baseball. We went to the game on Saturday with about 25 people – family and friends – and our seats were bomb. Lower level, which I never buy for myself because they are $$$ and I expected to be sitting in the nosebleeds since we had so many people, so it was a nice surprise when our tickets were lower level. Here’s my cousin Nicole, who is awesome:

And here are some fancy hotdogs that Michelle took a picture of for me:

Mmm hmm. What’s more American than some hotdogs at a ballpark?

And as you can see from my first picture, there is a carousel at Comerica Park and it’s made up of Tigers and we rode it! I looooove carousels.

It went kind of fast! And as you can see, I’m wearing a Yankees t-shirt to the Tigers game. I was actually expecting at least one drunk guy to heckle me, but alas, I only got some weird looks! It’s a Granderson t-shirt, which is funny because the Yanks stole him from the Tigs.

We won, natch. Go Tigers! And we stayed after the game for some fancy fireworks:

Yay! Hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July!

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Goooooooo Team! And by team we mean TIGERS! Wednesday night I went to the Tigers/Mets game at Citifield with six other native Detroiters and one kid from Florida. Yep. Unfortunately the Tigers were creamed. CREAMED. 5-0. But it was fun; we had things to eat, badges to earn on Foursquare, cheers to cheer, and lots of people to look at. Baseball too. And we got giant foam fingers! First, the food:

Here’s Abhishek’s hot dog with lots of things on it:

I don’t even know what all that is. Onions? Japalenos? Relish? Out of control. And now here is a vat of cheese:

Also out of control. Finally, my pulled pork sammie from Blue Smoke:

Erm, delicious. Only the slightest hint of barbeque sauce and only the slightest hint was needed. And there were pickles. How come I’ve never been to Blue Smoke before? It’s on the list now.

And now, me and my friends:

It’s an accomplishment to get an awesome group of 8 at the same place at the same time. Nice work, team. :) Have a good weekend!

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This is me with one of my best girlie friends from college, Nora. And this picture reminds me of college. I love it. She’s been here this weekend and I currently have almost 300 pictures to go through to figure out what was the best of the best to put on City Mitten. It’s really been too much fun. We went to PDT on Saturday night with P and it was soooo much fun. Saturday was so perfect. PDT has the coolest cocktails (even if Nora and P are bigger fans of beer) and we had a table to ourselves towards the back so we had hilarious conversations pretty much the entire time. And I took two flash pictures before I got lelled at. I wouldn’t have taken the flash pictures at all had we not been in the back, but I figured I’d give it a shot. So that happened.

The final flash photo I took:

Yes, we ordered tater tots at approximately 1 a.m. We also ordered David Chang and Wiley dogs:

David Chang is THE Restaurant man in NYC so you’re pretty much gonna like anything with his name on it. This particular creation (right) is a deep-fried hot dog, wrapped in bacon, and covered in kimchi. The Wiley dog (left) had fried mayonnaise. Yep.

PDT is the ish. It’s a not-so-secret-but-still-secret bar and every time I take people, they are nothing but impressed. I don’t give away my *real* secrets, but PDT has a page on NY Mag (the comments are hilarious, btw) and a review in Time Out New York, so I’m not going to worry about it. :)

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P and I went to the Yankees versus the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game last night. It was my first time in the new stadium and it was pretty nice!

Here’s $50 of food from Nathan’s.

Here’s the view from $20 seats:

And here’s some happy campers:

The Yankees killed it, of course. I mean how could they not after stealing Curtis Granderson from the Detroit Tigers? I was going to buy a Granderson t-shirt, too, but they were sold out! And next time, I’m getting ice cream from Carvel. :)

Oh, and by the way, they gave out free hats last night to basically the entire stadium except for us. We even asked for them and they wouldn’t give some to us. We thought maybe they were just for fancy seats, but when we got to our seats we realized everyone had them. We were gypped.

Hmm… maybe I’ll have to get a BoSox hat instead. :)

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I really have got to stop posting about the Shake Shack. I mean, let’s get serious here. But I can’t help it! And the Germans love burgers so we had to!

We went on a weeknight, after going to the Top of the Rock and probably waited in line for about a half hour, which is really nothing compared to the summer lines. We got beers and shackburgers and dogs and fries. I love guys who know how to eat. Like Matti. He was always the winner. Double shackburger and a hotdog? No problem.

Didi was boring and just had a burger. I know he wanted fries, too.

They were huge fans of the Shake Shack and they especially enjoyed saying the words “Shake Shack” over and over. It was also at Shake Shack where I learned the German word for squirrel: Eichh├Ârnchen. Haha, don’t ask me to say that now, though. I’m pretty sure the only thing I remember how to say in German is a swear word. Nice work, boys!

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Here’s another Thanksgiving tradition for you: The Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day Game. Now you may say the Lions are the worst team in the NFL, but I’ll have you know that we have won TWO games this year. Two, people. And next year, maybe we’ll win three. Ha! I am a huge Lions fan, have been since the Barry Sanders days, and I WILL be at the Superbowl when we get there. That’s folks, you heard it here first, the Lions are going to the Superbowl! YAYYYYYY!!!!!

Ha. Anyway, the Lions game on Thanksgiving is a years-long family tradition. So we went to Ford Field. There were 11 of us in the gang, two of whom were friends of mine that moved to Chicago after college. I was so happy to hang out with them:

The beginning of the game was cool cause the Lions scored the first touchdown but then it pretty much ended right there on our end. There’s always next year!

So, we took a stroll around, checked out the merch and grabbed some Polish sausages. Mmm. My mom, older sis, Aunt and cousin were working a Big Boy stand so we kept stopping by and saying hi to them too.

That’s no dirty-water city hot dog, right there!

The best part is that while we were walking around, we saw the Tim Hortons cup walking around, holding hands with a little girl!

Now isn’t that the cutest little cup of coffee you ever did see?


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