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Have you ever seen a cone like this? Because I haven’t. I worked at a really awesome ice cream shop in East Lansing, Mi and we certainly did not have these. Or these:

Cereal on ice cream cones! What a friggin fantastic idea! I’ve never really been a fan of Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Puffs, but I would probably eat them on a cone. Emack and Bolio’s has all kinds of fancy cones and it was the cone that made me stop dead in my tracks on the street when I saw a woman holding one on Newbury Street. D wanted ice cream and I told him he was getting one of those cones. So he did.

I am such a proponent of supporting mom and pop ice cream shops (especially after having worked at one for 3 years), I forgive Emack and Bolio for the inside reminding me of Ben and Jerry’s:

And I especially forgive them because D got a double scoop of cookie dough ice cream on a rice krispie cone, he shared it with me, and it was delicious:

Oh my. I will be going here again.

One more post on Boston left and then we’ll be back to regular City Mitten programming. Thanks for tagging along! :)

EDIT: Emack and Bolio’s is not so much a mom and pop shop afterall! After seeing someone check in on Foursquare at a location in NYC, I have discovered that it is originally from Boston but it has locations in Florida, Illinois, Mass, Tennesee and NY!

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Hello everyone! I just got back from the most fabulous weekend in Boston, but those posts will have to wait to start tomorrow because what do we have here? Mister Softee is back! Yay! NYC is so strange. I swear ten days ago it was winter and now it’s skirts, sandals, sunglasses, and Mister Softee season. Not sure what happened to Spring.

Most of the ice cream trucks in NYC are Mister Softee trucks and they serve all kinds of soft serve creations. And if you get them in Battery Park aka Touristville, you can pay twice as much! My single cone with sprinkles was four dollars. Holla. Julianne got a double, which is two cones fused into one and it was a whopping six dollars. Holla. And she lost half of it to the ground.

Julianne is a City Mitten Superstar. We had a girlie chat the other day down at Battery Park and watched the sun go down behind Lady Liberty. No big deal.

It’s funny how far away the Statue of Liberty always looks in these pictures, but it’s really right there and larger than life from those benches. So we had some chats and some laughs.

I love summer. And Boston, which I’ll get to tomorrow. :)

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You’re never going to guess where this mini ice cream is from. Actually, you will, since the name of the restaurant is in the title of this blog post. Opps. But it was at the Oak Room at the Plaza. The Plaza. They serve ice cream cones. Hilarious.

Okay, remember yesterday when I voiced the need for feeling like you’re being taken care of when you’re at a nice restaurant? Well if you’re not sure what this is like, go to the Oak Room. You feel like a million bucks. The place just looks like a million bucks. Actually more. But I don’t want to think about numbers.

The Oak Room is so nice I almost didn’t blog about it. I certainly didn’t take five million pictures like I do normally. There’s just too much class. And my cousin was embarrassed. Haha. There was a girl there wearing a suit that looked like it came from the closet of Hilary Clinton. And she was probably younger than sixteen. That’s just the Upper East Side, y’all!

Anyway, the Oak Room and Bar is somewhere worth going to. I had such a great time. Lobster and corn bisque and hanger steak. A million bucks. I’m just going to keep saying that.

The only thing I wasn’t too impressed with was the Oak Bar:

It’s chocolate-praline mousse and brown butter ice cream, but it sure didn’t taste like it. It tasted like a frickin Butterfinger. Yep. My cousin thought it was amazing. I had one bite. So that’s that.

Here’s a picture of my cousin telling me to “Stop it” with the pictures (seriously):

And those were the only pictures I took. Ha.

We walked down a hallway for a bit and saw this ginormous room with nobody in it:

Even in the basement, huge areas were blocked off. How much would I love to explore the Plaza? It has so much history! I just learned that it was originally opened as a bar for men only. Which means white men, at that. What an interesting world we live in.

And now here is my favorite part of the evening. So I had just enjoyed a fabulous meal and fabulous wine with my fabulous cousin. When we came out of the the restaurant, it was lightly snowing. When I came out of the subway stop near my apartment it was still lightly snowing. And gorgeous. So I had the hugest smile on my face because I just love everything and then I get up to my apartment entryway and what do I see? An action figure sitting on one of the posts, covered in snow:

Just like that. It was so great. In the morning, he was gone, but when I came back from work the next day, he was there again! I wonder where he is now.

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