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Ice cream cookie sandwiches! Woo woo! Warning: the following post will be about ice cream too, wheee!

So the other night Kelly and I went to Milk and Cookies in the West Village. I didn’t even know this place existed. And it’s so cute! You pick out your cookies and your ice cream and viola ice cream cookie sandwich:

I’ve mentioned before that I worked at an ice cream shop in East Lansing, Mich. back in the day. We were famous for our ice cream cookie sandwiches, which we would freeze so when you took a bite the ice cream didn’t go everywhere. At Milk and Cookies since they make it in front of you, my ice cream tried to escape when I took a bite. But it was still delicious. I chose the double chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream which is called the “penguin.” Kelly got the same thing.

Add another West Village spot to my list.

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Guess what, guess what? We made it to The Meatball Shop! Remember when K-man and I tried to go a few weeks ago, and gave up because there was hour an a half wait? Well, we went last night around 6 o’clock and it was nothing but a SUCCESS. We sat at the bar, because that’s more fun and then we found out that The Meatball Shop really lives up to the hype.

Never thought I’d be going to a restaurant with meatballs on my mind, but it’s a pretty sweet concept. They have various kinds of meatballs, like beef, salmon, chicken and also a veggie option for my veggie friends and you pair them with one of their four sauces. And there’s root beer on tap (!) and create-your-own ice cream sandwiches (!!).

This picture above is part of the menu, which is laminated so you can use a marker to check off your orders. Fun, fun!

As K pointed out, you’d think a place called the Meatball Shop could just focus on their crazygood meatballs (my words, not his) and skimp out on the sides, but the sides were anything but an afterthought (his words). Along with my beef meatballs with mushroom gravy and K’s veggie meatballs with tomato sauce, we had mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. Oh my goodness. I like eating with K cause he likes to talk about how amazing the food is. And I like to laugh.

Everything was stellar. K couldn’t believe how “meaty” the veggie meatballs were, and I was a huge fan of my mushroom gravy (along with everything else). Btw, since when do I like mushrooms? Mmm.

Here’s an awesome picture K took to show off both my meatballs and my new manicure, which I got yesterday when I went to lunch. I mean, hello, I’m going to Florida tomorrow. :)

Okay and now for dessert: ice cream sandwich. You can have chocolate chip, peanut butter, walnut meringue, brownie or ginger snap cookies. And you pair it with vanilla, chocolate, mint, espresso, or caramel ice cream. K’s so funny. When we were talking about it before we got there, he was like, “I’m just going to try a bite, I don’t want to have too much.” But then after our meatballs, when we got our ginger snap cookie sandwich with chocolate ice cream… this is what happened:

We got our ice cream sandwich. It was beautiful.

K underestimates how much he will like the ice cream sandwich.

K likes the ice cream sandwich a lot.

K takes more than one bite.


But seriously, it was delicious. And I must say we chose the perfect combination.

So get thee to The Meatball Shop and think about going early unless you’re willing to stand a little bit of a wait. :)

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