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Oysters and ice cream. An interesting combination, no? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. In Detroit last weekend, I went to a new restaurant called South Bar in downtown Birmingham and we ordered some Blue Point oysters. I’m becoming a huge oyster fan but I thought it was strange when they were served on salt, not ice. Not a fan.

South Bar is a strange place, anyway. My friend Abby told me it was like a restaurant in Miami and she was not kidding. It had the plush couches on an outdoor deck and seemed very… Miami. Or Meatpacking District. Is this the way downtown Birmingham is heading?

This is the Birmingham I prefer:

Dairy Mat! I’ve been walking (or driving) up to this place from my home since I moved there when I was two. And it’s still exactly the same. And you can get a face on your ice cream cone:

Or a flurry:

Now excuse me while I hunt down the nearest Mister Softee truck.

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