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Hello, hello, hello. The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (one of my favorite things, ever) opened a brick-and-mortar shop in what already seems like years ago (although it was not) and I was finally, finally able to check it out a few weeks back and say hey to my buddies Doug and Bryan. Two cool cats, for sure.

I went with Miss Kelly Purkey, THE partner in crime for these things and there are even more fabulous pictures on the post she put in her blog.

Here she is playing texty with her new unicorn friend:

Unicorns are kind of a thing at The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, naturally:

Look at how pretty this one is! (And look at the slacking employees in the back… Doug!!!)

And if you don’t have the BGICT menu memorized by heart already, the ice cream at the above would be the Salty Pimp: vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, and chocolate dip. It’s kind of amazing. I don’t go here enough.

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Well if it isn’t little miss KP! I am so glad to have this girl back in my life. She’s a jet setter like you would not believe. And Artichoke pizza! KP and I met up for dinner last week and she suggested the only Artichoke location I had yet to visit – right underneath the High Line. And they have table service!

Artichoke pizza is good (if you haven’t tried their “artichoke” slice yet, I don’t even know you). I actually branched out and had some meatball thing baked in dough. I made a comment that I was super hungry so it had better be a decent size – and it was HUGE. So huge that KP burst into laughter when it arrived and the chef came out and jokingly asked if it was too small for us. Also during this meal a crazy man (we learned) started shouting things to us from outside the restaurant window and we couldn’t understand what he was saying so we ignored him and the next thing I know he was INSIDE the restaurant sitting at the bar on a stool directly across from our table when all of the stools were open. He had a beer while continually looking in our direction, and then before he left, interrupted us and introduced himself and told us it’s really rude for us to take pictures of him and assume he’s crazy because he’s wearing interesting clothing. He assured us he is actually not crazy, he’s an artist and he shows in galleries all around the city. Say what now? We were like, “Um, we weren’t taking pictures of you. We were taking pictures of our food.” DUHHH.

So that was entertaining. He apologized and then kept going on about how people assume he’s homeless and give him money and he turns around and gives it to actually homeless people. And he stressed that he shows in galleries multiple times. I think he was wearing a solid color – like bright blue – including a top hat, so I mean he did look a little different but we didn’t think he was actually crazy until he came inside the restaurant, had a beer and paid for it just so he could tell us it’s rude for us to take pictures of him. Which we weren’t.

Moving on…

This is Kelly at The High Line where no crazy man bothered us. Behind her is “Rainbow City,” an art installation that’s actually closing today. So get ye to the High Line after work if you have not yet seen these interesting shapes and creatures.

They were cleaning it when we were there but during the day (and before sunset, I imagine) you can walk around inside. It’s pretty cool. It’s also right across from Lot on Tap, a new beer garden from Colicchio & Sons. We checked it out for a minute – there’s also food trucks that park there on different nights – and had we not been to Artichoke that would have been our dinner instead. Which is why we’re already planning another day at the High Line.

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