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This is a lobster salad sandwich. That I ordered and my sister ate. And his is the last of City Mitten: Naples, Florida and I would say I’ve saved the best for last but the best was obviously Michelbob’s. Still, The Riverwalk at Tin City has its own special spot too.

So, we had Clam Chowder twice in one day. I told you that. And The Riverwalk is kind of known for their chowda. It’s dang good. So that was our chowder number two.

Emily is not pleased I am staring at her eating her chowder. She probably thought I was going to steal it! I stole her grouper and chips instead. Mmm, mmm.

Yeah, the Riverwalk is pretty good. It’s right on the water and you can see all the boats, which is fun. It’s also in Tin City which is basically an awesome assortment of shops full of things you’ll never want and never need. Knick knacks and tacky jewelry and t-shirts and tons of ugly things that I would defriend you for if I saw you buy. It’s so ridiculous. But it makes it fun.

Yayyy, Tin City!

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