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I promise this blog will not turn into “Amanda’s Work Life on the Internet.” It’s just the timing!

So my little sister came to town last week, she was here for like six days or something. Naturally, I put her to work. We had a lobster roll competition event for Tasting Table and needed some extra help. Since Alexandra happens to be both a lobster roll and a Mermaid enthusiast, she was a great candidate. Basically we stood there and smiled at people, giving out samples and answering questions for a crowd of one thousand people. That is lots. I’ve got to give credit where credit is due and say that Tasting Table does a great job at putting together events. I mean, I do events for like 40-75 people on a regular basis but if I had to do something crazy like this with all different vendors on three different floors for 1,000 people – that’s some next level ish. Ha.

Here’s me, doing my job, having a good time. If you’re wondering, there were 15 or so restaurants competing and I probably had like eight lobster roll samples. Thought I was gonna die.

This was some of our table set up, which I thought was pretty. I love our branding. Mermaids are cool.

And here are our lobster roll sliders. You can get them at Happy Hour & a Half if you’re interested. Which you should be.


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Okay, welcome to my last post from Jamaica. Just some more photo goodness, maybe a few stories too.

We found this rock when we just happened to stop at a random restaurant along the cliffs while walking part way back from Rick’s. It was one of my favorite finds.

This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. Look at the blues of the water, it’s really kind of unbelievable.

Had to post a picture of a “dirty banana,” the drink of choice for tourists in Jamaica. Very strong if you don’t mix it up.

If you want to know a great way to burn yourself – go snorkeling. I put on plenty of sunscreen (or so I thought) and my legs and back, and feet actually, got completely fried. BUT it was awesome. We saw so many fishies of different shapes and sizes and colors. I could have stayed in the water all day. GOOD THING we didn’t or I really would have been a crispy critter. If you go to Jamaica, I highly suggest you go snorkeling.

When you go snorkeling, they also take you to a really small island. On the island, there are people grilling up some fish and some lobsters that they caught right there on the beach – you can see the lobster traps and everything. Crazy! And cool.

And look who I brought along! Cloud Backpack! He wanted to go to Jamaica really bad so I finally said it was okay. He had a blast.

And that is all, you guys. Go to Jamaica. Go swimming. Take pictures. Eat seafood. Good times. :)

And then we return to our regular programming.

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Sharing is caring! And so it was, that I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in Negril, Jamaica, and my birthday dinner at Rockhouse.

One thing cool about many restaurants/hotels in Jamaica is that they will hire a cab or have their own car service bring you there for free. Can you IMAGINE if that were the case in Manhattan? So that was awesome. We took advantage and went to Rockhouse for my birthday dinner. It was raining on and off so unfortunately we weren’t able to sit outside but everything else was perfect.

Say hello to the seafood platter that I split with Nora (after some appetizers, of course!) It included lobster, coconut shrimp, and blackened mahi mahi. Sidenote – I hate when restaurants use the word “platter.” It sounds so unrefined to be like, “Yes, may I please have the seafood PLATTER?” Just gross. But name aside, my seafood combination was fantastic. I’m glad I was able to have some good lobster in Jamaica, since, I don’t know, they catch it right there on the beach, and the mahi mahi was fantabulous as well.

This was Kayti’s rock pot: broth with fresh seafood. But as you can see I’m focusing on the bread. That bread! So think and soft and can you just IMAGINE having it for french toast? So the bread was fabulous for dipping. Oh, somehow I did not get a picture of Andrea’s plate, but she had the snapper, which was a huge thing because Andrea is a strict vegetarian! I appreciated her trying some seafood since we were in JAMAICA and because initially I thought her being a vegetarian might be a bit of a “thing” in Jamaica and she wouldn’t have many options at meals. Well, it turned out to be no big deal at all and she turned out to eat seafood one time, which was fun.

Did I mention this was for my birthday? They sang for me, which was awesome. And us girlies split two desserts and they put a candle in mine.

This dessert was billed to us as “chocolate pudding” but “chocolate pudding” it was not! It was like pudding brownie or something and it was GREAT. ORDER THIS.

And also order this:

Have you ever had coconut creme brulee? Probably not. I am neither a coconut nor creme brulee person but it was pretty fab and my girls who are both coconut and creme brulee basically thought it was the best thing ever. So check it out.

And here’s a semi-blurry picture of us ladies standing by the water:

Uh okay, I meant *really* blurry.

Also, if you’re wondering what Rockhouse looks like during the day:

Uh, yeah. I realize this post is extremely photo-heavy, but this was Jamaica, dang it. So basically Rockhouse is beautiful since it’s on the cliffs. We actually considered staying here and I’m glad we didn’t, just because it seems like much more of a romantic getaway kind of place instead of a four girls want to hang at the beach kind of place. But I am glad we chose Rockhouse for my birthday dinner and I’m glad we went back to see it during the day.

And if I haven’t sold you on Jamaica yet as a destination, I’ve still got two more posts. ;)

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Are there reasons to leave Brooklyn? Sometimes I’m not sure. Brooklyn is freaking HUGE and there is really every thing you could ever want here. Every kind of neighborhood, every cuisine, every style. Last night’s adventures brought Kelly and I to Red Hook, a neighborhood I’ve been to all of one time, but a neighborhood I’m well-aware is full of good. And one good is the Red Hook Lobster Pound. Sure, you can get their lobster rolls on the weekends at the Brooklyn Flea, but we had a Blackboard Eats promo code so it was time to check out the actual shop.

You can get lobster packages to go at the Lobster Pound, or you can get your lobster to stay. Kelly and I decided to each go for a lobster roll and root beer and split a lobster bisque. Well, actually Kelly decided to get the lobster bisque and I decided we were sharing. But all the same!

There’s a lot of reasons I love the Red Hook Lobster Pound. One, it’s obviously delicious (just ask my sister), two, it’s Brooklyn and they’ve been at a lot of Brooklyn events (Brooklyn Flea and Brooklyn Bloggers Meetup on the top of my head) and three, I just like their style. And their Red Hook shop has a whole room with picnic tables for seating.

Oh, and the lobster bisque was amazing too.

And – if you’re in DC, they also have a Lobster Truck, which is an amazing idea and one I hope they bring to Manhattan, so I can grab ’em on my lunch breaks.

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I would not be upset if someone forced me to go to the Brooklyn Flea every weekend. We had the invite for brunch this past Saturday, but who needs brunch when you have the Brooklyn Flea? I mean, really?

We is myself and my sister Embily, who has finally visited me after my living here for three years! Time flies! So of course I had to take Emmyboo to the Flea. Of COURSE. And of course our first stop was the Red Hook Lobster Pound, as seen above. Not gonna lie, we started with splitting one roll and then we ate a bunch more food and then split another roll again before we left.

Here’s some other things we ate between the rolls:

Meatballs! This meatball sandwich was AMAZING and I wish I could tell you where it was from, but I just checked the Brooklyn Flea’s vendor list and I could not find it! I only remember that they told us the restaurant was “just around the corner” from the Fort Greene space so… help a sister out if you know what that was!

Grilled cheese from The Milk Truck!

We split the classic grilled cheese with gruyere. I love gruyere. Emily loves gruyere. Yep.

Then we got a watermelon drink that tasted like you were drinking a watermelon. I actually expected it to be half-gross and more like a melted slushie but it ended up being all-delicious.

Gotta love that Brooklyn Flea.

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Half of these flowers are currently in my bedroom and that makes me happy. Well there’s not much I can say about the Tasting Table Claw Off with the Mermaid Oyster Bar that hasn’t already been said on their blog.

I can show you this lobster roll and make all you people who read this and hear me talk about lobster all dang day completely miserable:

I’m really trying not to be a walking Mermaid Inn advertisement, but it’s kind of hard.

Here’s another favorite photo of mine from the event that’s not already on the Mermaid blog:

It’s the Fortune Fish and people are obsessed with this thing.

And this guy is awesome:

His name is Colby and he also works for the Mermaid and we had wayyy too much time to set up, so we explored the penthouse that we someday plan on having our wedding receptions in. Together. Haha.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I regret to tell you that this is all for today. Tomorrow we will return to our regular programming. Oh, and the lobster roll I got from Dr. Claw, aka The Underground Lobster Pound? I stuck it in the fridge and had it for breakfast the next morning. :)

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I love The Mermaid Inn. Full disclosure: I am doing some work for them. You may see some of these photos elsewhere on the interwebs eventually (not the ones of me and P though, of course). I loved the Mermaid even before working for them (obviously, or I wouldn’t want to work for them), but I still thought you should know.

So that’s me and P on the Upper West Side and here’s P with Nora:

And here’s the Mermaid:

Love that lady! And the good stuff:

Baby Grand Platter! Can I get this every single time I come to the Mermaid, please? It’s the perfect combination of oysters, clams, and lobster knuckles. Let’s have a closer look, shall we? Oysters and clams:

Lobster knuckles:

If you’ve never tried an oyster because you can’t get over the “texture” or something, you need to get over it and try one IMMEDIATELY. They are delicious and so refreshing and now that I work for the Mermaid, they are on the brain 24/7. I’m surprised they haven’t shown up in my dreams yet.

Another thing you should know: lobster knuckles are the easiest thing to eat!

Whoever came up with the idea of serving lobster this way is a genius. Already cracked open for you, you just have to pull them apart a little bit and there’s your lovely lobster. My goodness.

For our entrees, we ordered different things so we could sample eachother’s.

Salmon for Nora with brussels and beets behind it. Derlish.

Whole roasted Idaho brook trout for P. Don’t let the eyes creep you out. P lost one on the table for a little bit, haha.

And lobster sandwich for me. Um, there’s no such thing as too much lobster. And have you ever had Old Bay fries? Cause they are awesome. The more you know…

And finally, The Mermaid gives complimentary chocolate pudding for dessert:

Lovely, lovely. Love The Mermaid. And if you haven’t been in one of the THREE Manhattan locations, you pretty much have no excuse now that you’ve seen the goods. And I work there. :)

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I feel like myself. Last night I went out to dinner with my good friend Melissa, and while it was really not too long ago we had brunch together, it felt like so much had happened in that month and a half. It was really nice to meet up and relax, dining al fresco in the West Village. Oh, West Village I love you. You and your brownstones and your windy roads.

Melissa and I ended up settling at Extra Virgin, in one of the outdoor tables in the front, which allowed for more people watching (and really poor parallel parking skills watching). In the picture above, you will see the menus and we especially liked that the drink menu came as a little leather-bound journaly thing. We notice the little stuff.

This is Melissa’s Branzino, which came on a bed of mashed potatoes.

I opted for the lobster ravioli because it’s been extremely difficile to deny myself anything with lobster in it lately.

Of course we had to get something sweet to split at the end. Molten chocolate cake. Pretty good but not comparable to Gotham or Diner. Yeah, so I’m a pretty happy camper right now. Had a fabulous dinner with a fabulous friend and this weekend is looking to be pretty solid. So have a glorious one and take advantage of this beautiful weather!

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(photo/Laura Leebove)

At this point, I’ve pretty much given up on the idea that Brokelyn was actually going to post pictures from their event (along with Effed in Park Slope and Brooklyn Based) Brooklyn Blogs, which was at the Bell House last week. They had a fancy camera and were taking down names and blogs and I was looking forward to being in the photo gallery for the event with some new friends as well as the fact that my picture was being taken by a fancy camera. This is rare. Let’s be real, I carry around my point-and-shoot and hand it to the nearest person to snap one at me, so it’s nice to step it up a bit when I get the chance. Like this picture above! Which Laura Leebove took at BK Blogs because she HAS a fancy camera. Well good news, you guys. I recently picked up a Job No. 2, which is very very exciting and it’s social media and food related so HOLLER, check me out! I am PUMPED because it is going to be great. And maybe one day I’ll let you in on it. :)

ANYWAY the reason I just told you that is that Miss Amandy over here who keeps talking about blah blah blah I want an SLR will finally have NO excuse not to get one. You heard it here first.

ANYWAY (again): BK Blogs. As I said, it was at the Bell House, which is one of my fave spots and when I got there it was PACKED. The best part was they made you wear name tags with your real name and your blog name (or fake name and fake blog name, I guess) so it was a great conversation starter because you could just walk up to someone and be like, “So tell me about Various Name of Blog.” Which is what I did. A lot. Especially to boys with beards and nice smiles.

It was fantastic because I got to see some people I am blog friendly, twitter friendly, and real life friendly with; as well as meet people I had so far only spoken with on the interwebs, as well as meet people I have never spoken to before! So many bloggers! It was awesome. I really hope they do another.

I got to meet Erin from BLD Project, who I was already twitter-friendly with. So nice to put faces to names and twitter handles!

We are holding mini lobster rolls from the Red Hook Lobster Pound, because obviously there is no Brooklyn Blogger event without some Brooklyn Things to Eat. And they were good. You already know my feelings on lobster.

There were also cupcakes from Robicelli’s. I had banana something or other.

So there you have it. Bk Blogs: We came, we ate, we talked, we drank Brooklyn beers… and then we blogged about it. :)

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Sometimes you need to trust the locals.

As I said yesterday, one of the things I really wanted to do while I was in Boston was to get some clam chowder. D’s friend Mike, who we were staying with, recommended the Barking Crab with the caveat that he didn’t really like seafood. So I didn’t think I wanted to check it out. Flash forward to finding myself faced with the Barking Crab and realizing I wanted to check it out after all.

This place looks like a party. I imagine they take the roof off in the summer but I am such a huge fan of communal dining (sharing tables with strangers) and the mood here was just fun. And it’s on the water.

Unfortunately for us, we both got the clam chowder, which I’d say was not as good as the two clam chowders I had in Florida (not to mention the one at Mermaid Inn). I did, however, see other people with crab cake dishes and lobster dishes and those just looked amazing. Also, I happened to very much love the crab on the bowl. Too cute. I would love to go back to the Barking Crab. At night. In the summer. Drinking beer. Cracking lobster.

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