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It’s my MOM! Hi, Mom! The Doughnut Plant is her favorite.

It astonishes me when I hear people who have lived in the city for 4+ years and have never been to The Doughnut Plant. Even people who’ve lived here for 4 days, really. What are you waiting for? I am constantly shocked by who has not been there yet. And with their new location on 23rd st, you really have no excuse. Of course, however, we always go to the original location on Grand Street. There used to be this big guy who worked there with lots of personality, but now it appears they’ve hired hipster replacements with zero personality instead, but we’ll still take it.

This is the only picture of us three from the entire weekend. And it was taken at The Doughnut Plant. Of course.

For those wondering, that is a strawberry lemonade in my mom’s hand and for those who like strawberry more than you like lemon (aka, me) that means you will like it a lot.

And here’s a peek of what was in the bag:

Although they have lots of fun flavors, we get the same thing every time: chocolate black out and creme brulee. My, my.

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Who has Easter brunch at Katz’s Deli? The Spurlock family, apparently. Last year we had a great meal at Frank and this year my uncle D wanted to change things up and go for gigantic sandwiches from Katz’s. I think I’ve been to Katz’s maybe once, when I visited NYC in high school. So I had no idea what I was doing when I went this time around. But I had my family to guide me! Above is a Reuben with corned beef. The correct choice. Mmm. Also, pickles. So many pickles. Mmm.

This is a pastrami sandwich. These babies are huge. I ate half of my Reuben and saved the rest for dinner. Of course I also had five thousand pickles and eight hundred french fries, so that only made sense.

This is Steve Buscemi, my cousin Steph and my uncle D. A very happy trio.

And we’ve got Colin, myself, and lots of friends behind us as well.

And this is my favorite picture: Pam and Stephanie talking outside. Candid photos are my favorite.

Things you should know about Katz’s

1) It was packed inside. Even on Easter Sunday.

2) Don’t lose the ticket they give you when you walk in the door or it’s $50 when you leave.

3) They have a legit intimidating doorman who stands there with his arms crossed.

4) Know what you want before you step up to order or they will yell at you.

Final note: I might have bumped someone’s glass of their table with my bag and it might have shattered everywhere and I might have kept walking and pretended I didn’t notice. But I’m not sure.

Happy Easter from my family to yours!

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It’s story time! Once upon a time, I lived in this tiny little craphole in the East Village. It was the East Village and that part was nice, but it was a craphole so it wasn’t. I rarely invited friends over, because it was a craphole AND there was nowhere to sit. I had guests sleep in the kitchen. Yep. Welcome to New York!

Anyway, one dark and cold winter night, I was walking home from The New School for Social Research (graduate degree I’m not using, what!) and I happened upon the good ol’ Dessert Truck near Cooper Square.

I approached the truck with hope and ordered a molten chocolate cake to go, asking if it would still be warm by the time I made it home. The sir promised me it would and when I got home I discovered that he was right! Used my plastic spoon and took a picture of said molten chocolate cake and sent it to my momma. Success.

I found out a while back that The Dessert Truck had gotten a storefront, Dessert Truck Works and a recent video from Amy Blogs Chow prompted me to finally go check it out. With my momma, of course.

That sign is cute! We went for the chocolate bread pudding and their espresso panna cotta:

Oh man. We almost died. For real. I need to go back there. And you need to go there too. Or stop at the truck and carry it all the way home. :)

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Is it ever too hot for mac and cheese? Maybe. But we’re not there yet. Maybe you’re reading this and looking at these pictures, and can’t imagine putting a spoonful of steaming noodles and gooey melted cheese in your mouth. But if you can, this post is for you.

I used to hate mac and cheese growing up. And by hate, I mean I refused to try it. Wow, have things changed! My friend Lucy’s mom and sister were in town last weekend and they took us to Little Giant on the LES for the earliest brunch I have ever participated in (10 a.m.!). I was thrilled when her mom ordered mac and cheese because that meant I could try it. And it had bacon in it, mmm…

My favorite mac and cheese used to be from Kitchenette, but the last time I was there they had changed their noodles from penne to elbow and it made me sad. My latest favorites are Poco, DuMont, or Westville, and my least favorite is always S’mac. Basically, I really like mac and cheese. Good thing it doesn’t clog your arteries at all!

Here’s my lovely Lucy. She always eats healthier than me.

Because we all know one of my other obsessions is French Toast. Geeze. And this one came with freaking ice cream, which I didn’t even realize until our server brought it out and I was like, “What is THAT?!”

As you can see, it’s never too hot for French Toast either. And now I’ll go have a heart attack and die.

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Guess what, guess what? We made it to The Meatball Shop! Remember when K-man and I tried to go a few weeks ago, and gave up because there was hour an a half wait? Well, we went last night around 6 o’clock and it was nothing but a SUCCESS. We sat at the bar, because that’s more fun and then we found out that The Meatball Shop really lives up to the hype.

Never thought I’d be going to a restaurant with meatballs on my mind, but it’s a pretty sweet concept. They have various kinds of meatballs, like beef, salmon, chicken and also a veggie option for my veggie friends and you pair them with one of their four sauces. And there’s root beer on tap (!) and create-your-own ice cream sandwiches (!!).

This picture above is part of the menu, which is laminated so you can use a marker to check off your orders. Fun, fun!

As K pointed out, you’d think a place called the Meatball Shop could just focus on their crazygood meatballs (my words, not his) and skimp out on the sides, but the sides were anything but an afterthought (his words). Along with my beef meatballs with mushroom gravy and K’s veggie meatballs with tomato sauce, we had mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. Oh my goodness. I like eating with K cause he likes to talk about how amazing the food is. And I like to laugh.

Everything was stellar. K couldn’t believe how “meaty” the veggie meatballs were, and I was a huge fan of my mushroom gravy (along with everything else). Btw, since when do I like mushrooms? Mmm.

Here’s an awesome picture K took to show off both my meatballs and my new manicure, which I got yesterday when I went to lunch. I mean, hello, I’m going to Florida tomorrow. :)

Okay and now for dessert: ice cream sandwich. You can have chocolate chip, peanut butter, walnut meringue, brownie or ginger snap cookies. And you pair it with vanilla, chocolate, mint, espresso, or caramel ice cream. K’s so funny. When we were talking about it before we got there, he was like, “I’m just going to try a bite, I don’t want to have too much.” But then after our meatballs, when we got our ginger snap cookie sandwich with chocolate ice cream… this is what happened:

We got our ice cream sandwich. It was beautiful.

K underestimates how much he will like the ice cream sandwich.

K likes the ice cream sandwich a lot.

K takes more than one bite.


But seriously, it was delicious. And I must say we chose the perfect combination.

So get thee to The Meatball Shop and think about going early unless you’re willing to stand a little bit of a wait. :)

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Do you know what this is? It’s poutine. Do you know what poutine is? It’s french fries with gravy and cheese curds. It’s Canadian. Apparently Celine Dion loves it.

Anyway, last week my friend Kyle and I kind of had a disaster of a night. And by disaster I mean we tried to go to this new place called The Meatball Shop, which is really not a shop. I imagined ordering at a counter and sitting on some stools facing out the windows. Oh, no. The Meatball Shop is a restaurant. With an hour and a half wait for two people on a Tuesday night. It’s true. So we did not go there.

We got a six pack and headed a block away to T poutine, a place I had seen a thousand times on my Lower East Side adventures.

Anyway. It’s kind of strange. I’m down with the gravy but not sure if I’m down with the curds. My friend Kelly tells me I should give it another shot at Pommes Frites. And don’t worry, Meatball Shop, we’ll be back.

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Uh oh, we went to the Clinton St. Baking Company again! It is Pancake Month, afterall. Yesterday and today’s pancakes were with crunchy bananas with cinnamon chili chocolate sauce so naturally, that’s what we got.

Also, eggs benedict:

This time we didn’t have to wait for two hours, which was nice. We just walked right in. It’s nice the things you can do when you take a day off of work.

And… today’s my birthday! I’ve got some fun plans for today and I already got some cool things in the mail (panda skillet, what?) so it’s looking pretty good. Have a good weekend! :)

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Look who finally went to the Clinton Street Baking Company! This girl! And MB!

This was my third attempt going to this overly popular, little pancake heaven. And third time is the charm. Usually when I go with people, (always on the weekends, cause we’re really smart) whomever I’m with takes one look at the line and jumps ship. I knew with yesterday being President’s Day and a lot of people off of work, we’d have the same kind of wait, but MB was a trooper and we waited together for… dun dun dun… just over two hours! Two hours for pancakes? These girls have got to be crazy. And we are. But so were the five billion other people standing in the cold.

We had lots to catch up on and found a bench across the street in the sun, so it wasn’t bad at all. And guess what, it was worth it. It is Pancake Month afterall.

First things first. MB ordered a coffee when we first sat down so I got myself a little hot chocolate:

It was realllly good. I fear it may be encroaching on the number one top spot in my book of hot chocolate in NY, which is currently The Adore. This had the perfect amount of cocoa and the perfect amount of sweet:

I will come back to the Clinton Street Baking Company just for this.

And now what we came for… the panacakes!

I mentioned it was Pancake Month, so Clinton Street had a different flavor every few days and yesterday’s was raspberry, chocolate chunk. Also, the syrup is fantastic. MB was singing its praises before we got our food and now I know exactly what she was talking about. It’s not as sticky as your run-of-the-mill maple syrup, and I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it’s really smooth. Like butter. So maybe it’s butter.

Because the pancakes are so, so sweet, we got some eggs so that we could split two orders:

Why is breakfast the best meal ever? We also got some sugar-cured bacon which was delish. And here are the pancakes after we gave them some love:


Also, if anyone has any interest in perhaps MB and I starring in a show on the Food Network or something, where we travel and eat foods from all over in search of the BEST, let us know. I mean, I know there’s a ton of shows like that already out there, but they don’t have us! :)

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This is Jodi. She lives in Michigan. And she came to the city last weekend to play.

Six of us went out to dinner at Bondi Road. I had been there once before for brunch and it was completely packed, but when we went to dinner it was the complete opposite experience. It was dead and they made the biggest deal about not seating us until we were all there. And when they finally sat us with five people, they asked how far away the sixth person was. It was so strange.

Anyway, it’s an Australian restaurant and it’s pretty legit. Australian owners, Australian staff, and Australian clientele. Well, except for us. Half of us ordered different kinds of fish but it was the those of us who ordered the fish stew that were the winners.

Delish, delish. All kinds of fishy goodness in there. The other ones just got a piece of fish and were starving after they finished and they didn’t feel like ordering anything else and waiting for it. They may or may not have stopped at a Burger King afterwards. Ha.

Anyway, it’s a cool spot. You just may be better off going for brunch.

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The Lower East Side is where it’s at, I’m not sure how many times I can say this. Last night I went to the Sixth Ward to meet up with a friend (who was carrying his ginormous case for his bass around after his band practice and telling random girls as we walked down the street that he was a famous rock star). Immediately I ran into one of the coolest cats I know; a guy I worked with last year whom I haven’t seen in forever. LES, what?

After saying hi, I found my “rock star” friend who had been talking to a guy who, we later found out, co-owns all of the Daniel Boulud enterprises. Weren’t we just at DBGB? Mr. Co Owner was just there, drinking a beer with us and watching the Yanks, telling us stories about some famous chefs and sous chefs and all these people whose names I’ve heard a thousand times.

After the Sixth Ward, we went to another bar and met up with a friend of mine who works in the area. And then I made my “rock star” friend take a picture of me on our way home. As you can see, that didn’t turn out so well.

The life of a rock star, I guess. :)

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