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Oh, BLT Burger, I miss you. Basically, I miss all the same restaurants I used to complain about that were sort of near Union Square and were available to me for lunch every week day for the past three years of my life. Now my office is in the middle of deadzville in Soho, and I wasn’t even aware there was a deadzville in Soho. I’ve started to actually bring my own lunch, which used to be a foreign concept to me.

Actually, there are some decent lunch spots nearby my new office, but I don’t exactly have an hour for leisurely lunch every day anymore, so I gotta make some changes.

ANYWAY, this was supposed to show how much I miss BLT Burger, and I do, because I used to go there with my girl Lisa when we could get away with taking lunch at the same time. And it was legit. Do you see that juicy burger in front of you? And those fries so plentiful, you can’t even get through five? And we haven’t even mentioned the best part!

Milkshakes! This was the mocha mudslide, O. M. G. Oreo cookies, O. M. G. coffee ice cream, and O. M. G. chocolate syrup. I am actually mad at myself for posting this picture right now because it looks so delicious because it is so delicious and I will never have it for lunch again in my life. Seriously, one time the only thing I had for lunch was that shake. Somebody has PROBlems! Oh and they make *spiked* milkshakes, too! DANGEROUS!

These photos are actually from my Union Square lunch days, which have passed unfortunately. And because I can’t remember for the life of me the last time I actually had a burger, I have a feeling that’s what tonight’s dinner will be. Especially since we’re going to the Frying Pan.


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Look at me, look at me. Cipriani Downtown. Did I ever think I’d be there? No. But there I was on Sunday, with my eggplant parmigiana. It was all Tim’s idea. I was about to have the girls meet me on the LES for some eggs and french toast and somehow I got whisked away to the magical world of Cirpriani and Venetian pasta.

Cipriani is gorgeous. It makes me want to cover my walls in giant pieces of artwork. Of course, I can’t imagine how much the artwork costs in Cipriani and I won’t have quite the same budget, but I can pretend. So who wants to be my art director? Let’s get this project goin. :)

Here are some of the plates at our table. I tried them all and they were delicious. The closest one to the camera is Kayti’s mushroom risotto. Mmm, mmm. And here’s the rest of our smiling faces:

Look, Tim Revell without sunglasses on. Imagine.

So Cipriani. I’m sure everything they make is phenomenal, I mean we barely touched the menu. And I’m a little upset with myself for not getting a Bellini, juice of white peaches and Prosecco, which Giuseppe Cipriani served for the first time in Venice in 1948. There’s your history for the day.

I can’t wait to lunch at Cipriani every day when I’m 80 and we all have a billion dollars and nothing else to do with our time. Yeah, that’s going to be great.

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Where do you go to lunch when one of your friends from Michigan comes to the city? The Adore of course. It’s one of my favorite little places in the city. It’s a Japanese French bakery of sorts which means it’s French but the chef and everyone who works there is Japanese. They close early (around 4 or so everyday) but if you’re lucky enough to get a banana cupcake (read: the best muffin of your life) or a sandwich before they sell out, it’s really a treat. And it’s my favorite hot chocolate in the city.

It’s a tiny space and you might never know it, but there’s seating space upstairs if you’re staying for lunch. So we did. We each got baguettes (hers grilled eggplant, mine a croque monsieur) and spinach puree soup.

It was very green and very delicious:

It looks a little intimidating, but I assure you it was good.

Besides that, last night Kayti and I had the best night of our lives. We went to a speakeasy of sorts and got the number for another speakeasy of sorts that I thought I probably was never going to be able to go to. So we’ll be going there tonight. I’m having the best birthday ever. :)

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Remember when I had a new favorite bar called Lillie’s? Last week was pretty cold and all I wanted was some chicken pot pie. So me and my lunch date Lisa went to Lillie’s last week. She had some fish n chips, which actually sounds kind of good right now, and I got my chicken pot pie. I just love how pretty Lillie’s is.

It was really weird to be there when it was on the empty side because at night it is totally packed. I want to go back here again. And again. I just love how long the bar is and as I said, it’s so pretty!

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Sometimes when I venture out from my office to get myself some lunch, I have no idea where I’m going to end up. Yesterday was one such days. Since it was a Wednesday, I already knew I had to get some apples from the Union Square Greenmarket, but beyond that, I was clueless.

The market looked kind of empty. Half of the vendors weren’t even set up since it had been a constant downpour pretty much all day, but I took a stroll to see what I could see anyway. And then I saw a sign: Clam Chowder.

Yes, yes, yes. I’ve seen oysters and clams and such at the Greenmarket before, but since I’d have no idea what to actually do with them if I ever bought some, I never paid any attention (someone domesticate me, please). This was the first time I’ve seen anything on clam chowder, which happens to be my favorite soup. And on that kind of yucky day, what more else do you need? One cup of clam chowder for me, please.

As I said, it had rained pretty much all day, but by the time I had my soup, it had cleared up and warmed up quite a bit and the last thing I wanted to do was to head back to the office already. So, I looked around, saw a few other crazy people sitting on the benches in the park and decided to do the same. I tried to find a bench that wasn’t too, too damp but in the end, it didn’t matter much. I was wearing a huge coat to shield me and I also didn’t really care.

So I had my soup.

There were some great chunks of clams in it, let me tell you. And I love eating things that are fresh and that you know where they come from, versus eating some processed crap that comes in a can and has been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long. Not the best thing.

Westport Aquaculture is a sustainable and renewable clam and oyster farm in Wesport, Connecticut. They ship daily into the area, have been at the Greenmarket for the past couple of months but yesterday was only their second time bringing the chowder. Keep it coming, guys.

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