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The best meal we had in Chicago a few weekends ago was the last one. Thanks to my awesome cousin who rules Chicago and her suggestion, we went to GT Fish & Oyster. It’s a gorgeous and fun setting, the service was fantastic and the food phenomenal. Easily the best meal of the year so far. Thank you, Chicago!

The menu is made up of small plates so it’s best to order a few. Or five thousand. As we did. Our server was so awesome and he made it really fun for us as we told him we were celebrating Nora’s birthday. Also – he could have sold us a plate of salt if he wanted to. He had us in the palm of his hand. If he suggested we try one more thing, we did. If he suggested we get more drinks, we did. Dessert to split? Yes, please!

So we ordered a lot. I am showing approximately four percent of the dishes that actually came to us. Starting with the clam chowder as you see above. Isn’t it cute how it was presented? And it was so good. You know I love me some clam chowder.

We got some oysters, duh:

Do you know how much fun it is to like oysters? I am so glad I am a fan. Here is an oyster I don’t remember which kind (shame on me for slacking with my Oysterpedia app!) and some mignonette on top. Delicious.

This was PHENOMENAL. Black gnocchi with squid ink, carrot lobster broth, prawns and fiddlehead ferns. AMAZING. I love gnocchi (esp when it’s good) and I love prawns. Excellente.

This is the lobster roll. They were kind enough to cut it in three for us. Also delicious. I’m excited because it’s going against The Mermaid at this year’s Tasting Table Lobster Roll Rumble, which naturally I’ll be at. Also the fried onions behind it – normally couldn’t care less. NOPE. Delicious and addicting.

The last picture of food I’m going to post is the lobster mac and cheese:

Ok these are my favorite kind of noodles that mac and cheese is made with. Yes. And they brought this dish to us last, which we appreciated, so it didn’t fill us up in the beginning (like I said before – we ordered five thousand other things I am not posting.) Perfect.

An all-around excellent meal. I can’t talk it up enough. If you go to Chicago, you must absolutely, absolutely go here. And here’s one last photo of me and my ladies before Kayti and I headed back to Michigan and said goodbye to Nora and my newfound love and appreciation of Chicago:

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I apologize, but you’re going to gain one hundred pounds just reading this entry. To justify myself, this was the only meal I went out for this past weekend. So I might as well make it count, right?

5 Napkin Burger has for some reason been on my list of restaurants to try for awhile. It reminded me a LOT of BLT Burger, but they had their milkshakes listed on the dessert menu only, which I thought was a big mistake because I would have had a shake WITH my burger (split with KP, of course). Speaking of – we split this mac and their 5 Napkin burger that comes with melty cheese and onions. I’m sparing you the picture, actually.

SO the mac and cheese was good, if a bit on the soupy side (get your act together, NYC restaurants!) It had a bit of an alfredo flavor, not gonna lie. But I love macaroni and cheese made with shell noodles, probably cause my mom makes this awesome pasta dish with elbow noodles that I love.

AND since it was the Upper West Side at approximately 4p.m. they must have assumed we were having dinner like the rest of the families with small children present, because they handed us a dessert menu and Chloe, KP, and I did not resist:

Chocolate brownie, espresso ice cream, salted peanuts. I told you I made it count.

The other thing I liked about 5 Napkin Burger is first, the walls are subway tiles, and secondly they had two really cool chalkboards covered in cartoons. You can sorta see in this picture:

So I would say go to 5 Napkin if you’re in the hood, but I think I still prefer BLT.

Also: today I’m eating a salad. Maybe.

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Welcome back to City Mitten: New York City! Wahoo! And this post includes my dear friend P who I have not seen enough of lately! Before I left for Germany and Prague, we had dinner at Blue Smoke, where I have been dying to eat ever since having an amazing Blue Smoke barbeque sandwich at a Mets game this summer.

We had dinner and drinks and I interrupted the people next to us to find out what brand of glasses the girl was wearing (Men’s Prada, btw) and it was great. Blue Smoke is a busy, busy restaurant and there were a thousand suits since it’s so close to midtown. I was all about dessert and when P said his favorite dessert is banana cream pie I thought A) boring and B) I had a banana for breakfast, but I thought we’d give it a shot this time and I am glad!

The crust was perfect, the banana was perfect (and not tooo banana-y, if you can imagine) and the frosting was perfect, too! Btw there was all this talk a while back about Blue Smoke opening a bakery inside the restaurant and it’s really the funniest thing. It’s just a counter near the front door with a few baked goods on display. And actually there were people standing in front of it buying stuff, so I couldn’t get the greatest look. But very interesting! So the banana cream pie is really good. Oh, and they have ribs too.

(Btw the ribs are good, the pickles are good, but the mac and cheese is a leeeetle too soupy for me.)

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Hello, side of mac and cheese. Nice to meet you.

Welcome to¬† Kitchenette, where I used to take Anybody and Everybody back in the dayyyy! Mostly because it’s so cute and it was down the street from one of my best friend’s apartments who has since moved. Bummer! I used to go here all the time! Now I basically have no reason to go to Tribeca ever. So sad! There is a Kitchenette uptown, too, however, I just have yet to go there.

Anyway, Kitchenette is soo cute. They have all kinds of cakes and cupcakes up at the front counter, all the tables are made of old doors with a sheet of glass over them, and the drinks are served in mason jars. I love it!

Here’s Leah texting, because I have ceased to be entertaining:

And here is her ginormous turkey BLT that she got without tomatoes because she’s one of those people.

And you know how I like my brunch:

Perfection! And I love their mac and cheese, too, which is why I used to go there all the time. And why I came back again:

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Is it ever too hot for mac and cheese? Maybe. But we’re not there yet. Maybe you’re reading this and looking at these pictures, and can’t imagine putting a spoonful of steaming noodles and gooey melted cheese in your mouth. But if you can, this post is for you.

I used to hate mac and cheese growing up. And by hate, I mean I refused to try it. Wow, have things changed! My friend Lucy’s mom and sister were in town last weekend and they took us to Little Giant on the LES for the earliest brunch I have ever participated in (10 a.m.!). I was thrilled when her mom ordered mac and cheese because that meant I could try it. And it had bacon in it, mmm…

My favorite mac and cheese used to be from Kitchenette, but the last time I was there they had changed their noodles from penne to elbow and it made me sad. My latest favorites are Poco, DuMont, or Westville, and my least favorite is always S’mac. Basically, I really like mac and cheese. Good thing it doesn’t clog your arteries at all!

Here’s my lovely Lucy. She always eats healthier than me.

Because we all know one of my other obsessions is French Toast. Geeze. And this one came with freaking ice cream, which I didn’t even realize until our server brought it out and I was like, “What is THAT?!”

As you can see, it’s never too hot for French Toast either. And now I’ll go have a heart attack and die.

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My goodness. What is appropriate to talk about on City Mitten? Well first I can tell you that this is Missy and you should know that by now. We met up Friday after work to shoot this fab video for Drinking Brooklyn.

It’s freaking hilarious. Things I learned from this video: 1) Always look at the camera even if you have no idea what you’re saying. 2) I need a hair cut. So yes, apparently I get really nervous if you throw a camera in my face, as witnessed by the fact that I informed the nation that I tend to go for guys who are “kinda scruffy” and I “check them out.” I don’t use the acronym “LOL” but I feel like it would be valid here. So we were at Rosemary’s Greenpoint Tavern and you can read more about our experience here. That bar is just so funny to me, which is why I laugh.

ANYWAY the top picture is Missy with me at DuMont which is going to be one of my top favorite places to eat in NYC. It’s awesome! Outdoor garden, fabulous food, beautiful ambiance! Unfortunately Missy was not my dining companion, she was leaving and when she told the girl who seated us I was meeting a guy, the girl asked me for his name and I was like, “Uh…” cause it took me a few seconds to remember. Awesome!

The best part, which is another reason I love DuMont so much now, is later after the guy arrived and we had dined, I was walking back from the bathroom and the girl tapped me on the arm and said, “So how’s Bob? Everything going okay?” We shared a laugh. And his name was not really Bob, but I figured I’d protect his innocence because “Bob” was kind of a dud. Ha!

The only other picture I will post from DuMont is this one:

Beautiful, beautiful white Sangria, with lots of berries. I loved it. And if you’re curious, “Bob” got the burger because I made him (not even kidding) and I got the mac and cheese because it’s famous (rightly so) and we also got the chocolate cake in the end to split, which typically comes with peppermint ice cream but we substituted with mascarpone (I hate peppermint). It was delicious! Anyway, DuMont deserves a real post after this one, perhaps I will be able to go back with Missy one day, maybe even for brunch this weekend when my homegirl Nora is here. Yeah, I dig it.

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Would you like some Dr. Pepper ribs? Or how about some bacon mac and cheese?

I’ve decided nobody really cares about the music I go see because no one ever comments when I talk about it. I cannot imagine being a music writer because I do not know how to put sounds into words. At all. I mean how do you convey the experience of a concert through type? Well, I don’t know! So here’s some food to make us all feel better.

It’s from The Brooklyn Star, where I went with Kelly last week. I think we are doing an entire food tour of Williamsburg with the way this is going. Next up is Marlow and Sons.

The first thing you should know about The Brooklyn Star is that it is tiny. From the outside, I thought I was just peering into the bar area, but it was the whole restaurant itself!

There’s a tall table in the middle that I think would be really fun to sit at. It would be like sitting at a friend’s dining room table. The second thing you should know: food here is good. We had biscuits to start and I had the Dr. Pepper ribs and the mac and cheese, which I took home for lunch the next day. I love day old mac and cheese. Kelly got chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and warm cole slaw. Good, good.

Basically, Kelly and I only go to romantic places together because this would be another great place for a date. And they have Brooklyn root beer!

I had just been reading about The Meatball Shop earlier that day and they have root beer on tap so I was like, “Whaaa? I need that.” This wasn’t tap but I’m sure I’ll be at the Meatball Shop soon.

And there you have it: The Brooklyn Star.

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I should not be allowed to take pictures. Because then I look at them. All day. You know what I’m talking about. And I can’t post them, at least not yet. We’ll see. There’s too much going on here. AHHH. Yes, I am fourteen.

Okay, I’m glad I got that out of the way. Let’s talk about brunch.

Brunch is one of the greatest inventions in the world and a huge obsession in NYC. You could get yourself killed in a conversation about the best place to get brunch on a Sunday afternoon. Absolutely killed. I have my own favorite spots: Stanton Social for one if you’ve got a big group of people. Good Enough to Eat is another favorite on the UWS. There’s a lot of good stuff out there and I’ve got a running list of places I’d like to try (Clinton Street Baking Co., please).

So this Sunday after my very eventful evening involving Christmas trees at 4 a.m., I met up with some friendlies for brunch at Poco in Alphabet City. Oh, Alphabet City, how I miss you.

I was exhausted. And there were unlimited drinks. Not the best combination considering I was going on twoish hours of sleep. Yay, Amanda.

Anyway, we were there for two and a half hours. In that time I spilled two glasses all over the table/myself and broke a glass. I was confused, as were my friends. Who was this person? (I will state though that the glass must have been CHEAP because I barely clanged it against another glass and it just broke in half.) When brunch was over, one of my friends was like, “You’re going home, Amanda, you haven’t said a word in the last hour.” I was exhausted.

But before I fell asleep, I did have a lovely brunch. Cause what is better than going to brunch with a bunch of girlies?

Now can we just look at what everyone is eating, please? We’ve got the usual eggs bennie and we’ve also got some grilled chicken sandwich (yeah, what?). And there’s Amanda, in the back, bringing it home with the lobster mac and cheese.

Can I just say. Over the past couple weeks since it has become FREEZING in this glorious city, there is talk of truffled mac and cheese everywhere. Seriously. In one day alone, three people I follow on twitter talking about either making truffled mac and cheese or eating it. There were even pictures! So it was on the brain.

And it was fabulous. It may be my new favorite mac and cheese in the city. And yeah, don’t bring up S’MAC, that place is OVERrated.

So I had my delicious lobster mac, some mimosas (regular and raspberry) and then I went home and took a nap til 9p.m. Oopsies.

Here’s a riduculously awful/blurry picture of my mac and cheese, for those interested:

I figure the more I complain about how much I need a new camera, the more likely that a shiny new SLR will one day magically appear on my doorstep.

Also there were these yummie things too (another awesomely bad photograph):

For the life of all of us, we never actually figured out what they were and the web site isn’t giving me much clues either. They were like muffins and then one of the girls said it reminded her of carrot cake? I have no idea and the interwebs are failing me. They look really gorgeous in that bright flash, though, that’s for sure. We would split them so we’d feel better about ourselves and then two minutes later split another one again. So, whatevs. It’s Sunday brunch.

Alright, I’m going skating tonight so it’d better not rain or something silly. I tell you, the weather here, lately…

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