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I don’t know any of these people in this photograph. Or at least I think I don’t. According to @foursquare, my friend Hagan was at The Big Apple BBQ at the same time, but I did not see him. This picture, however, establishes what the BBQ is about. Lines, first of all, and barbeque second; as seen on the construction sign. It’s just fun, really. And this year the lines weren’t even that bad. We waited for a half hour at the most for Big Bob’s, which is a crowd favorite, and some places had no line at all. Maybe it was because we were there earlier rather than later, but I liked it.

I worry sometimes about having children in New York. When the Big Apple BBQ comes around, do I have to bring them with me? Will I leave them in a stroller out of sight in front of a random barbeque pit? I cannot answer these questions.

Here’s the goods from Big Bob Gibson’s B-B-Q straight from Alabama. Pulled pork sammie and slaw. I added the BBQ sauce, cause that’s how I do. Yum, yumz.

And there we are at the picnic tables that show up at Madison Square Park for this weekend only. I recently got a haircut and it needs to grow back already. Also deciding what to do with the color. Continue dying it reddish? I feel so bad for all the chemicals I’ve put on it over the years and kind of want to give it a break. Feedback, if you want.

Here are my ribbies from the 17th st Bar and Grill in Illinois. No BBQ sauce for this one and still pretty good. And now I’m going to reiterate: how can people try so many samples? After this one, I thought I was going to be dead and I cannot imagine possibly trying a third. After the BBQ yesterday, I ran into NYC Food Guy on the street and he told me of all the samples he tried on Saturday and I could have had a heart attack. He also told me how he had Big Bob last year too and I thought to myself, “How can you possibly remember what you tried last year?” And then I remembered we have food blogs. Either I missed the BBQ last year or I didn’t have City Mitten yet. Ha. We are all insane.

And a picture of a pitmaster for ya:

Mr. Cowboy is from Checkered Pig in Virginia. But as I said, had I tried more BBQ, I would be dead. But I do love me some BBQ. Except that there are 18 different ways to write it. BBQ, Bar-B-Q, barbeque, barbecue… What gives? Barbeque is my favorite but Spellcheck always wants to tell me it’s misspelled.

The lines that were dead were all the joints from NYC. I get it, because if those restaurants are here for me every week, why would I try them over restaurants who are only here for the weekend? From Alabama, a state I will probably never go to?

In other news: This has been one of the best weekends for me in months. And I didn’t even “go out” Friday or Saturday. I guess I did make it to a bar on Saturday afternoon for the US versus England World Cup game, but I’m not counting it. Hope everyone else had a good weekend, too! Happy Monday!

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Resto! Around Madison Square Park area, you can really find some good restaurants. With Resto, for an example. First, can I tell you their tag line is “Bringing fat back.” Yeah. Look at how cutesie it is, love the minimalistic atmosphere. The waitstaff even wore shirts with the tag line on it. Nice.

It was way too cold to sit outside that night, which is funny because right now it is SCORCHING in NYC. We’re talking 90 degrees. And air conditioning. In May.

Anyway, we were recommended (via twitter) to have the deviled eggs to start. They came with “crispy fried pork” which is exactly what you would imagine crispy fried pork to be. It’s the square under the egg and they are light and airy yet fried and you kind of don’t know what is going on. But you like it. It’s a new thing, just like that chicken liver mousse I had recently. Trying new things, people.

For entrees, I had the‘four story hill farm roasted poularde, which is hen. Had to ask our server on that one. It was very, very delicious and it came with ramps and asparagus.

Darren had the lamb neck, which is what I was going to get except I didn’t want us to order the same thing. The lamb neck was good as well and but I was surprised that I actually liked my hen better. And finally:

Resto has a pretty good dessert menu: peanut butter parfait, apple crumb pie, liege waffles, and waffle ice cream sandwiches… it keeps going. Resto is kind of Belgian style, which is why you can get frites and different dipping sauces and also why you can get Belgian chocolates as a dessert. We ended up splitting the chocolate truffle cake (as you see before you) which came with crunch ‘n’ munch, caramel, and bourbon vanilla chocolate. It was good but not as moist as I typically like, even with the chocolatey center. Maybe next time I’ll try the peanut butter parfait of a waffle ice cream sandwich… now that it’s getting toasty. :)

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I really have got to stop posting about the Shake Shack. I mean, let’s get serious here. But I can’t help it! And the Germans love burgers so we had to!

We went on a weeknight, after going to the Top of the Rock and probably waited in line for about a half hour, which is really nothing compared to the summer lines. We got beers and shackburgers and dogs and fries. I love guys who know how to eat. Like Matti. He was always the winner. Double shackburger and a hotdog? No problem.

Didi was boring and just had a burger. I know he wanted fries, too.

They were huge fans of the Shake Shack and they especially enjoyed saying the words “Shake Shack” over and over. It was also at Shake Shack where I learned the German word for squirrel: Eichhörnchen. Haha, don’t ask me to say that now, though. I’m pretty sure the only thing I remember how to say in German is a swear word. Nice work, boys!

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I think I’m ready for spring now. This is the Shake Shack, and what it looks like in the winter, when you don’t have gobs of people willing to stand in an hour + line for a burger and a shake, no matter how good it is. I should take advantage of this lack of line. But it’s so cold. They have heaters. But it’s so cold.

So there is the Shake Shack, where I did not eat, because it’s so cold, and the best I could do was unbundle my fingers for about four seconds to snap this picture. The good news, though, is that Winter Restaurant Week is coming up! Where should I go this time?

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Met up with some peeps tonight at Madison Square Park:



Did anyone know they close the lawn at 7 p.m.? That’s so early! We were only sitting down for about five minutes before we had to move our little blanket to some steps in front of a statue. Lame!

Originally, we were all going to eat at the Shake Shack but I seemed to be the only one willing to wait in the hour + line for it:


Maribeth showcasing the Shake Shack. Where we didn’t eat.

Next week we are going to try again. I told everyone to be mentally prepared to wait in line cause I will NOT be taking excuses.

Instead, we all went to Live Bait, a restaurant I am also fond of. I had the mahi mahi sandwich, very yum. But the best thing about the place (besides the kitschy decor) is the basket of mini cornbreads. They are so delicious and they come out warm, just add a little butter and perfect! I only had two but I probably could have had twenty.


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