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It’s actually hilarious that the last time I was home we went to Sign of the Beefcarver. It’s basically a cafeteria and the clientelle is very, um, old. Also, they close at 8p.m. so don’t even THINK about getting too wild! We used to go with the family after church like fifteen years ago and my sister Emily suggested going when I was home as a half joke that we took completely seriously. I mean, once it was suggested, we just had to check it out.

Everything was EXACTLY the same.

Look at this. Cottage cheese. Side salad. Roast beef and mashed potatoes. I mean, how could I not? My grandpa got chicken a la king which I must say I would try next time instead. Also, do you think they gave me enough roast beef? My dad got the same thing and I was quite impressed when he cleaned his plate.

Between my sister and I, look at all this food:

The bread was warm (yum) and obviously we had to get a piece of chocolate cream pie or whatever it is in the middle.

The fun thing is that you put all your food on a tray and then you pay for it and someone *carries* it to a table for you. It took me a second to figure out what was going on. Also they have a very nice hamburger dill pickle stand that I COMPLETELY missed until we were on our way out, but don’t you worry, Emily and I snagged a few before we left.

So if you’re ever in metro Detroit, cruising down Woodward Avenue and you think to yourself, “Man, I would just *love* to eat at a cafeteria right now” – well, you know where to go.

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I am so trendy. First The Standard and now The Dutch. Okay, then. Actually this post has been a long time coming.

I finally, finally went to The Dutch a few weeks ago when my roommate’s brother was in town. We tried a million things. Oysters to start, obviously. I am SO glad that I like oysters. Seriously.

Broccolli rabe and mashed potatoes. I enjoy mashed potatoes.

And now with Asian White Boy Ribs (what?). I enjoy ribs.

And the chicken that is no longer on the menu. Now there’s chicken stroganaff which I would not mind trying. This particular chicken (sorry about the color, btw) had foam with it and foam just doesn’t impress me. But the chicken itself was very good. This was one of those meals where you’re like, “Ok, I’m full now” and then you keep eating. I guess that means it was good!

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Okay, so maybe Thanksgiving was last week but you’re going to have to get over it for five seconds and look at all this good food!

Thanksgiving is the best. Lots of family and lots of food. And lots of Lions football but I’m not going there this time. :) Always love my Lions!

This year, Thanksgiving was at my cousin’s house in Rochester, Mi and there were 8.5 billion people and 8.5 billion dishes. Above you see turkey and mashed potatoes with green been caserole coming up from the back. There was this guy there I’ve never met before and he was like, “Why are you taking pictures of the food?” Um, hellooooooo! Haha. He was nice. ANYWAY.

Would you like some ham? Sweet potatoes? Carrots? The most amazing salad ever with strawberries and walnuts? Seriously, the salad. My aunt makes it every year and every year I love it. Yay thanksgiving!

Here is an added bonus of my little sister looking completely thrilled. It was during the part when you’ve got your plate all ready but you’re not sure if it’s rude or not to start eating. Ha.

Here is one of the lovely desserts. There were all kinds of pies and mini pies and who knows what but above is some sort of oreo creation and oreos are always so fab.

And here’s a piece of that action. Followed by some homemade pumpkin ice cream!

Pumpkin ice cream! Geeze, looking at these pictures makes me feel so worthless. I’m 25 and all I do is show up! I think my Dad brings a bottle of wine… so there’s that. We definitely weren’t lacking anything at this meal, but still. Maybe next year I’ll bring the wine. Haha.

And here’s one more pictures of my little sister trying to tame one of the thousand dogs that were running around. Oh, and if you’re wondering yes, she is dressed like an elf, and no that’s not a usual thing (someone did ask us that) but we dressed like elves for the Lions game this year. It was fun! We even had little elf hats. I brought mine back to New York just incase, you know, I need it one day or something.

Happy weekend!

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