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I am really good at weekending. At least lately. This past weekend I spent Friday night watching movies with my best boy (If you haven’t seen the Conan documentary yet, it’s worth seeing) and Saturday I had cupcakes with Kelly, bought some flannel sheets (life changing) and then met up with Kelly again to watch the most awesome MSU football game ever. We even made random friends. And then Sunday started with this. Drinks and brunch at The Standard with my homegirl Leeann.

The Standard is a happening place. It’s actually pretty cute. It’s in Meatpacking, an area I typically avoid, but sometimes you do want to see and be seen and there were LOTS of people to see at The Standard on Sunday, let me tell you. Such interesting, interesting folks.

Btw the drinks at the top are a Bloody Mary (left) and The Standard 69 (right). Like really? You couldn’t just call it “The Standard”? Sigh… I hate the way people name cocktails sometimes.

Anyway… Leeann’s friend met up with us and it was probably one of the last beautiful days to sit outside, so we did.

I’m sure everyone can guess what I had…

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Here’s me and two of my three Germans who are staying with me through the weekend. They are such a riot. And so lucky to have me. Of course I am only taking them to The Best of the Best. Matti (the one on the left) said that if I wasn’t there, they would be eating at T.G.I.Friday’s so Thank God for me.

As you can see, we ventured to the Top of the Rock yesterday, because anyone who is anyone knows that that is the best view of Manhattan and it is overall a better experience than the massive herds of tourist nonsense found at the Empire State Building.

We’ve had some adventures already and I hope you’re looking forward to reading about them. I’m really glad they are here because so far it is a BLAST. And they brought me an awesome Cuckoo clock from Germany! YES!

Last night I sent them out to the Meatpacking District by themselves. Yep. I’m so not into that. Plus Alex’s birthday is today so I figured I’d save myself for that one instead. This weekend will be far from boring, that’s for sure. :)

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For the record, I rarely take cabs. I’ve probably taken them by my own volition less than ten times in the two and a half years I’ve lived here. Of course if someone insists we take one, I’ll go with it, it’s just not a habit I like to keep. Case in point: The other night after a late volleyball game with my ZogSports team, we were all waiting for the subway and one of those freight cars came by and my friend Melissa was like, “Wow, what IS that?” I was like, “Girl, you must not stay out very late ’cause they come by all the time at night!” and she was like, “No, girl, I take cabs.” Word. Haha.

Anyway, there’s a picture of me in a cab. Wheeee!

Now, I’ve mentioned how many good pizza places there are in New York and how many of them I still need to try. One of those places is Co. So we went there Friday:

wine and artichoke

We split a bottle of wine and ordered salad and artichoke hearts as an appetizer. Then we ordered three of their pizzas to share: Margherita, Boscaiola (tomato, mushroom, buffalo mozzarella, pork sausage, onion and chili), and Meatball. The Neapolitan-style pizzas come with four pieces and there was four of us. Perfect! We actually probably could have ordered a fourth since they weren’t that big, but I was fine with three.


Here’s the Margherita, a staple, so I like to try it at new places. And now it’s making me want to go out and get some pizza again.

co pizza

The Meatball (left) was good, but we all agreed the Boscaiola (right) was the best.

I would go back to Co. It’s a cozy little place: 54 seats, a small bar area by the door and half of the tables are shared, which is fun and very New York.


red wine


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