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Why yes, I am shelling for my employer again. I can’t help it, though.

So it’s crab boil season. Every Tuesday. It’s happening. Do you have plans Tuesday? No? Invite yourself to the crab boil with me. Cause I’ll be there.

I’ve only done one crab boil in my life and it was fun but not my favorite. I think the difference is when you’re with someone who actually knows how to open a crab and they teach you and hello, it’s not that hard at all. Last time I think I was just whacking the crab around like an idiot. So this time was much more enjoyable.


This is Leeann. And she is awesome. Can open a crab like it’s nothing. And now I am more learned.

This is myself with a ridiculous look on my face. Also, we are wearing bibs.

And here are more crabs! By the way this is only $24 per person including corn bread, corn on ze cob, and potatoes. More, please!


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DISCLAIMER! The Mermaid Inn and Mermaid Oyster Bar are actually my employers. And I’m totally going to be using these photos on our official tumblr too. WITH THAT SAID I could never work for a restaurant I did not like and with that said, I eat at the Mermaid Inn and Mermaid Oyster Bar more than I’ve eaten at a single restaurant in my entire life, simply because it is actually delicious. So, there’s that. If you are my friend, or if you read this blog, and have not yet eaten at one of the Mermaid locations – shame on you!

So… The Mermaid Oyster Bar is now open for brunch/lunch starting at noon on the weekends and that pretty much changes everything. Above is a $7 glass of Sangria (Yes, I AM promoting our specials so that you go there).

Also: dollar oysters from noon til 7:

Did you hear me? Noon til 7. That is seven hours. A dozen Blue Points, please. Also – see that little card sitting on the bar behind the oysters? It’s called a table tent and I made it. They always say cute and or hilarious things. At least to me.

Finally: a lobster roll/lobster sandwich. That’s what’s going on here:

I waaaaas going to try one of the brunchy specials, but I was with Miss KP and the second she said she was getting the lobster roll – that was a total game changer. I couldn’t not order the lobster roll if that’s what she was getting. Tom, one of the OB managers, who is fabulous, even made fun of me and said it was great that I was trying their new dishes and thinking outside the box. HA.

What can I do? :)

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Last week I felt like I hadn’t gone out in a long time, so what did I do? Grabbed my girl Missy Kayko for some beers. We went to dinner and then our favorite secret spot, and then somehow ended up at McSorley’s Old Ale House. McSorely’s is famous because it’s been there since 1854! It’s OLD! And they only serve their light and dark McSorley’s Ale and they give you two smallish mugs for $5.

It’s super cute inside too, with black and white photos and newspaper clips covering the wall. The ladies restroom is a converted closet from when the days women weren’t permitted (which, by the way they weren’t permitted until 1970). Crazy. And Fun. Lots of characters inside, and on this particular day it was lots of characters mad at LeBron James for not choosing to come to New York. This huge man kept slamming down his glass and we thought for sure it was going to break. We also stole some saltines and a pickle from this man when we thought he left… but then he returned! Oops!

Good times. I will go back to McSorley’s, especially since the tables are communal if you have smaller groups, so you’re forced to meet new people. :)

Oh… and in regards to that picture of oysters I posted on Friday from Birmingham, Michigan – this is how oysters are supposed to be served:

From the Mermaid Oyster Bar, natch. Kumamoto, Shibumi, Wellfleet, and two more from Washington whose name I don’t remember. YUM.

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Half of these flowers are currently in my bedroom and that makes me happy. Well there’s not much I can say about the Tasting Table Claw Off with the Mermaid Oyster Bar that hasn’t already been said on their blog.

I can show you this lobster roll and make all you people who read this and hear me talk about lobster all dang day completely miserable:

I’m really trying not to be a walking Mermaid Inn advertisement, but it’s kind of hard.

Here’s another favorite photo of mine from the event that’s not already on the Mermaid blog:

It’s the Fortune Fish and people are obsessed with this thing.

And this guy is awesome:

His name is Colby and he also works for the Mermaid and we had wayyy too much time to set up, so we explored the penthouse that we someday plan on having our wedding receptions in. Together. Haha.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I regret to tell you that this is all for today. Tomorrow we will return to our regular programming. Oh, and the lobster roll I got from Dr. Claw, aka The Underground Lobster Pound? I stuck it in the fridge and had it for breakfast the next morning. :)

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