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Welcome to Miami

Um… Have you been to Miami lately? My goodness.


Here’s a blackberry bourbon lemonade for ya. Yup.

I went to Miami a couple of weekends ago on a kind of late-minute vacation with my then-roommate (Lucy, I miss you!) and our friend Susan. We stayed at the new St. Regis Bal Harbour and I am officially wrecked for life. I have never stayed in so nice a hotel. Gorgeous everything and enormous space. On top of the bedroom, two bathroom areas, and walk-in closet (and two other regular closets!), we also had a beautiful porch overlooking the ocean that we maybe ate our room service breakfast on. The whole space was bigger than my entire two-bedroom Brooklyn apartment. So there’s that. If you’re reading this and thinking DANG, she’s fancy, you should know our stay was actually free. :)

Now back to the food. Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. The chef spent time working in Virginia and Lucy called it straight off the back. Said it was just like home. I said to myself I should spend more time in Virginia.



Yardbird is known for its fried chicken. And it is GOOD, my friends. As is the spicy Tobasco honey that went with it.

But my real favorite was actually Mama’s chicken biscuits.

photo (1)

If I go back, I am getting these again. Fried chicken and pepper jelly (what is that? Don’t care) on a buttermilk biscuit. You may think you don’t need both the Liewellyn’s fried chicken AND the chicken biscuits but you’d be wrong. Two completely different flavors.

And how about some sweet-tea brined Southern ribs to go with that?


I never know if the meat is going to fall off the bone when I’m ordering ribs, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Well, these ones sure did! I could do without the chilies because I don’t LOVE the spicy but I did love everything else about these ribs.

So that’s a lot of food. I’m not even including photos of the mac ‘n’ cheese (very good!) or the greens (who needs greens?! Just kidding). And after all that food split between only three people, it may surprise you when I say this, but… we did NOT get dessert. Ribs were our dessert. So yeah, pretty dang good Southern food happening in Miami I guess!





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