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I made THE best decision last Friday. I was thinking about how I had zero plans for the weekend and wasn’t working for once and I was itchin’ to get out of town. Not to mention, it had been four hundred and twelve degrees for the entire week and the air conditioning system in my apartment is not much of a system at all. I knew if I stayed in New York there was a chance I would kill myself. So I looked up some flights and $200 on my AmEx later I was headed to Michigan on a 6 a.m. Saturday morning flight. YES!

The above photo is my very happy feet saying hello to Lake Huron.

And below is me and my momma bear:

I got to see my mom! My very best friend Michelle picked me up at the Detroit airport and we drove three hours to Oscoda, Michigan, listening to some girly jams from back in the day. Summer road trips are the best.

Also, I got to meet my boyfriend:

Paul Bunyan! I dig him kind of a lot. Unfortunately I was wearing my pajamas at the time we met, but I think he looked past it.

We also went on a boat. Twice.

This is Champagne Hill, a total party spot. The first day we went out on the boat some people had put up some huge handmade signs that said, “Sixth Annual No Kids Weekend.” Hilarious. The second day that crazy group was gone and we got a good spot to park and listen to some country music while we just chilled on the lake. I was LOVING IT. It was so beautiful and so relaxing and I had absolutely nothing to think about except the beautiful water and the beautiful trees.

Also, you can not tell in this photo at all but Champagne Hill is totally steep and it’s just made of sand and so it is *really* hard to get to the top. You have to take a thousand breaks because with each step in the sand, your foot slides half a step back into it. When I got to the top I really wish I had my camera with me but there was no way in God’s Green Earth I was heading back up there for a second time in a row. Now that I was in Michigan for the weekend, I did not want to kill myself anymore.

And here is me having a blast in the back of the boat:

Wheeee! By the way I have not mentioned yet that on the second day I got burnt to a crispy. Also, I hope my future involves owning a boat or having very good friends who own a boat.

And a bonus picture of myself on top of a giant seagull. My sister Emily and I stopped at this play ground with all these old painted animals when we were driving back to Detroit and she took this picture of me and I think it’s awesome.

So yeah. This past weekend was priceless. And Pure Michigan.

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Two more posts from this round in Michigan, folks. Here is Michelli with a Bloody Mary at Tony’s in Ferndale. Tony’s is a teeny little sportsbar and boy did we pack it out for the last weekend of Spartan and Wolverine football. I’m only mentioning Wolverine football because we were actually at a fundraiser that had to do with the Michigan/Ohio State game but all you need to know is that Michigan lost and the better game on TV was with the Spartans anyway! Go green! I have so much Michigan State pride and I’m so glad I got to spend so much time with Michelle when I was at home last!

ALSO: while we were there, Michelle and I both ran into some Blasts from the Past. It is a small, small world. Even smaller when you’re in a Blast from the Past’s hometown! My Blast from the Past was an old friend from a summer at State when I lived in a house with five guys. Five guys! And I didn’t even know them when I moved in! It was a kind of experiment actually, and it was really fun. Miss those boys actually, that was a good time.

ALSO: It was at Tony’s where I ordered a BLT and when I got it, this man came over to me and asked me what kind of sandwich I was eating because it looked “good as hell.” Michigan!

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I like hamburgers. My favorite hamburger in Michigan is at Red Coat Tavern in Royal Oak. Btw, they don’t even have a website. I have loved Red Coat Tavern for years. They have THE best burgers and THE best clam chowder. EVER! Sigh… I always tell Kelly about it, and one day we will both be in Michigan at the same time and one day we will both be at Red Coat Tavern.

Remember when you had a job in high school and every paycheck was just play money? We used to take our play money over to Red Coat. Me, my homeboy Eugene, and Michelle. Oh… those were the days. Phone bills? Rent? Never! Just hamburgers and Coney Islands. So when I’m home in the D, I like to bring back those memories with those people. And it’s kind of great. So take a look at the most glorious burger and plot Red Coat Tavern on your map if you’re going to be in Michigan.

By the way, it’s really dark in Red Coat Tavern and the lights are red and the booths are red which is why this photo looks the way it does because when we first got there I didn’t want to annoy people with my flash. But when we got the burgers I thought one flash picture and people could get over it. So why is the clam chowder so great? Well first, it’s probably the thickest clam chowder you’ll ever have and that scores huge points with me. Also, the chunks of potatoes and clams are plentiful. There’s really not much else to say. The best thing to do is get a cup of chowder and split the burger with a friend. Or get your own, I won’t judge. And when you split the burger, they split it for you and you each get your own pickle spear. Yay!

Btw, when we were there, I got a parking spot right in front of Red Coat which has never happened in all my life. It gets packed and there’s always a wait and I felt like I had won some major lottery with that parking spot. And I laughed to myself because parking spots is such a funny thing to care about, especially since I never think about that in NYC.

And there you have it folks, one of my top 5 favorite restaurants in Michigan and THE best burger in town: Red Coat!

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In Detroit, “Coney Island” means something a little different than it does in New York and I just read all about it on Wikipeidia. Detroit chili is where it’s at, and that’s essentially what a Coney dog is – a hot dog with all-meat chili. And mustard. And onions, but I usually get mine without. Oh man.

In downtown Detroit, there are two famous Coney Islands – Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island, and it used to be just one coney owned by two brothers until there was a tiff and they split.

I’ve always gone to Lafayette with my dad and we went directly there after he picked me up from the airport last week when I came home for Thanksgiving.

Coney Islands are super divey and super cheap. At Lafayette, my Dad and I got two Coney dogs (my dad’s a loose burger which means it has even more meat), chili fries and a soda all for $9. Dinner for nine dollars!

And then a funny thing happened. I left my scarf behind – my most favorite scarf that I bought in Hong Kong about five years ago (um, wow time flies). So we had to go back. Luckily we were headed to downtown Detroit the following day for the Lions Thanksgiving Day game, and we were with my uncle and he decided since we’d never actually had American Coney Island, we’d get that to go as a Thanksgiving appetizer.

That’s my Uncle Doug and look at the smile on his face.

Happy Thanksgiving to me!

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Oh my goodness. What I would do.

I love Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit. It’s practically the only place I get pizza when I’m in town. Maybe I should live a little and try new places but why fix something that ain’t broke? Buddy’s is the shiz!

So we go there all the time. Above is the antipasta salad with cheese on the side. My sisters and I always fight over what salad to order because I always want Greek but they are both really damn delicious so it does not matter. Yes! Language! That’s happening!

Here is the pizza!

It’s square and it’s deep-dish and the sauce is on top. Oh my goodness! And I love the sauce. I need more.



I am a passionate person, I think. I get excited about many things. As you can see, I am passionate and excited about Buddy’s pizza. I think I’ve met one person my whole life who doesn’t like it and I’m going to have a heart attack trying to remember who that was because it really cannot be possible.

Here’s my sister giving me a strange look before she goes on Buddy’s Pizza attack. She’s also coming to the city today! Yippee!

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The Bosco

I enjoy going out in Detroit. Drinks are cheap and the vibe is fun. For example: The Bosco in Ferndale. It’s a good time.

They have a back porch and fun drinks. What else do you need, really?

My older sister had a drink called Tang, which as you can guess is orange flavored. I had a drink with red wine and I don’t remember what the rest of the crew got. It was all good though.

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Welcome to Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drives! Okay, so that’s not my show, but it SHOULD be! Everyone is always astonished to learn that I don’t really watch any food shows on television, but one I really do like and would watch all the time is Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. And I should be the host. But the host is not me and I do not work in television so now you see this blog. So welcome to Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on City Mitten! I love ’em all!

Today’s diner: Nip-n-Tuck in Berkley, Michigan is brought to you by Delta Airlines, the official sponsor of my dad’s early flight out of DTW, for which my older sister and I were responsible for driving him. This is why we ended up at Nip-n-Tuck on a Saturday before 8 a.m. Indeed.

I’m not sure if you can see those prices, but my sister and I got enough food for four and our bill was under ten dollars. Ten dollars! For two people! What is this, Michigan? Yes. And I live in New York.

ANYWAY! I love Nip-n-Tuck, the woman is so nice and my homegirl Michelle loves Nip-n-Tuck and is a regular, which I would be too if I lived right there.

Here is my sister Emily, not thrilled to be up so early, but very thrilled to be eating pancakes with butter and syrup! Another great thing about Nip-n-Tuck is that it is covered in Detroit Tiger’s paraphernalia. Gotta love a little Detroit love.

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