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So after church on Sunday I told my friend Lucy that I had something to tell her and it was going to make her mad. Now Lucy is someone you can’t really imagine being mad, and even she had no idea what I could say that could anger her.

Until I told her where I went for a late-night bite on Friday. This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef. Lucy has tried to get me to go there more than once and I would whine because I’d heard bad reviews, so we never went there. Well, I happened to find myself there on Friday night after going to the Poetry Project and the only thing I had had for dinner was beer. I mean, what was I supposed to do? Haha. I was supposed to walk a few blocks for something that I did not want before but at that exact moment sounded like the only thing I ever needed. And it was.

So you can order your roast beef “This Way” or “That Way,” which are the names of the subs. They have more, but these were teh ones we wanted. The one at the top is a “This way,” with Cheez Whiz! And then…

That Way! With mozzarella and au jus! Absolutely delicious! And there were pickles! And we got amazing french fries!

So basically, don’t knock it until you try it. And sorry, Luce. Next time you wanna go, I won’t complain. :) Seriously, it hit the SPOT.

Other note: This Little Piggy was chock full of MEN after we got there. And us pretty ladies were eating our delicate sandwiches at the front counter in front of all of them. It was kind of hilarious.

Other note number two: Vinny, the guy at the counter, was awesome. He remembered our names on the way out, which gives them an automatic plus ten points for customer service. Way to go, Vinny!

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Happy Easter! Okay, that was yesterday, but all the same. So my Easter was great. Despite the fact that the Germans left me (lots more posts on their time here coming up!).

Easter is about a lot of things. Jesus, who rose on the third day. Peeps, which are made of sugar. And family, which is love. Family! So how nice was it for me to be able to spend my Easter with my aunt and uncle and some of my favorite cousins? Yeah, that’s right, other cousins: be jealous. Oh, and let’s not forget I got to spend it with cousin’s boyfriend, too. :)

We went to Frank which is kind of lovely. Here’s cousin Michelle with Auntie Joyce:

Unfortunately, Auntie Joyce was a little too absorbed in the ordering decisions to smile for this one. But Michelle is smiling pretty so I had to post it.

BTW I wanted to tell you that I always thought this restaurant was called “A Place to Eat” because of the sign that says that out front (and of which I mistakenly forgot to take a picture of) so no wonder I could never find it on Google! It’s called Frank!

Anyway, we got lots of food. Some highlights:

A tomato/mozzarella appetizer with mozzarella served a way I have definitely never seen before. As you can see it’s extremely gooey. And extremely good. Getting this again.


This was truly good. As well as the chicken and mashed potatoes. I love mashed potatoes:

And here is some of our table, crumbs and all:

Please note the lasagne verdi in front of me, for which there was only ONE left when we got there so of course I ordered it and of course everybody stole it from me. But I didn’t mind because I stole food from everyone else too. We’re a sharing and caring family. And my Uncle Doug wants everyone to know that although he typically doesn’t like lasagne, he thought this lasagne was the Best Ever. Probably because it was. So there you have it.

Basically this was a fabulous Easter because I got to spend it with some family and hear how they were doing as well as update them on new developments. After brunch, we went to Butterlane and I saw Anderson Cooper on our way there! Then we trolled around Tompkins Square Park with the baybeee. Then I met up with my lovely Julianne for some girlie chat in Battery Park before going to church and seeing some more friends!

So much love this Easter Sunday!

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