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One thing Germany has a lot of is gelato and I would have never guessed. This gelato happened to be down the block from Hofbrahaus, but it could have been anywhere, because it’s everywhere. I get the feeling that there is one gelato company that owns half of Germany because a lot of the branding and flavors were the same too. Of course it was no Caffe e Gelato. But it was still good. Lots of different flavors that the Germans translated for us – one that is based on a popular German candy/chocolate that I tried. It was delicious:

I’m so glad these boys were into sweets. Made life very nice.

And this is where I leave them. They didn’t come with us to Prague so say goodbye to the Germans! They should be coming back to the U.S. sometime in the spring – maybe April – so don’t worry, this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of them. :)

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I know you didn’t think I was just going to talk about being touristy yesterday and not actually post pictures of us being touristy at Neuschwanstein.

At first when we got there we were going to take a bus from the bottom of the mountain to the castle and then I was all “Are you kidding?” because we had just sat in a car for over an hour and did not needed to be sitting anymore than that. So we walked alllllll the way up ze hill. Obviously we took pictures along the way too.

Here is a view from inside the castle:

We took a half hour tour through the castle – which is only one third finished by the way. The tour guide really anunciated all the words he said and the boys made fun of him but Nora and I thought it was cute!

After our short guided tour of the castle, we walked (again) out to this teeny tiny bridge high up in the sky and took the following photo:

Oh and look, Alex is missing again.

And since this IS City Mitten afterall, here’s a sugary treat we could have gotten on our way down:

That’s right, I said could. Why nobody got one of these (including myself) is beyond me. I feel like we ate a lot of things in Germany but there were also a ton of things we COULD have eaten. You can’t have everything!

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Well hello there, Goulash. Have you had goulash before? It’s a glorified stew of sorts with meats (duh) and potatoes (duh) and who knows what else depending on where you go/what kind you get. This here is some goulash soup half way up the trail to Neuschwanstein. Neuschwanstein is a castle that is famous to Americans because it was the model for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. For realz. So it’s all kinds of tourists up in there. Thankfully, Matti and Didi had never been anyway, so I felt less bad about dragging them there with us (and by that I mean driving us an hour and something outside the city to go see it… very nice boys). So if the area is touristy than the restaurants are touristy too. The Germans thought their food was crap and it probably was to their standards, but to me my goulash was soooo goood.

Another thing that was so good was D’s pancakes with plum sauce:

A-mazing. Nora said the plum sauce is one of the best things she’s ever had in her life.

And now here is me and Didi:


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I miss Oktoberfest, called “Wiesn” by those in the know aka actually German. Look at me with my friends, minus Alex. And look at this happy face:

I’m not even a huge beer drinker but they were all patient with me and my baby sips. And it’s more fun to drink beer when everyone’s singing songs in German anyway. So yeah, I want to go back. Maybe the boys will invite us for next year.

I can’t get over how cute they all are anyway. Would I mind seeing them all again in their lederhosen? No.

And what about the eats?!

This is Matti destroying a most fabulous, most extremely salty chicken. I mean when you’re sitting there drinking beer, it’s pretty much the only thing you need. Nora was not interested when we ordered them but once I had her try a bite, she was a gonner. Matti says the chicken saves him every time.

And then seven hours later we had:

Sausages! These are NOT like the sausages you get at ballparks, these are freaking delicious and they even have one that is a thousand feet long (ok not really) that I got one time. SO GOOD. And yes, this is the picture I am leaving you with for the weekend. You’re welcome.


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German food doesn’t photograph well, but I’m going to give it another shot. One day Alex and Didi took Nora and I on a tour of Munich and we ended up at Hofbrauhaus. First of all it is HUGE! There were tables and people everywhere and a band and an outdoor garden. It was fun and it was good and we got to hear a waitress tell a guy that if he wanted faster service, he could go to McDonald’s. True story.

Here’s what we got:

And this:

At the top we have pork steak with au gratin potatoes and onions, followed by Bavarian salted pork with sauerkraut. Alex just had noodles with meat sauce and cheese.

Then we have roast pork with crackling served with potato dumplings that had a VERY interesting consistency and a side of spatzle (egg noodles). I’d say the pork steak was my favorite.

We also had beer, of course.

And did you know beer horses are an actual thing? I seriously thought they were just from the Budweiser commercial.

Cheers! And by that I mean Prost!

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I may as well start from the beginning. Now that I’m back from Munich and Prague I have 8 billion photos and 8 billion things to share, so we’re just going to see how this goes. I have no idea how long we’ll be in City Mitten: Munich mode, but that’s what is happening.

This picture above was Nora and my first meal in Munich. Yep. After we bought our dindlrs for 8 million dollars a piece (you betcha I’m going to Oktoberfest again so I can wear that baby some more), Alex took us to the most random place to get food. It was in the parking lot of a grocery store. I felt like I was getting a hot dog from Home Depot, which is not a bad thing although I’m not sure if I’ve actually ever done it myself. Anyway, Alex suggested we get half a chicken with pommes (which they say pom-mes). Either I was starving (which I was) or it was truly delicious (which I think it also was).

Here’s the stand and the boys. Alex was appropriately wearing his I <3 NY sweatshirt. I appreciated that.

And this picture may either look gross or delicious:

Mayo anyone? For real. But the chicken was delicious. And HUGE. It was half of a chicken, more than enough for me and Nory and it was piping hot and a little cold outside so very good.

And so you get an accurate idea of how these boys eat in general, Alex went to the “bakery” later that night to pick up some dinner before going to Oktoberfest and this is what he brought back for us:

Yep. Donuts, really strange sandwiches with some sort of meat center that reminded us of spam and pretzels. We also had pretzels for breakfast the next morning. I don’t understand how these boys can eat like this (they also love fast food) and not die. It was days before Nora and I saw our first piece of fruit at the market and you can betcha we stocked up.

Those pretzels are delicious though. I could probably go for one right now.

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Munich, Munich

The other day we were at Oktoberfest (duh) and Alex says to me, “I would have never believed I would be seeing you at Oktoberfest.” And that pretty much sums it up. I cannot beleive it either. I met him in Miami of all places, something like four years ago and since then him and his friends have been to my hometown – New York, and now we have been to his.

The point is life is crazy and you just have to go with it because you never know where you will end up. I definitely never thought I’d be going to Oktoberfest either, until a few months ago when I booked my flight. So here I am and who knows where I will be next.

Oh, would you like to see some food? I have mentioned how they only eat meat and bread… but did I also mention donuts? We found ourselves on a street fair of sorts and this is what the boys got:

They don’t call them donuts of course and if I could figure out better how to multitask on this computer I would tell you their German name. But they were served warm and served delicious.

They were hungry, I guess. ;)

Well it is time to head to Prague and leave the Germans behind. Who knows where we will be seeing them next. I must admit the only thing I know about Prague is that it is beautiful, but really what more information do I need? I won’t be having much (or any) access to the internet so this will likely be my last post until you see us again in the States! I have got some good stuff to show you!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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We are at Oktoberfest and it is awesome. I love Germany and my German friends and I am so glad we came here! We are having a blast and spending most of the time laughing and drinking beer and eating sausages or chicken. Seriously, all they eat is meat and bread. Meat and bread. It is good but we are also excited because today we are taking a break from all that and getting sushi for lunch.

Do you like our outfits? They are called dindlr (pronounced dindle) and that was the first thing the guys made us do when we arrived was buy them. Now when we go to Oktoberfest everyone thinks we are German until they start talking to us and we just give them funny looks and reply to them in English. It is great. Having a blast. Nora keeps saying everything here for us is a win-win situation. And it is.

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