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My friend Laura Leebove makes things happen. Like getting to the very front of a sold out Get Up Kids show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Just like that.

This was definitely a rock show, and it made me realize I hadn’t been to a rock show in ages. Sure, people were moving a bit at Phoenix and Passion Pit, but at the Get Up Kids show, people were CRAZY!

Laura and I had to fight for our lives. Arms up, head down. Haha. We tried to avoid the circle pit and since we were so close to the front, we only really kept getting pushed further to the front. Then a bunch of big guys were crowd surfing and landing on people’s heads (ours). Goes with the territory, I guess.

I loved the Get Up Kids in high school, a lot of their songs make me think of some very great times, so it was awesome to finally see them – at their first Brooklyn show, no less. Next time I may want to stand more in the back if I don’t want bruises the day after but for a night of nostalgia and singing my little heart out, it really wasn’t so bad. :)


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